#EDSA30: What I’ve seen, heard and, now, think after 30 years

(Note: This post is actually meant to be just a comment to Mike Portes’s latest article. But since it is long, I opted to post is as an article. And I wrote the recollection parts purely from memory.) It was exactly 30 years ago. Allow me to share as an ordinary citizen how I viewed it and […]

How do I, as a voter, view Mar Roxas

Recently, Mar Roxas seems to be receiving more criticism than a welcome by most Filipinos which he especially needs now that he is running for president. And it also seems that he can’t turn things around to his favor. That’s too bad for him since the final days before the election are nearing fast. I […]

Removing Calculus and Trigonometry in the Philippine Education System?

On 17 December, 2015, Philstar.com reported that presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte said if he will be elected president, he will have Calculus and Trigonometry removed in the education system and that Algebra be replaced with Business Mathematics. According to the report, Mr. Duterte said, Yung Calculus alisin ko talaga yan. Dumaan kayo ng high school, […]

How do OFWs really follow simple rules abroad?

Generally OFWs, a few days before their flight, go through a POEA-sponsored seminar known as PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar). In it, I recall, we were briefed of the dos and don’ts of the countries we were going to. Mine then was Doha, Qatar, a Gulf country. One of the advise given us was that, though […]

Kim Atienza and Joey Marquez’s 5 Sept 2015 It’s Showtime! performance: A sample of a dysfunctional Philippine society

I am not a fan of ABS-CBN’s Its Showtime! but last Saturday, September 5, 2015, I was not able to avoid watching it. I was working at home and my laptop is just a few meters away from our TV. My AutoCAD had a hard time reading one of the files that I was working […]

Balancing the duty of the Bureau of Customs and the sacredness of the Balikbayan Box

Recently, I heard news about the Bureau of Customs (BOC) intending to open Balikbayan Boxes for inspection. The Manila Times reported in an August 17, 2015 article: “The items [inside the boxes] may as well be considered as smuggled goods for non-compliance with the Philippine Tariff and Customs Code,” Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina said on […]

Are Philippine political ads designed with 5-year-olds in mind?

Want proof that lawmakers are indeed breaking the law (or at least its spirit)? Look no further. Just watch TV and I bet you that, in an hour, you’ll catch one or two political advertisements. It does not take a rocket scientist to recognize these for what they are — premature campaigning. You already have […]