2013’s Strong Words

The year 2013 was the year where disasters and scandals decided to, well, troll the country. The damages went almost irreversible, and forever changed the lives of many. But even though that the past year was unpleasant to the optimistic Pinoys, here I am sitting on a chair marveling at the wonders of life. But […]

Things To Do Aside From Watching the SONA

So, the Philippines’ State of the Nation Address by our beloved President is just around the corner, aye? How come I have no knowledge about this sought-after event?! I’m so gonna sue the compliant National TV! And to think I’m just too busy, maybe I can consider my ignorance as a joke, too. In any case, the […]

It’s More Troll in the Philippines!: PH Online Computer Gaming

Reminder: I decide not to censor some foul words that you will be encountering. I hate filtering words that doesn’t fit the side of my argument. Please read with caution, especially you KIDS. I’m beginning to rage harder now. I just played my fourth match in my game and still lose the game. All of […]

An Easy New Year’s Resolution List for Da Pinoy

The Year 2012 has been a freaky year for all of us. The cacophony of calamities, social issues, economic struggles and the “End of the World” scares have made our lives become a little spiced up. To the unfortunate majority, these issues spell havoc. The lucky minority, on the other hand use these events to […]