Mar Roxas should just retire

There’s this famous slogan being trumpeted by (mostly) people in the self improvement/sports industry: WINNERS DON’T QUIT. That’s all nice and fun and full of ‘positivity’ that you’d come to expect from people with no concept of time. Those phoney upbeat types with a million dollar smile perpetually plastered all over their faces who insist […]

Mr. Roxas, ser: Ang pikon, palaging talo

*Apologies to non-Tagalog speakers/readers of this site. Allow me this one time to indulge in my native language. Thank you. Kakagising ko lang kaninang mga bandang 6:00 ng gabi. Bago ako bumaba nagmuni-muni muna ako sa kama kung magpapalusot ba akong may sakit o papasok na lang sa trabaho? Ang sarap pa mandin ituloy ang […]

A glimpse at our participation and the culture of online shaming

A few years ago an incident in an LRT station that involved a video recording of an irate girl berating a guard went viral and was immediately devoured by ‘netizens’ with sadistic glee. It showed a relatively young woman speaking to the guard in a voice a few octaves higher than the regular conversational tone […]

Provocateur: Doing it the Duterte way

The thing about polarizing characters like Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is that they often conjure passionate emotions from people. Often in the most extreme, opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s either passionate disgust or fanatical adoration. But never dismissive indifference. Black or white, no gray areas. But as with most polarizing topics, it is […]

Of debates on ‘kababawan’, ‘kayo na matalino’, and all-around Pinoy apathy

There’s a perverse type of pleasure people with a lot of time in their hands derive with simply prowling the endless frontiers of cyberspace in search of “worthy” causes as a platform to give people a piece of their valuable opinions on things. Or for some, just grabbing the popcorn and soda to simply sit […]

Why appeals for discipline and consideration is an exercise in futility in the Philippines’ current incarnation

So there you have it. Just a few days after the HPG’s handover of the traffic control of EDSA from the MMDA, one exasperated trooper blurted out what level-headed Pinoys have been complaining about their co-citizens since Day 1: Maraming pasaway. Granted that the monster EDSA had become has been the result of years of […]

Let them eat cake: How much wretchedness can the Metro Manila commuter take until one says ‘enough’?

One good thing about being assigned in the graveyard shift in Metro Manila: The relative ease of commuting to work compared to the hapless regular shift employee facing the daily grind of both traffic in the major roads and the overworked and under-equipped MRT-3 train system traversing the EDSA thoroughfare that starts from the North […]

Philippine media’s role in the castration of the Pinoy mind

Problems and conflicts are the driving forces behind a good story. The bigger and seemingly impossible the odds against the protagonist, the better the story. It’s the virtual lifeblood of every classic story, novel, legend, mythology, and even religious texts and movies/TV shows we have devoured all our life. No one wants to read or […]