Desperation Time for Duterte Rivals and Critics

We are now just less than a week from the Philippine Presidential elections and the fever amongst the electorate has reached temperatures as high as the heatwave currently plaguing the nation. Passions from different camps flare in all directions, making even the most civilized and educated amongst us act like crazy sports fanatics cheering for […]

Homosexuality and Global Warming: Are they Science-based or Something Else?

Nothing is quite as amusing as waking up to the curses, insults, and angry voices from the uber-liberals reacting to a piece that challenges the narrative they hold sacred. Good Lord, the angry voices of these folks do sound like a bunch of jackals with hemorrhoids! So what did I do now? Ah yes, I […]

Grace Poe’s energy plan reveals why she is a mere vacuous parrot

So Grace Poe-Llamanzares (GPL) has vowed to put a cap on coal in our energy mix should she become President. Of course this vow is all in the name of environmentalism, the fight against Climate Change or Global Warming, and our country’s commitment to the Paris Agreement. While it is important to be mindful of […]

The Duterte Derangement Syndrome

So Presidential front runner, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, has been taking some heat lately from different angles. This past weekend he was skewered left and right from his critics for a ‘sexist’ remark he uttered back in 1989. Today I noticed at least a couple of newspapers show articles that highlight a psychiatric report used for […]

Bashing a ‘Homophobe’ but supporting a ‘Sexist’

So after the political correctness and insensitivity police have savagely beaten up Congressman Manny Pacquiao (for comparing homosexuals to animals), it is now Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s turn to burn at the stake. A video recently surfaced showing Duterte crossing a line when he apparently joked about a rape and murder in 1989, commenting that the […]

Sereno Court judgment adds reason why Grace probably won’t be a good President

The recent ruling of the Sereno Court, validating Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares’ (GPL) claim that she is a natural born Filipino, has underscored the need for the voters to pick someone who has a competent understanding and appreciation of the supremacy of the Constitution and not the Supreme Court itself. The Supreme Court, afterall, was […]

There is no longer any point defending the Constitution

So Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares (GPL) has been cleared to run for the presidency of the Philippines by the Philippine Supreme Court. We may not agree with the decision but I think it is time to move on. The majority of the gods of Padre Faura have spoken. Who cares if the clear text of […]

Debate shows Grace Poe (and her fans) need to stay at the Holiday Inn

I think per square foot, the Philippines may very well have more tools than Ace Hardware. How else can you explain why so many people seem to have been so impressed with presidential aspirant, Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares’s (GPL) performance on that very non-substantive presidential debate a few days ago? Sure, she probably was the candidate […]