Anti-Marcos reaction to Sandro Marcos’s Rogue One tweet exposes them as chumps!

With just a four-word tweet, Sandro Marcos, son of Vice-Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos, attracted all sorts of “mockery” from the anti-Marcos buzzing bees again:

As handily summed up by local media, anti-Marcos people were quick to remind Sandro, that the movie Rogue One is “a story of a rebellion trying to overthrow an oppressive tyrannical empire similar to what happened in the 1986 EDSA revolution.”

The sentiment most common among the reactions seems to follow along the lines of: ”Oh the irony of a Marcos enjoying a movie about rebellion.”

There is no irony here, however; there is only the desperation of the anti-Marcos people to “get one up” over the Marcoses, however trivial or insignificant.

Unfortunately for them, however, it is the anti-Marcos people who end up looking like chumps (not really the first time) in ways they probably can’t even imagine.

First off, comparing the Rogue One rebellion to the 1986 EDSA People Power movement betrays a stubborn attempt to keep romanticizing the latter as a victory of “good against evil”. All it really was, essentially, was a power grab among entrenched political dynasties, a mere substitution of one group of self-interested people for another.

Secondly, mocking Sandro Marcos – or any other member of that clan, for that matter – in no way compensates for the collective failure of the Filipino people to hold the Marcoses accountable for whatever they allegedly did.

Filipinos, the anti-Marcos movement in particular, would do well to remember these.

I guess, in the Philippines, one can’t even enjoy entertainment, and take it at face value, without it being politicized and used against him/her.

Contrary to popular belief, the national sport in the Philippines is not basketball, it’s making issues where they don’t exist.

Did Sandro Marcos have it coming? Should he have “thought before he tweeted”? Actually, everybody should. What’s clear is that the people who didn’t think before tweeting are the anti-Marcos people. What’s worse is looking like morons and not even being aware of it.

It’s that simple, really.


Post Author: FallenAngel

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