Why the Current Philippine Republic Needs to Die

When President Corazon Aquino established the Fifth Philippine Republic in 1987, she set forth a new constitution that in theory would eliminate the “excesses” of previous administrations. Foremost among these was the “Martial Law” clause that, in the event that a seated President would declare it, would allow it to pass through Congress first; Post-Marcos, this was […]

The Great Manila Earthquake is Coming, and Prayer Won’t Stop It

Shortly after the Loma Prieta Earthquake hit California in 1989, I remember the Philippine Daily Inquirer running a lower-right column headline about a stronger earthquake that would hit the Philippines in the near future. True enough, the great Luzon Earthquake of 16 July 1990 struck with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter Scale. Indeed this was […]

Five More Inaccuracies Still Accepted as “Philippine History”

Of course there aren’t just five; history, after all, is just a timeline perceived by those who know how to write it. What’s wrong about all of this is that people do still accept inaccuracies as fact, and quite a few are too rabidly apologetic about them. Consider this gloriously graphic example of a meme […]

Five Inaccuracies Still Accepted as “Philippine History”

Some time ago I watched a local documentary that dramatized Ferdinand Magellan’s visit to Mactan Island in 1521. Most Filipinos are aware of the events here: Mactan’s chieftain Lapu-Lapu kills Magellan, and the rest of the natives drive the rest of the Spanish back to their boats. What irked me however was what the actor […]

Fluency in Regional Languages Can Improve the So-Called “Filipino Language”

One thing I learned in language education is that, given time, geography and human development, a language would eventually change to suit the needs of communication. That is why I have ultimately very little problems with Tagalog speakers embellishing English into the former, creating a (current) form of portmanteau popularly known as “Taglish.” The premise […]

Huwag Ipawalang-Bahala ang Pagbabakuna!

(Author’s note: This article is a translation of a previous essay I wrote entitled “Anti-Vaxxers: A Dangerous Trend the Philippines Needs to Avoid.” I found it convenient to write this version so as to have a wider reach, and to have more people be aware of an emerging dangerous trend. As with the vaccines themselves, […]

Organic Farms and “Eco-Parks” are Ruining Baguio’s Mountainsides

For the nth time, numerous so-called “environmental activists” have come under the case of the vapors against tree cutting around Baguio. Once again, I’m inclined to reiterate on how gullible and how off-the-point the people of Baguio are, especially those who claim to be “for the environment.” Mt. Sto. Tomas, locally known as Cabuyao, is […]

Expo 2015 and Filipino Food: An Opportunity Slowly Slipping Away

A lot has already been said recently about Filipino food and how the world reacts to it, so I won’t be covering much of that issue here. What matters I suppose is that, in spite of what foreigners think of our local delicacies, we have an opportunity to show the world that our food has […]