Pinoys Are Unhappy Because Of Unrealistic Expectations


They say that Filipinos are a happy people. Well, I’m going to call bullshit on that because honestly, they may smile but the smile is either them pretending to be okay or worse, a sign of their own delusion. Their own way of convincing themselves that their problems will just solve themselves. To be honest, the whole claim of Filipinos being a “resilient” people is nothing more than a lie since they are all too often the kind of people who will be the first to scatter at the sign of trouble and betray their own to the enemy when it suits them as proven to us by the Aquino family time and time again.

However, just why is it that Filipinos can’t find true happiness?

Well, I’ve already said my piece about honesty so now I’m going to tell you possibly the second biggest reason Pinoys aren’t happy: “Expectation”

Thing is, as my counselor told me and as I’ve learned time and time again, one of the chief reasons of unhappiness and discontentment is the excessive amounts of expectation they tend to have. Now, it’s okay to expect good results out of hard work and a hefty reward for a difficult or dangerous task. However, it’s an entirely different story to demand big things for the smallest of efforts.

The sad truth is that a lot of Filipinos are immature at heart and have the expectations of young children. Based on what I’ve observed, this kind of expectation easily ties in with Pinoys’ fairy tale mindset and magical thinking, believing that they will be granted privileges and gifts for lackluster efforts. Worse, there are those who are too entitled to understand that the best things in life are usually only given to those willing to make the effort for them and are not simply handed out like cheap candy.

As I’ve come to observe, most crimes in the Philippines are all too often the result of this excessive expectation. People expect too much from life and, when life refuses to give them what they want, they steal and, when people resist, they are all too often willing to kill just to get what they want. Rape in and of itself is a different, more complicated story but, if you really want to get down to the basics, it’s just a guy who isn’t getting enough action but isn’t willing to make the effort to earn enough to get what they actually want.

Now, you may say that it’s unfair to say that Pinoys are the only people in the world guilty of excessive expectation but we’re probably the only people who are all too willing to take it so far. Indeed, over the years, we’ve brought forth and ousted great leaders simply because they weren’t able to fulfill many of our expectations. In the end, like children, we’re all to quick to dismiss something or someone for their uselessness or harshness even though we’ve yet to fully understand both their capabilities and benefits.

Worse still is our media which all too often banks too much on unrealism to begin with. That’s why I suppose we have many singers who can’t sing, dancers who can’t dance and actors who can’t act and are simply just banking on their good-looks rather than anything else. We expect celebrities to be virtual deities to people rather than the entertainers they’re just supposed to be. We’ve all been deceived by the flash and distraction of Pinoy showbiz to expect everything to be perfect even when they clearly can’t be so.

The day that the Filipino people will find true happiness is when they discover for themselves that there is more to the world than just what they want. That the best things in life come from a willingness to make the best out of things that don’t seem at all that great at first glance but can be made to become something greater by exploring its potentials.

My greatest fear is that when the right person comes along, the right person with the right skills and know-how to get out of the mess we’re in, we’ll be too preoccupied with how they look or behave to believe in them, whoever they may be…


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Expect much in life; however work hard, to make things happen in your life. Most Filipinos do not have goals in their lives. They are merely existing. Not living their lives to the fullest. They do not try to find their talents and skills; and utilize them. They do not try to improve themselves. So, they escape to fantasies of: telebasuras; wowoowee shows; prize shows; etc… Look at people who spend their days going to prize shows; expecting to win some money. If they spend their time earning a living, it would be better for them… Just look at those… Read more »

It is deeply ingrained in our culture, Mediocrity is a norm since Filipinos don’t value hard work and responsibility, Pnoy would rather mooch or duped somebody than work hard. High expectation is one of self serving purpose what one can take not of what one can give. While Oligarchs are busy destroying and keeping people poor and ignorant. Pnoys Happiness is simply contemplating how poor and miserable they are.


Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be and
he will become as he can and should be.

Life is simple really. But not that simple that you became Juan Tamad and just wait for the fruit to fall into your mouth. It’s very iconic this Juan, I see a lot of them on this channel TFC. Now the further I got curious the more I learn. One thing that I notice is that there is this status quo that I believe has been there for more than a century. Now what is amazing is that no one really dare to change that. If the people really wants change then they must act. It’s like Newtons first law:… Read more »
Gagong Lipunan

This is the main reason many people voted for Digong. They immediately clung to his promise of eradicating crime in 6 months. How’s that for unrealistic expectations? I’m pretty sure his popularity will drop after that timeframe.

The only way people here will ever be happy is when we guys change our culture. Not the culture we used to have, thats gone and been replaced by one dimensional, unempathetic, perpetual bums that expect good and diamonds for minimal effort. Look at the current opinion and idolizing fevor around ding dong. The belief he will sort out everything, single handed. Holy shit are those that do think this are in for some serious disappointed times ahead. until we change, police ourselves, no longer bully people that have a difference of opinion then that of the majority then we… Read more »
Ren Car
I say Filipinos are inherently happy people and those who say it’s bullshit, I will call out their bullshit. Let me tackle some of your arguments head on. 1. Now, you may say that it’s unfair to say that Pinoys are the only people in the world guilty of excessive expectation but we’re probably the only people who are all too willing to take it so far. Indeed, over the years, we’ve brought forth and ousted great leaders simply because they weren’t able to fulfill many of our expectations. In the end, like children, we’re all to quick to dismiss… Read more »

Loving a simple life doesn’t mean becoming destitute to the point of eating crap. This is the main reason why today’s politicians treat Pnoys like milking cows. Typhoon Haiyan is the worst nightmare that happened in this country, I would not wish for my worst enemy, until now are living in Sub human condition. Unless Pnoys accept that they are crap in a shithole, they are forever doomed.