Why coal-minded Duterte is on the wrong side of history

In about 4 billion years from now, the Sun will leave the main sequence and will evolve into a Red Giant. While this stellar evolution is a spectacular cosmic phenomenon, it marks as well the complete annihilation of life on Earth. But long before that, in only about half a billion years, “the Sun gets […]

Why Duterte fans continue to justify his rape joke

RODRIGO DUTERTE’s unorthodox language and idiosyncratic campaign style have skyrocketed his popularity to such mind-blowing proportions. The tough-talking mayor of Davao city recently drew flak for cracking a joke on the 1989 rape-slay of Australian missionary Jacqueline Hamill. “She was gang-raped, (the prisoners) had lined up for their turn. But she was so beautiful, the […]

Why is supporting the coal industry immoral?

“The ethical role of corporations is environmental protection. Therefore, the fossil fuel industry is immoral, and so are the government leaders who continue to support it.” The effects of climate change are comprehensive. They encompass issues on environment, public health, food security, and even national safety. And by going a little bit further, we can […]

Why the Kidapawan massacre is a climate issue

The Kidapawan massacre and the Syrian refugee crisis demonstrate an interesting parallel. According to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, a torrent of climate refugees will be a new challenge if world leaders fail to forge an ambitious, robust, and binding global climate deal in Paris held in December 2015. He emphasized that climate change is […]