The slow noisy demise of the Cult of Yellow


I’ve been observing my Facebook and Twitter timelines over the last couple of weeks. It could be because of the people I follow and the friends I keep, but in between posts and tweets about the NBA Finals and Game of Thrones, I’ve noticed a pattern in the way supporters of the Liberal Party (I’ll call them “The Yellows” for writing efficiency’s sake) now engage the broader public.

The Yellows now seem to be a scattered and disjoint bunch — a pale shadow of the cohesive force of “good” they were once pereceived to be. Credit goes to Benign0’s earlier piece, What do the Yellowtards stand for and who do they look to for leadership? for a quick root-cause analysis of their situation. The Yellows seem to have found themselves leaderless and, worse, bankrupt of meaning. What do they stand for now?

I’m not gonna repeat all the concepts that Benign0 had already laid out in that article that point to the bozo infestation that now aptly describes the Yellow presence in social media. What I might do, instead, is provide some empirical evidence based on what I’ve observed on my timelines to support Benign0’s hypothesis. Thanks goes out to those who alerted me to all the heated “debates” on Twitter. Bring out the popcorn! GRP writers are being trolled by Yellowtards!. And so that’s just what I did. 😀

The most striking change lay in the very fact that GRP writers were being trolled to begin with. Back when the Liberal Party was in power, the Yellows stuck mainly to their little cliques, usually organized around those has-been celebs like Leah Navarro, Jim Paredes, Cynthia Patag, and the like. Usually, they’d block anybody who disagrees with them, preferring instead to stick within the comfy world of their orgies of mutual high-fiving and back-patting. They largely dismissed or ignored anybody who did not subscribe to their views and progressively built a wall around themselves, self-assured that their hallowed Yellow dogma stood tall as the beacon of righteousness in Philippine politics.

I think this is where they came unhinged. As Benign0 had long ago pointed out, ideas progessively become inbred when allowed to evolve within a small isolated environment. Like an isolated gene pool, this Yellow memetic pool lost its resilience, when its adherents “protected” it from challenge and cross-pollination from and with the broader society for many years.

All the while, other alternative points of view were slugging it out for dominance around the Yellow ivory tower.

GetRealism, to be fair, isn’t a new “movement” (if you could even call it that). It’s been around since 2000 and, I gotta hand it to Benign0 and the community of “Get Realists” that now form the broader GRP Community, they’ve stayed in the fringes and way outside of the “mainstream”, resisting any temptation to get in bed with any political party or associating themselves with any personality. They nailed the Holy Grail of real and intelligent political discourse: stay focused on ideas and principles as these stand the test of time. That wisdom has held over the last 16 years. Other groups and movements driven by cults of personality came and went. GRP and the Get Realists kept their cutting-edge outsider’s perspective all throughout.

The Yellow “movement” is one such (and just the most recent) cult-of-personality group that came and, as we are seeing now, is on its way out the door. Its leaders have abandoned the “movement”. Losing presidential candidate Mar Roxas is on vacation and no longer sporting the yellow colors. Leni Robredo, whose role as the Philippine Vice President is still the subject of on-going debate, has distanced herself from the Yellow cult. Out-going President Noynoy Aquino will likely be buried under a mountain of legal paperwork over the next several years just to stay out of prison.

When a group who had depended wholesale on a handful of celebrity politicians for validation loses that source of validation, it usually spells the end of that group.

To the credit of the Yellows, they are not going away quietly. So what we are seeing today is a shrill Yellow movement in its final death throes. They have a gaping void in their belief system that was once filled by one or another yellow-clad cult leader. Today we see Yellowtards, now deprived of a cult leader and a choir of saints to worship, in a mad scramble for replacements. All the while they continue to “defend” Yellowism with what seems to be a zeal fuelled more by desperation than by any real meaning.

Unfortunately for them, the quality of that “defense” is telling. Rather than focus on issues and crafting consistent logical frameworks to serve as sound foundations for their arguments, they are attacking people willy-nilly. I think it is because, the Yellows have always been lazy and sloppy thinkers. That’s not a very surprising characteristic considering that the Yellows had, for 30 years, relied on their cult leaders to do all the thinking for them. Without their cult leadership they are now like headless chickens running and flapping around aimlessly driven by reflex and muscle memory. At least headless chickens lack the ability to squawk. The same cannot be said of the noisy convulsions of the Yellows that mark their journey down the final stretch before their road ends.

