The Brave Little Halfling: An Allegory About Hidilyn Diaz’s Victory

I would like to dedicate this story to Hidilyn Diaz. Sorry if the ending is somehow less than happy… There was once a halfling woman by the name of Hilda who dreamed of becoming a heroine to her people. She wanted to bring honor and glory to herself and her family and thought that the […]

The Halflings And The Dragon: An Allegory On The South China Sea Debacle

Once upon a time, there was a kith of halflings that lived near the sea. They were close allies with the men of the Freelands and as such were usually well-protected from their enemies. Unfortunately, one could also say that they were spoiled by the men of the Freelands and they cared more about doing […]

The Gods And Demons Of The Lemming: A Fable About Idolatry

Like I said before, I know that a lot of you are probably tired of my constant ranting here on GRP so perhaps you’d be more willing to listen to another story instead in a similar vein to Bob Ong’s Alamat ng Gubat and George Orwell’s Animal Farm… *** Once upon a time, in an island where beasts […]

A Guide To Fighting Zombies And Cultists In The Yellow Apocalypse

Author’s Note: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is another spoof article this time done in the same vein as The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. It was suggested to me by my apprentice who believes that this is the perfect time to release something like this considering the very heated political debates raging between the various candidates. […]

Noon-Time Horror Show

Hello again everyone, Thaddeus Grimwald here. To be honest, I never really expected my last story to be read much, let alone receive any kind of praise. When it turned out that there were more than a few people who not only read but fully appreciated what The Santo Nino of Innocencia was really about, I was […]

The Santo Nino Of Innocencia: A Horror Story

The following is another of my lame attempts at writing horror fiction here in GRP. To be honest, I decided a while to refrain or limit writing any fiction here as it might not exactly be appropriate for what everyone here is trying to create. However, given the reaction of some people to Ms. Ilda’s article […]