#BenildeProblems and the issue of fatal hazing is a problem CSB and other colleges must address squarely

My wife and I are now in the final stretch of our scouting activity for the best college for our son. I recently realized that best way to really get to know the culture of a school is to go past their official websites and instead check out Twitter. By simply going through the motion […]

P’noy Totally Eclipses the Pope’s Halo Effect in the Recent #SAF44 Debacle

Not more than  two weeks after Pope Francis’ historic Papal Papal visit to the Philippines, the president has again managed to drop another #BeastMode bomb upon the world revealing his ineptitude and douchebaggery upon the Filipino people. The outrage on the recently slain #SAF44 had many of even his staunch loyalist scraping off their yellow […]

The #BeastModePresident! The New Official National Cringe

In an attention grabbing stunt, the President Vowed Not to Smoke for a Day for the Papal Mass scheduled for today January 15, 2015. Not to say that such a sacrifice was not worth the PR it was intended for, I could not help but think that perhaps he thought the presence of The Vicar […]

“Begin Again”: A Movie Review

Is Begin Again “the” official chick-flick of 2014? Perhaps not in my opinion but a whole crowd of screaming fans seem to differ. As  I exited the movie theater I couldn’t help but realize that most of the crowd kept talking about Adam Levine’s musical performance in the movie rather than his acting. In summary, […]

EDSA People Power it is Not

Year 28 since the EDSA People Power revolution and the special working holiday has passed even more uneventfully as the previous one. I am reviewing my post from the previous year entitled “Getting Over the Yellow Fever”. Sadly many of the points I have raised in 2013 remain unchanged. Some of these points include: Non-Inclusive […]

Clichéd Critics’ Critics’ Criticisms and Other Yolanda Do’s and Don’ts

Sunday November 10, 2013 was Day 1 after Yolanda (International Name Haiyan) hit the Philippines with a cataclysmic super typhoon that decimated central Philippines especially Tacloban. The following day had already prompted my local church with a special offering for the victims. Most attendees including myself gladly obliged without much hesitation in opening their checkbooks […]

The Latest One Million People March: It’s Aftermath and Its Lesson in Division

We have again another wave of people flocking into another major thoroughfare (Ayala) in protest of the Pork Barrel scheme, or is it more about the Napoles Pork Barrel scam? Let us try not to get confused. With such a wide range of participation ranging from T-Shirt vendors to the supposed “original” #scrappork organizers, what […]

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Apple’s recent press launch of the Apple 5C last Tuesday September 10, 2013 has perhaps given true definition to the word “underwhelming”. While the press and the mildly anticipating public was quite curious to see the latest and greatest plastic phone made by Apple, the rest of the online population has been quite happy and […]