Pabebe Girl Power highlights Filipinos’ confusion: Are we individualists or collectivists?

There’s a case to be made for girl power growing stronger nowadays. I say that after seeing that Pabebe Girls video. Dude, they’re young girls making a statement. I suspect that the reason they copped so much derision is because of their, how do I put this politely, less-than-sosyal accents. I mean it’s easy for […]

3 aspects of Rodrigo Duterte’s enduring mass appeal

Ex Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is Da Man! He recently starred in Vice Ganda’s Gandang Gabi Vice and made waves across Pinoy society. This is the guy Filipinos want. He’s got a platform (federalism among other yummy visions) and he’s got conviction. Plus, he’s got a Law degree. Sweet! Specifically, these three no-brainers are what […]

Lewd Vice Ganda billboards full of naked men offends Cebu morality police!

What was the management of ABS-CBN thinking posting this supposedly “lewd” billboard promoting Filipino gay celebrity Vice Ganda’s concert in Cebu? Well, if we go by the current politically-correct thinking, it was thinking normal thoughts. Encouraging homosexuals to “express their sexuality” is kinda the in thing nowadays, I heard. So I suppose we really cannot […]

To all Lea Salonga bashers: Get Real, the Phlippines did not gain independence in 1898!

So now Lea Salonga is suddenly labelled talangka (crab-like) because of her supposedly anti-Pinoy tweet. The trouble with Filipino international superstar Lea Salonga is that she is tweeting to a bobo audience. She may have millions of followers but that number is more a case of quantity and less of quality. But I don’t really […]

Is being ‘unprepared’ to compete in an international sporting event a valid excuse to fail?

‘Not being prepared’ is not an excuse. What it is is a reason for failure, no more no less. And, yes, the failure of Filipino divers John Elmerson Fabriga and John David Pahoyo in this year’s Southeast Asian Games is a failure of ALL Filipinos. There is no other way to describe the fielding of […]

Kris Aquino’s planned move to America: What’s it all about?

So Kris Aquino wants to move to the US. She says she wants her son Bimby to experience life there — presumably life without maids and drivers. That’s nice. At least she recognizes something about the weird way kids grow up here in the Philippines nowadays. I notice the trend. Many Pinoy kids are so […]

In defense of Gawad Kalinga founder Tony Meloto

Poor Tony Meloto. I think events caught up with him and this time he said the wrong thing to the wrong audience. Maybe having Fil-Ams as his audience for too long sort of made him forget that the banal racism and sexism in Filipino humor simply does not fly with real Americans. My friends say […]

Kris Aquino has bigger problems than 72 people killed by Valenzuela factory fire

Media Queen or Media Whore? You don’t need to take your pick. Kris Aquino, celebrity sister of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III is both. She is highly bankable and deserving of her title as Queen of All Philippine Media; able to command millions in appearance, talent, and endorsement fees. In fact, if she […]