Why Filipinos are never a Special People

Among the triumphalist hogwash we’ve long been attacking is the idea that we are a special people. That kind of mentality is often embraced under the assumption that it is necessary for love of country. That is wrong, and “feeling special” actually does us more harm than good. It is one of those placebos that […]

Why do Yellowtards no longer wear the colour yellow in their rallies?

It’s a mystery. Not too long a time ago, the colour yellow was worn by Yellowtards with pride in their political events and protest rallies. Suddenly the practice stopped. In fact whenever leaders of the Opposition organise and call for a rally or some sort of political action nowadays, they even issue clear instructions to […]

A lamentation: Charice (Jake Zyrus), like Boracay, goes into classic Pinoy self-destruct mode

Are you a big fan of the LGBT community? If you don’t find anything wrong with a “man” without a male organ trying to take a leak on a male urinal, you probably need to get some professional counseling. The problem with the concept of unfettered freedom of expression is that people think that it’s […]

US rapper @KanyeWest’s comment referring to slavery as a choice applies to Filipinos who choose to be slaves too

American rapper Kanye West’s latest controversial remarks have angered not just the usual Liberal-minded mob, but also his fellow African-Americans. After all, he wasn’t just showing his love for his “boy” American President Donald Trump, he was analysing black slavery – something some people think he is no authority on. During a recent interview on […]

Filipinos need to Cut Down Pakisuyo and Paubaya

When our webmaster Benign0 wrote about the problem of “pakiusap” (requests, usual the asking of special favors that sometimes lead to impunity), I was reminded of another “paki” word – pakisuyo. It means to ask someone to do something for you. Another is paubaya – to entrust something to someone. Sometimes, I see the word […]

OFWs are a LIABILITY because they are turning the Philippine economy into an OBESE economy

We see today the Philippines has an obese economy. Its bones (infrastructure and capital base) are buckling under the weight of sugar-fed fat it accumulated through OFWism and consumerism. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are the equivalent of revenue candy fed to a malnourished economy. They provide a short-term energy fix that gets that next meal […]

Do Filipinos want to continue to be known as the world’s servants?

The latest brouhaha surrounding the diplomatic row with Kuwait that erupted following the going “viral” of a video of a “rescue operation” instigated by Filipino diplomatic personnel there has attracted much debate. The “discussion” surrounding this circus focuses on the minutiae of the debacle the Philippine government finds itself in in the immediate aftermath. What […]

The Philippine Government should APOLOGISE to Kuwait on behalf of ALL Filipinos

The “diplomatic crisis” between the Philippines and Kuwait is fast snowballing into a circus bigger than Ben Hur. At the heart of the matter is the inability to just simply apologise — essentially the same character flaw that turned the 2010 Hong Kong tourist massacre crisis into a similar diplomatic debacle. The only real pathway […]