3 Things The Local Catholic Church Should Own Up To


Okay, let’s get this tidbit out of the way first:

Yes, I was raised Catholic and I continue to practice my religion to this very day. I do it because I really do believe in a God Who loves His people regardless of who or what they are and has, over the ages, provided them ways to better themselves and those around them. I am not ashamed to say that it is the spirit of morality found in the Bible that forms the core of my moral compass. However, just because I adhere to Catholic doctrine doesn’t mean I abide the injustices committed by those who claim to be “Catholic”.

Truth be told, this is another reason why I am deeply disdainful of Pinoy society. I have always believed that religion is a good thing as it may be a good place to start in order to form one’s sense of morality. Unfortunately, here in the Philippines, just about everything is easily corrupted by our dysfunction. From even the most innocent of intentions to great ideologies, the evil (yes, I’m gonna go ahead and call it that now) in our culture manages to subvert even the kindest of concepts and transforms them into disgusting mockeries of what they should be.

Now, let’s talk about religion, more specifically the Catholic Church. Truth be told, I once held a hefty amount of respect for the religious institution I was once born into. However, over the years, I’ve come to notice a strong discrepancy between the local Catholic Church and their counterparts in other countries. Thing is, I know that the Catholic Church has its own flaws and issues since it is made of human beings who are every bit as fallible as you and me. Unfortunately, here in the Philippines, instead of being spiritual advisers to the common people (as they often are in other countries), they have essentially become a tyrannical institution with delusions of grandeur.

Worse, they like to cover up any evidence of their own failings throughout history. Look, like I said, I’m Catholic as well but I tend to think that the Church shouldn’t cover up its flaws like a teenager struggling to get his pants back on after being caught masturbating. I think it’s time that the local Catholic Church own up to its own issues as even the Bible itself tells us to always stand with the truth.

Anyway, here are three things that I things that I think our local brand of the Catholic Church should own up to:

Child Molestation

This is by far the worst offender so I’m putting it forth first. The thing is, while I still think that there are still a good number of Catholic clergymen who are morally upstanding people, the issue of child molestation among the clergy is starting already a huge issue on a global level. Unfortunately, once again, the Catholic Church and its media allies are quick to expunge any shows that expose the unholy practices of a lot of its major members. You may get one or two, but these tend to be very few and far between.

For one thing, I will say that the TV show May Bukas Pa wasn’t really all that bad and indeed had some merits of its own. Unfortunately, the way they whitewashed the local church was unbelievable. They were portrayed as the ultimate authority of good in the show and were never shown in a negative light.

I was thinking that, since the show was about a child with miraculous powers, why didn’t they make an episode wherein the protagonist would be menaced by a pedophile priest and then use his God-given gifts to bring the corrupt clergyman to justice?

Corruption In The Church

Look, I know that corruption saturates just about everything in our little country and that the Church is pretty much fair game in all of this. Unfortunately, again, the Church just loves to hide from the masses that they too are involved in much of the political and financial corruption happening in the country. I know they’re not perfect people, but why do they have to go to such lengths to hide the more darker aspects of their organization.

Indeed, as mentioned above, the local Catholic Church has essentially become a glorified institution that more often plays a part in politics even when our very own constitution outright states that it shouldn’t. It has a hand in a lot of organizations and activities in the Philippines which it has little to no business in such as birth control, sexual preferences and practices and, of course, political affairs. I often wonder why it’s just so hard for some people to fully understand the meaning of “separation of church and state” or is it because someone is keeping the truth hidden from the common people.

And now, they want to make Cory Aquino a saint huh?


History Of Violence

I’m adding this here not because I think Islamist terrorists have a right to attack Christians because of past transgressions. Indeed, I think that we are all responsible and accountable for our present actions and that any form of victimization is not a valid excuse for victimizing others. However, I still think that the local branch of the Catholic Church should still own up for a lot of the crap that was committed all those years ago instead of backpedaling when confronted with historical facts.

I’m only taking the time to mention this because I once heard a sermon wherein the local priest seemed to expound that Christians, or more specifically Catholics, are incapable of violence like the Muslims, Jews and Hindus of the world. This despite the fact that all the ruckus in Northern Ireland does, in fact, involve Catholics.

Yes, we’ve come a long way from the idiotic peasants of Medieval of Christendom (Or have we?) and the Inquisition no longer exists in any form. No, we don’t burn witches at the stake any more either. However, I think the Catholic Church should stop presenting itself as a bastion of moral perfection when it clearly isn’t just as no religion in the world can claim any sort of moral superiority.


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what’s up? pnoy keeps on signing laws. what is this DICT? DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY? is this relevant to the FOI mayor Rody promised the Pilipinos to be implemended?

sounds like the Pilipinos failed again?



Do you really believe the Catholic Church will own up to those 3 sins and more? This is why the late Cardinal Jaime Sin had died a sinner? He condoned many of the sins of past politicians–by turning the other cheek–and let them do what they wanted to do to the country. If Juan Ponce Enrile is the “Devil in Disguise” of the Failippine government, then Cardinal Sin was the “scourge” of the country’s Catholic Church. And their legacies continue….


Pepe Rep
The “idiotic peasants of Medieval Christendom”, hmmm, be careful not to 21st-century-chauvinistically smear people of old, it’s similar to the vacuous “it’s 2016!” “argument”. A little humility goes a long way against both moral and intellectual superiority. Good article, generally! I agree with the first point, no excuses for that! The second point too, yes, there has been evidence of corruption and cover up of the first point, except for the separation of church and state part, which is largely misunderstood, surprisingly even by this article: In a democracy, everyone has a say in political affairs, that includes groups like… Read more »

of course there is God. the one who created earth and life. but this God don’t talk and write. Mayor Rody is right. religions is politics. our christmas celebrations, the chalice, the holy sacrament, the cross etc, are all paganism.

the SUN is the God. who created the earth and all living things.

The Spanish Inquisition done by the Spanish Roman Catholic Church, was the worst time, when people, were tortured and burned on stake. They are branded as Heretics and Witches.The Italian Scientist: Galileo, who taught people, that the world is round; was subjected to Catholic Church Inquisition. He was nearly burned on the Stake. There were many men of Science and Technology, who were burned on stake. Because, their Scientific findings , were contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church… If we read, Dr. Jose Rizal’s novel of : “Noli Me Tangere”. We can understand the misbehavior of the Roman… Read more »
“I am not ashamed to say that it is the spirit of morality found in the Bible that forms the core of my moral compass… I have always believed that religion is a good thing as it may be a good place to start in order to form one’s sense of morality…” Grimwald, have you even read that Bible in its entirety? Because if you have, you would know that there is no morality in it whatsoever. History would also tell you that organized religion or religion per se is not a good thing nor is it a good place… Read more »

what is the picture of Leni and Mar doing in your article anyway? Can’t see the connection.

Catholic Priests should be allowed to marry so they don’t pick on little kids or impregnate pretty nuns behind the scenes. St. Paul wrote about the Catholic clergy… 1 Timothy 4 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 2 Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. 3 They forbid people to marry … —- In Noli, María Clara is in fact the illegitimate offspring of Padre Dámaso, a Spanish friar, and Doña Pia, whom he coerced… Read more »

I don’t know how you feel, but I’m pretty sick of church people. You know what they ought to do with churches? Tax them. If holy people are so interested in politics, government, and public policy, let them pay the price of admission like everybody else. The Catholic Church alone could wipe out the national debt if all you did was tax their real estate.