Did Butch Abad just out an Aquino SC justice for perjury?

In the aftermath of the announcement of the unexpectedly disappointing third-quarter GDP figures earlier this week, Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad offered a rather strange explanation for part of it, the 2.9 percent retraction of government spending during the quarter: “…the decrease was largely caused by the low utilization of notice of cash allotments (NCAs) […]

BUSTED: JICA Refutes Pnoy’s Claim on Tacloban Airport Move

For all the stupid things President BS Aquino v. 3.0 says to provide fodder for online and offline critics, it is actually rare to catch him in a flat lie. Rare, but apparently not impossible: Among his otherwise-forgettable comments made during his appearance in locations that are not the City of Tacloban to mark the […]

Wacky Church-Supported Doctor Plays the Antivax Card and Says Condoms Give You HIV

Leave it to the Philippines, a country where one of the largest daily newspapers keeps a medium on the payroll, where psychic surgery is still a thing, and where, for a disturbingly large part of the population, dripping candle wax into a bowl of water is considered a legitimate diagnosis technique, to issue a license […]

Constitutional Reform: What it Looks Like from the Outside

The idea of ‘charter change’ is nothing new to outsiders, but being able to observe and discuss the movement as a serious idea rather than cynically dismissing it as the same old limited-focus canard that gets floated every year is a refreshing change of pace. So what’s different about ‘charter change’ now, as opposed to […]

The Business of Earth Hour

Author’s note: This article first appeared in the Manila Times on March 23, 2013. Since it is no longer available online, and since, more to the point, absolutely nothing has changed from one year to the next except maybe the exact nature of whatever goofy promotional stunts have been contrived to mark the “event”, I […]

MERALCO: If at First You Don’t Succeed…

One has to wonder exactly what Meralco’s power suppliers are holding over the company’s heads, because the nation’s largest electricity distributor obviously really, really wants to collect that 73% increase in the generation charge that it tried to extract from its customers in December. That rate increase, which added P4.15 to the already uncompetitively high […]

ABS-CBN’s “Flesh-Eating Disease” Hoax Takes a Sadly Predictable Turn

So the story goes like this: Sometime in April of last year, a self-styled “prophet” — an Indian man whose name is either “Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj” or “Vincent” — of a hiterto unheard-of religious organization called Jesus Ministries delivered a fire-and-brimstone sermon to a gathering in the Cuneta Astrodome, in which he prophesied, among other […]