Philippine Elections 2013: Long live, democracy

Same old faces, same old farces. Same old names, same old games. Such is the painfully hilarious nature of our national politics. As the 2013 Philippine midterm elections quickly drew to a close, we stood witness to what our collective action has produced, to what our very own brand of democracy has to offer; a […]

Have some crack news this Christmas!

In the midst of Manny Pacquiao’s surprise defeat at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez, and overrated pop-star Justin Bieber’s persecution from aggravated Filipinos for making fun of The People’s Champ’s loss, which by the way actually warranted a suggestion from a certain lawmaker to have him banned from holding concerts in this wretched country, […]

What is this ‘balanced’ reporting you speak of?

Following the apparent death of the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill due to certain technicalities and delays (which are, interestingly, totally absent during the government’s relentless assault towards former Chief Justice Renato Corona), President Benigno Simeon “PNoy” Aquino III attempts to sidetrack the tension caused by his administration’s neglect by once again raising the issue […]

Sotto’s plagiarism begets a blogging bill

Picture yourself as an average kid catching your younger sibling being a douche. You see him doing the typical mischief kids do in their worse days; throwing massive tantrums, stealing toys from other children, hitting people for no apparent reason, stuff like that. Being the good kid that you are, you beckon to your brother […]

Judicial reform? What exactly is it?

While the search for missing Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo continues, the esteemed President Noynoy Aquino seems to have another dilemma to ponder on; having to choose the next Chief Justice from the Judicial and Bar Council’s shortlist after his most trusted sidekick, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, got booted […]

Rainy season proves Filipinos are stuck in a time loop

“Filipinos are very adaptable.” “Even storms can’t deter their will to survive.” “I’m so proud to be a Filipino.” “Baha ka lang, Pilipino ako.” (You’re only a flood; I’m a Filipino.) The torrent of praises aimed towards Filipinos isn’t likely to end after braving fierce winds of the southwest monsoon that ravaged the Philippines these […]

How many more scapegoats do we need, PNoy?

As soon as I finish my dinner, I make it a habit to allow my thoughts to float around to kill some time and stimulate my noggin. This time, my musings led me to a specific passage from one of my old, old articles. Projection has been a Filipino’s primary weapon when it comes to facing problems, […]

De Lima’s possible exclusion: is karma finally catching up?

Personally, I am not that big on superstitions. Some people tell me not to put my school bag on the floor, or else I’ll become dumb or something, but I hardly pay attention. After all, my school bag is always on the floor during classes, anyway. Occasionally, some folks will warn me against trimming my […]