From Corona to GMA: The Philippine Hate-Bandwagon

We have witnessed in the past months how ex-Chief Justice Renato Corona received the lion’s share of jeers and insults from the Filipino populace in the duration of his impeachment trial. He was accused of a whole bunch of crimes, the most memorable of which is betrayal of public trust, judging by inaccuracies in his […]

The Dark Knight Rises: an intellectually satisfying finale

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead. It is highly recommended that you watch The Dark Knight Rises first before reading any further.) Succeeding groundbreaking film The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises serves as the definitive end of critically-acclaimed director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. After the late Heath Ledger’s stunning performance as The Joker in the last film, […]

A little reminder: don’t rely on PNoy’s SONA

So it’s that time of the year again. That time when the good president steps into the pedestal to address every single Filipino all over the world, regarding the current state of our country in terms of politics, economics and society. That time when all eyes and cameras are focused on the most powerful man […]

De Lima’s latest dilemma: a puzzle of intentions

Things aren’t exactly going well for PNoy’s feisty lackey’s prospective career path. Her recent decision to accept her nomination for the position of Chief Justice was met with distaste from several figures in the government, some of them even from PNoy’s camp. The possible appointment of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima as the 24th chief […]

KFC Cheese Top Burger and the pointless things under the Aquino administration

As if to serve as some sort of an unsolicited comic relief, the Philippine branch of widely known fast food chain KFC recently came up with a new, amusing value meal: the Cheese Top Burger. The name speaks for itself; the cheese, instead of being between the buns together with the burger patty, is above […]

Philippine politics: a tiresome game of kampihan with noisy kids

I confess that I didn’t have many friends in my pre-school childhood. I’ve always been more of a homebody; preferring to stay at home and read books rather than get sweaty and dirty with the other kids in the neighbourhood. I do understand how it’s like to play kids’ games, though, having tried it every […]

Addressing the Filipino nature: we shouldn’t stop at merely coping

It is on rare occasions that I suddenly recall, out of nowhere, a random scene from a movie I’ve watched in the distant past. As I sat in front of my computer, lamenting the loss of my butter cookies (which I’ve eaten up a few days ago), a scene from one of Keanu Reeves’ so-so […]

Kuh Ledesma and the Decay of OPM

Confirming the decaying state of Original Pinoy Music (OPM), Filipino recording artist Kuh Ledesma called for the limitation of the number of foreign artists visiting the Philippines to promote their respective labels. In a recent interview with, the Pop Diva pointed out that because we are a small country with limited resources, our local […]