Duterte Cabinet Post Vacancies or Game of Turons

There are now three vacancies in President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s cabinet. After Perfecto Yasay was rejected by the Commission on Appointments and Ismael Sueno was fired by President Duterte comes the rejection of Gina Lopez’ appointment. Those opposed to administration may read this as proof of the President’s failure to either attract real talent into […]

Did Congressman Floreindo’s Side Chick Cathy Binag Meddle In Tadeco’s Business?

I’m still recovering from the holy week “festivities” as I write this and of the dozens of stories I heard from vacationing pundits across the Philippine socmed universe, one sticks out. It has to do with a previous Inquirer article titled “Cathy Binag: GF spat alone did not trigger Alvarez case vs Floirendo” and fellow socmed enthusiast […]

Banana Workers Should Thank Cathy Binag For TADECO’s Now Uncertain Future

According to the ANFLOCOR website, “the Tagum Agricultural Development Company (TADECO) is one of the highest yielding banana plantations in the world, is engaged in the production and export of fresh Cavendish bananas to Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Middle East, Russia, Malaysia and Singapore under the Del Monte Brand name. It is the flagship […]

Philippine Twitter Goes Bananas Over Cong. Tonyboy Floreindo’s #25Billion Scam

Topping the oddities that happened over the past few days is the trending hashtag #25BillionScam which nearly overtook #ColdPlayManila a couple of times over the past few hours. I’m not sure how many tweets it takes for a topic to trend, but I’ll estimate that it’s in the magnitude of a couple of thousand per […]