Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler, and Josef Stalin: The Philippines’ political drama in retrospect

One of the worst and most annoying characteristics of the Filipino people is the melodramatic personality. Filipinos are so driven by drama, sometimes (if not many times) to a fault. It has hampered the rationality of Philippine society, which is evident in elections. BS Aquino III was catapulted to the presidency after the death of […]

Riding the Ninoy-Cory “legacy” is riding a bunch of lies

President BS Aquino III has always repeated his parents’ “glory” and their “sacrifices for the country” ad nauseam in his speeches. This has become a routine for him whenever he would speak in public events, and even in wakes. Such a routine has become very annoying that I would just flip the channel to watch […]

Will Bongbong Marcos replace Noynoy Aquino?

Aquino, Marcos. These are the two surnames in which Philippine politics is (perhaps blindly) divided into.  A failure of the Marcos family puts the Aquino supporters on a feast, and vice versa. With the presidential election looming, the term of President BS Aquino III is drawing to a close. His endorsement power was affected by […]