Ha ha! (Sorry, I can’t help but gloat) Ha ha!


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I’d still be careful though…

To ensure the health and safety, I would advise everyone to wear a hazmat suit. Then, carefully pick up the Yellow pieces with long tweezers in order to put them in an incinerator. When the incineration is complete, I advise the use of powerful explosives to either disintegrate or vaporize any remaining chunks. Then, after that, sweep up the ash and dust and incinerate again for maximum security.

Dick S. O'Rosary

yellows are people too…

treat them with “charity”

Jim DiGriz

Someone stuck a needle into their bubble and it made a loud “bang”. It shocked them to the core and now the wall of their bubble has disappeared and suddenly they are smelling different air and they feel unprotected, which confuses them even more.

To make things worst, the people they used to worship have left or on their way out, so now there is no one to blindly follow anymore. We are dealing with headless yellow chickens here.


Along with the gradual demise of the Yellow Party should be the loosening of the Chinese businessmen’s (Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, John Gokongwei, Andrew Tan, and etcetera) tight grip on the economy, to give the Fliptards and other ethnicity a chance to make it in this country.

The Philippine Constitution, made by the late Cory Aquino, must be changed. It favors the Feudal Oligarchy and the Checkwa capitalists. The YellowTard Cult, is a Cult of Personality; centered around: Ninoy Aquino Jr.; Cory Aquino; Pnoy Aquino; Kris Aquino; and other YellowTard leaders. Their followers are like herds of cattles, with herd mentalities, rampaging, where their leader is headed. They flash . “L” signs as a way of greeting each other. The YellowTard Cult has no political ideology; except bowing and paying homage to their leader: the Aquinos. There is even a Shrine: the EDSA Shrine, where they congregate… Read more »
vagoneto rieles
The Chinese-Filipino, (or is it Filipino-Chinese?) businessman will continue to succeed and dominate Philippine commerce and industry…no matter who the President is, no matter the colors of the party in power. To expect or to even wish that, owing to the ‘changing of the guards’ which is now taking place; that some other group of entrepreneurs will supplant the ‘Filipinized-Chinese’ businessman as leaders in trade, will be just that…a wish. From the time of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, (some five centuries back), who, with grandson Juan de Salcedo, demolished the pirate Limahong; through President Garcia’s ‘Filipino-First Movement; and, Macapagal’s ‘Nationalization… Read more »

The U.S. has its : the Anti Trust Law. This U.S. law was enacted, to prevent a U.S. company from monopolizing a business. There was a time in the U.S. where utilities, industries, commerce, etc…were at the mercy of the business owners. They were called: “the robber barons”…

If a business has grown too large, and powerful. The Anti Trust Law, force them to be partitioned, to encourage competition…

In our country; no Anti Trust Law. Monopoly is the name of the business game ! Chekwas are good in the monopoly game !


I’ve said it’s over for the Failipinos in the Failippines, an obvious truth which caused much agitation amongst us all. The Failippines rich oligarchs will rule as usual; they come in all colours, particularly yellow.

Amaw, Judd

they will be in hibernation for an indefinite time. yes, they will be back.

i hope they morph into something positively mainstream. but i doubt.

Max Alvarado

Deep inside these morons already know they’ve supported a bunch of crooks and losers but their pride prevents them to let go. Game over. No more LP. Even the most “loyal” LP “statesmen” jumped ship like rats away from that sinking party because of shameless survival instincts. The only thing left of LP are its rabid supporters.


if the any of aquino family flees the ph on june 30 or so, i do hope they end up in hawaii… that would be poetic

I’m not against Filipino Chinese business community thriving and expanding as long as they don’t do anything illegal or using their money to influence anything in favour of them. I believe the “true blooded filipino” should try and learn from them as these people when they moved here virtually had nothing yet they were able to prosper as per one poster here said even if we tilt the favour towards the indigenous Filipinos,they’ll still manage to rise up above the challenges. It’s partly to do with Filipino crab mentality hence we’re outdone by them, they stick with each other unlike… Read more »