Why liberals are to blame for the ban on US immigrants and everything else to follow

Just recently, US President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order placing a ban on US immigrants coming from seven Muslim-majority nations. The news spread like wildfire overnight, and airports are on the frontlines resisting protesters. Normal flights are disrupted as even legal immigrants aren’t spared from “extreme vetting” and are thus prevented from landing […]

Is art a product of imagination or experience? Why Art is Merely a Derivative of Prior Experience

Is art a product of imagination, or is it a product of experience? When people take time to appreciate art, everyone agrees that no art is formed without an artist whose imagination is at work. Whether it is God creating natural species or a sculpture of a famous philosopher, art before executed requires planning and […]

Why did the Metro Manila Film Festival fail?

Indie films are popular for their MAP (message, art, plot). These are film traits that can mostly be appreciated by educated people, most likely those belonging to the upper class as well. While it may seem elitist to say that the masses cannot appreciate indie films, let us not fool ourselves with political correctness, nor […]

An Open Letter To CHR About Death Penalty: ‘Shut Up Nalang Kayo!’

Dear Commission on Human Rights (Philippines), I get what you stand for. I really do. Being an independent organization established at the closing of our 1987 Constitution just a little after Martial Law is a comforting thought for its victims. The thing is, you need not even be functional. Even a completely useless government is […]

Why Feminists Are Mere Hypocrites: A Quick Analysis of the Leni Robredo Statement

For the record, I have absolutely nothing against Leni Robredo. I will not say what I like or dislike about her because this is not about politics. This is about feminism. When Leni said “May the best WOMAN win”, nobody (by nobody I mean feminists) batted an eye, but if it had been one of […]