Maxine Medina just simply wasn’t Miss Universe material

Pia Wurtzbach was a tough act to follow. But then again, that is why she was Miss Universe 2016 — because she was an exceptional one. It is understandable, of course, that Filipinos would cheer on Maxine Medina as this year’s Miss Universe pageant transpired. But the fact is, Maxine proved to be not up to the standard that won Wurtzbach the title last year.

So get over it, people.

Pia is not only some garden variety hot chick. By the time she was in the running for the 2016 race, she was already an experienced showperson with a professional showbiz track record behind her. You can see it in the way she confidently — and competently — delivered her duties before the cameras as Miss Universe over her reign in 2016.

In short, Pia Wurtzbach was Miss Universe material.

Clearly, Maxine Medina isn’t. No matter how much people make her consuelo about her being “our Miss Universe” regardless, fact is, she wasn’t good enough to be the Miss Universe.

What is so hard about that fact to come to terms with?

And, yeah, Maxine, as you said, “Life is too short to worry about what others say about you. Have fun and give them something to talk about.”

You go girl.

Miss Universe wasn’t yours but you tried anyway. That’s a lot more than could be said about your bashers. Ms. Wurtzbach herself gave it many tries before she got it. Indeed, behind every success is a portfolio of character-building failures! 🙂


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Jim DiGriz

Seriously Kate, non of this Miss “what-so-ever” has any bearing on my life, left alone a bearing on the life of the average Filipino. I just can’t understand people getting interested in these idiotic pageants. I must be a bit slow in the head to watch this crap.

Sean Akizuki

Sore Losers ! We cannot have it all. The girl gave her best…it did not work…so move on ! There are more important things to do, than Miss Universe pageants…

Robert Haighton

Miss Universe 2016 is Iris Mittenaere from France.
Miss Universe France takes the title of Miss Universe 2016 in Manila, Philippines.
(copied from the home page of the official Miss Universe website:

That makes Pia the 2015 Miss Universe (not 2016).

When I look at the countries that aired the contest, it cant be a really very popular program to air. In Europe only by one country (Portugal).


Pia wurtzbach is miss universe 2015 not 2016.


Perhaps Maxine will realize that there are lots of things more worthwhile to indulge in than beauty pageants.


What we ought to see in the agonies of puberty is the result of the conditioning that maims the female personality in creating the feminine.


I have nothing against Maxine nor judges of gave Maxine the crown and rights/authority to join Miss Universe but we didn’t have a chance to keep the crown because of what they did. If you know what I mean


English barok Maxine Medina. When you don’t have it, you don’t have it…period.


MY WIFE IS FROM CDO, and she is better looking than Wurzbach is, the only reason Pia Wurzbach won is because she is mixed race child from money….and by money I mean she isn’t ‘MASSA’. BTW, 1st world Middle-Class is money compared to 3rd World ‘MASSA’ too.