Philippine Sales Attendants: A Lack of Training and Trying

I should say at the start that I am an American living in the Philippines for eight years now and coming here on and off for 30 years. While I love the Philippines in so many ways, I also detest this Country with issues mostly having to do with many of its cultural traits (thanks […]

I Have Seen the Future and it is EXPATS!!!

I was thinking about the future of the Philippines in regard to Expat retirees and the consequences are turning frightening and it is only the beginning. When I moved here in 2005, the Philippines was a relatively quiet place relative to the number of foreigners that were here or let’s say “I perceived to be […]

My List of the Best and Worst of Life in the Philippines

I don’t recall ever coming up with a personal List of the Best and Worst things about living in the Philippines.  In a practical sense for my lifestyle demands, I would have to say the worst aspects out number the best nevertheless; the things that are best here are very special and hard to come by […]