Should PCOO Engage in “Away Kalye” Demeanor to Appease RJ Nieto?

A long time friend in the field of politics and communications messaged me on Facebook saying that RJ was going off the rails again over how PCO Secretary Martin Andanar handled himself during the recent Senate hearing on fake news. Using words like “gago” (fool) and “bayag”, Nieto appeared to be expressed a personal disgust […]

On Getting a Passport and Why I Like DFA Sec. Cayetano

Owing to a number of circumstances (the chief ones being that I hate long lines and filling out long forms by hand), all of my official government IDs are expired. If it weren’t for a work related trip to Tokyo coming up soon, I wouldn’t have even bothered to start looking into getting my passport […]

Pia Ranada’s Article on Andanar’s Foreign Trips Exemplifies Rappler’s Brand of Lazy Journalism

Do you remember the time when reporters a.k.a journalists came to press conferences after having researching and planning their line of questioning? Do you remember the time when reporters and their editors would take pains to make sure a story is accurate, fair, and balanced? I am sure there was a time when such practices […]

Preview of Part Three of “The Real Enemies and Traitors of the Fourth Estate”

Before I post Part Three of “The Real Enemies and Traitors of the Fourth Estate”, I believe I have to explain where I am coming from and why I am writing these series of exposes. When I was still an active journalist and working in the newsroom of RPN9 a lifetime ago, I took part […]

On The Real Enemies and Traitors Of The Fourth Estate (Part Two: Syndicates)

Yesterday I wrote about Hataw columnist Mat Vicencio and took issue over his deafening silence when it comes to even just mentioning the name of the suspected mastermind of Bislig radio broadcaster Christopher Lozada. Friends noted that while Vicencio ran a series of columns criticizing then viciously attacking Presidential Task Force on Media Security Executive […]

On The Real Enemies and Traitors of the Fourth Estate

(Disclaimer: While I am no longer part of the Presidential Task Force on Media Security or PTFoMS, I continue to support its mandate under President Duterte’s Administrative Order 1 which is to protect journalists from harassment, threats, and violence.) Friends from the larger circle of people I go around in tipped me off that a […]

Filipinos Are Freer Under Duterte

In the days after the declaration of Martial Law, merely criticizing former President Ferdinand Marcos could get one picked up and there are claims that many of those picked up simply disappeared. Fear of speaking against Marcos back then was such that a friend’s mother (a college professor at a state university) buried several books […]