Why Is Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmena Drooling Over A Cebu BRT?

Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmena is playing the “Imperial Manila” card instead of trusting the decision of NEDA Secretary Ernesto Pernia and Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur Tugade to put on hold the implementation of the Cebu Bus Rapid Transit system. A statement from the DOTr says, “The DOTr believes that a review must be […]

Thirty Years of Tommy Osmena, Same Old Cebu City Problems

It is ironic that a so called rectification and change movement online would openly support Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmena who represents anything but rectification and change for the better. Then again, this is the same group that preaches about the goodness of the parliamentary form of government and yet employs unparliamentary behavior when they […]

Thinking Pinoy RJ Nieto Should Apologize for Unfairly Criticizing Andanar

Unlike most opinion writers and radio commentators who established their credibility as journalists first, Thinking Pinoy RJ Nieto seems to have leap-frogged and landed a spot as one of DWIZ Karambola’s radio commentators. Not that this signifies that Nieto possesses any remarkable talent or rare gift of intellect. Talent and intellectual prowess are self evident […]

Squeaky Wheel RJ Nieto Should Stop Blaming The DFA and PCOO for the ICC Prelim Exam

With a supporter like RJ Nieto, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte won’t need enemies. In his over DESPERATION to win some credibility as a journalist and project himself as being someone who has highly placed sources in Malacanang, he is wittingly or unwittingly giving the impression that President Duterte’s cabinet is in disarray. This goes against […]

Andanar’s Attackers Are Clueless Dogs In The Manger

Just before the Holy Week holiday, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar received a bit of flak for misprinted press IDs and a mislabeled transcription of a radio interview of Special Assistant to the President Bong Go. His attackers made it seem that the secretary’s duties revolved around proof reading and arranging media interviews INSTEAD of […]

Pinoy Ako Blogger Jover Laurio Defends Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmena Illegal Drugs Accusation

Whenever someone is publicly accused of a crime, the objective way to view it is to realize that accusations as well as defenses against those accusations all still have to be scrutinized in a court of law. One clear indication of a shill or paid hack is their readiness to attack or defend someone accused […]

Should PCOO Engage in “Away Kalye” Demeanor to Appease RJ Nieto?

A long time friend in the field of politics and communications messaged me on Facebook saying that RJ was going off the rails again over how PCO Secretary Martin Andanar handled himself during the recent Senate hearing on fake news. Using words like “gago” (fool) and “bayag”, Nieto appeared to be expressed a personal disgust […]

On Getting a Passport and Why I Like DFA Sec. Cayetano

Owing to a number of circumstances (the chief ones being that I hate long lines and filling out long forms by hand), all of my official government IDs are expired. If it weren’t for a work related trip to Tokyo coming up soon, I wouldn’t have even bothered to start looking into getting my passport […]