Setting New Standards in Abject Failure: PNP Hires a Security Firm to Protect its Headquarters

In a stunning move that even the Administration-friendly Inquirer couldn’t help itself from calling an “irony of ironies”, the Philippine National Police announced it had earmarked P21 million to contract a private security firm (still unnamed) to provide security services at Camp Crame, the PNP’s national headquarters. PNP Director Alan Purisima explained the move as […]

Here’s One for the Tinfoil Hat Crowd

As appalling as it was, it turns out the Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) was perhaps not as unique as we were led to believe. True, in modern times – with the exception of the 1991 Ormoc Flood caused by Tropical Storm Uring – the areas devastated by the typhoon have largely escaped the full force of […]

Secretary Abaya, I Have a Couple Questions

Reading Bobi Tiglao’s column in The Manila Times this morning, wherein he mentions former Cavite 1st District Representative and current Secretary of the Department of Transportation & Communications (DOTC) Joseph Emilio Abaya, I was reminded of something odd I first spotted a few weeks ago. Since no one seems to be asking Secretary Abaya about […]

Pork Barrel Redux: DBM Secretary Abad Confirms “Douchebaggery” as Official Administration Policy

Lest anyone is tempted to buy the desperate attempt of the current occupant of Malacañang (to the extremely limited extent he has had anything at all to say about it) that abuse of the pork barrel is something that only happened when OTHER people were in charge, here’s a reminder from a little more than […]

Don’t Tell Me What Kind of Perceptions I Have

It’s no accident that two of the three primary propaganda instruments of the Aquino Administration (ABS-CBN and The Philippine Star) have played up the headline “Perceptions of Corruption Decrease” in the past few days. The by-now familiar pattern of distraction-as-damage-control follows allegations of yet another scandal within the Administration, this time striking particularly close to […]

Political, economic reform: Best left to the grown-ups

(From The Manila Times, Saturday, June 1. Apparently, the link to this article has been giving some readers a bit of trouble, which is probably attributable to the Times’ website upgrade being only a couple days old. Please bear with us.) While President Aquino and the presumptive new Senate President Franklin Drilon have both expressed […]

The Impractical Elitism of an Incorrect Perspective on Reform

This article is substantially based on an article I originally wrote in November, 2010 entitled “Applying the Right Fix: Charter Change and the Philippine Condition.” While the essential points made in the original article are still valid today, the Philippines is not exactly the same country it was two-and-a-half years ago, for better or worse; […]