Why I Think The Catholic Church In The Philippines Is Doing More Harm Than Good


The Catholic Church in the Philippines has become one of the largest institutions in our country. One can even say that it had a hand in the way our country came to be all those centuries ago when the Spanish first came to our shores. However, what I can’t help but notice is how the Church still seems to have considerable control over the Philippines both in political and social terms. Look, I think I’ve mentioned before that in other countries, the Catholic Church is happy to take the backseat and be a kind of moral adviser to the people rather than a governing body that can somehow still influence the government and people according to its whim.

Over the years, I’ve had a growing number of issues with the local branch of the Catholic Church and I’m not going to hide it anymore. Truth be told, I think I’ve already published a good number of articles that openly attack the Church what with their shenanigans here in the Philippines. But as of late, I’m afraid I can no longer hold back what with the news I’ve been hearing of lately.

Okay, there has been a reported increase of HIV positive people in the Philippines. HIV, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing to laugh at. It is a dangerous disease and what cure there is for it is extremely expensive and will probably be out of reach for majority of our citizenry. But what does the local Catholic Church tell us?

“Ooh, contraceptives are bad because you’re getting in the way of God’s plan!”

I have never heard of anything more ridiculous in my life!

I mean yes, there are those who say that the Church won’t allow for the use of contraceptives in order to encourage our youths to be more “responsible”. The problem here is that shouldn’t it be up to parents to teach their children on how to be responsible? Besides, isn’t properly planning one’s family actually more “responsible” than simply letting them be and risk letting them get STDs like HIV or simply breed like rabbits?

I seriously don’t know anymore…

What’s worse is that if the Church was serious about making our people moral and responsible, why is it the MTRCB which is also largely supported by the Church not willing to put a stop to over-romantic media in the Philippines which only further encourages the youths to copulate and fornicate like there’s no tomorrow. Now they say they removed anime from local TV channels because the former allegedly contains immoral elements that they don’t want children to see. While this may be true as shows like Tenjho Tenge and Air Gear aren’t things we want our youths to see, are the shows they replaced them with any better? Are the many teleseryes whose central theme is forbidden and obsessive love any better than anime with explicit images and themes?

You guys tell me!

It would be more believable if they replaced afternoon anime with educational programs like Epol Apple, Sineskwela and Math Tinik