Why The Philippine Government Is Right in Cutting the Budget for Contraception

Recently, Health Secretary Janette Garin told the press that the budget for contraceptives has been scrapped. As if the tensions were not big enough during the discussion on the RH Bill, this decision took the conflict to a whole new level. It is a classic clash between the conservatives and the liberals, definitely much more entertaining to see than a 10v10 Clan War on Clash of Clans (a popular online mobile game). The liberals, who claim to be open-minded, are pissed and they are not taking this well. If you are a liberal who claims to be open-minded, then open your mind to this: the government made the right decision, and chances are you will not like what I have to say! Oh, and this is long. Do not proceed if you are sensitive to “political correctness” because you are merely comfortable with your own set of ideologies!


“Why should the government sponsor the sinful life of premarital sex to stop HIV when it is the sinner’s own fault? To say it in another way, why would I pay (tax) to give some careless guy a condom so that he can screw someone else? If you want to lead a sinful life, go ahead, but don’t do it at the expense of someone else’s money!” Normally, that is what any conservative would say, but this one does not do much good if it would turn people off from reading this at the start, knowing liberals are allergic to anything that has something to do with religion and capitalism. So let us forget the word “God” and “sin” for a while to give them a chance to catch their breath and tackle each problem on its own, excluding special instances such as HIV transmitted through sex within marriage and HIV transmitted through birth.

If having premarital sex, often with more than one partner before marriage, can increase the probability of transmitting HIV, then abstaining from premarital sex can guarantee 100% that HIV would not be transmitted. Simple common sense logic, right? Let us complicate it, courtesy of liberal lifestyle. Liberals do not really have that amount of discipline; otherwise, this problem would have been solved a long time ago. So, the liberals made a COMPROMISE, and this is called CONTRACEPTION. They started inventing condoms, pills, and many other unnecessarily unnatural ways to make sure that sex is as “safe” as it can get, but there are two problems: it costs money and it is not 100% effective. The number bounces around 95-99% at best. Condoms, which costs money, sometimes do not work. Pills, which costs money, sometimes do not work. That one instance of “sometime” is all it takes to transfer HIV from one person to another. Abstinence is 100% effective and costs absolutely nothing, and that is a BIG fact that liberals can never deny! While some would say that promoting abstinence will not work, that it is a “far-fetched solution”, all it really takes is discipline, and discipline is what is far-fetched!

Liberals would argue that the increase in teenage pregnancy and HIV is due to a lack of sex education. “Contraceptives are 95-99% effective; abstinence will always be 100% effective”. What more sex education does anyone need? Obviously, sex education is not really the problem. Common sense and discipline, sadly lacking among Filipinos, which is partially responsible for our poverty, are the root causes of why abstinence continues to fail. I am not surprised that particularly, liberals lack discipline. They crave instant gratification, which is the same reason why obese people would rather believe in this crap called “body positivity” and promoting that sugarcoated lie instead of working out to be fit, but let us not stray out of topic.

Another problem among some of the poor Filipinos is that sometimes, even if you educate them, they themselves refuse to be educated, and this leads them to make poor decisions again and again. There is nothing more you can do for them, except let them suffer the consequences and hope that they can finally learn on their own. In case some of you may still doubt the existence of people who abstain from sex before marriage and whether it is effective or not, ask a legitimate, faithful, honorable, and honest Christian or Muslim and ask them whether they have HIV despite abstaining from sex before marriage, taking into consideration of course our previously preset exclusions. I must warn you though that these people are very hard to find. They probably do not subscribe to the crap you watch on local TV, which probably influenced you a lot together with your neighbors who suck up to American liberal ideologies, but if you do find these good people, ask them nicely, and you may even unconsciously repent on your sins. Be like these people who are ready to help anyone in need for as long as they repent.

Research suggests that promoting contraception is more effective than promoting abstinence. That is true so far! Take note that the key word here is “promote”, which is different from actually doing it. It makes a BIG, BIG difference! You can advertise your product to “promote” it to customers in the hopes that it would turn into sales, but you can never force them to buy it. Whether the customer buys or not is dependent on their discipline and their ability to make a decision, in which they suffer the consequences of their decision or indecision, but just because promoting contraception seems more effective than promoting abstinence right now does not mean that we should promote contraception all the way and just scrap the idea of abstinence. It just means that we should promote abstinence better! Why settle for a compromise instead of a solution? Compromise…este contraception is not 100% effective. Abstinence is 100% effective and costs absolutely nothing. If the people we need to help are the poor, what more do you want?


About Vladimir Santos

Vladimir Santos is a divergent writer. He avoids government-level politics. Instead, he promotes modern conservatism as a means to solve societal issues innate within Filipinos. If an article you see is not about bashing a politician, it's probably his.

Post Author: Vladimir Santos

Vladimir Santos is a divergent writer. He avoids government-level politics. Instead, he promotes modern conservatism as a means to solve societal issues innate within Filipinos. If an article you see is not about bashing a politician, it's probably his.

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Robert Haighton

Excuse me sir,
we dont do that (abstinence) in the liberal and liberated West. Your message is so 1960s.

Seryoso ka ba, Ginoong Author? Hindi abstinence ang solusyon sa problemang ‘to. EDUKASYON. Ni hindi nga alam ng MARAMING kababaihan dito, may asawa man o wala, kung ano ang orgasm, ang exploration sa sarili nilang katawan, ang pahalagahan ang sexual health nila. Sa’n ba natututo ang mga lalaki at babae rito ng tungkol sa sex? Kadalasan sa nagkalat na mga mahahalay na tabloid at mga murang porn DVD na lahat ay mali at hindi appropriate ang laman lalo na sa mga kabataan. Iba na ang mga kabataan ngayon. Noon, hindi nagtatanong sa mga magulang ang mga anak nila tungkol sa… Read more »

Well, teach the kids abstinence. This has failed in any society. There has ever been premartial sex and there will ever been. This is reality and you can’t change that.

What you think OUGHT to work is irrelevant. Telling people to abstain from sex is like telling them to abstain from eating. It doesn’t work. It never works. Giving out free condoms, for all it’s downsides, DOES work. The Philippines is a very promiscuous society, despite all the religious hypocrisy, and in that environment HIV is likely to rampage out of control as it did in Africa. If a few $ for free condoms is all that’s required to keep a lid on it, then that’s what the government should be doing. As for contraception/overpopulation, the stumbling block here is… Read more »
Anthony Perez

I have read the article and the comments, and while I think the author is right in preaching abstinence, it is but partial truth. Abstinence without a solid moral reason to do so is simply avoiding sex – to run away from it if need be. But the Christian virtue of chastity is what is necessary, and chastity is so much more than just simply abstaining from sex; it is the commitment to using sex the right way (in marriage, for procreative and unitive purposes, that is.)


People refuse abstinence because they don’t like it.Period. They don’t want discipline. They want sex as much as they want to eat. Abstinence make sense! Period. I like this article obviously how it is justified abstinence to avoid HIV. Cost effective. Much more I can say?

Here is an interesting article from live science: -A heterosexual person infected with HIV will transmit the virus to their partner once in every 900 times the couple has unprotected sex, according to a new study conducted in Africa. -The new study also confirmed condoms are highly effective in preventing HIV infection, reducing the risk of transmission by 78 percent. Male circumcision reduced the risk of HIV transmission by 47 percent. -The new findings reinforce the idea that the best methods for reducing HIV transmission are those that decrease the concentration of the virus in the blood, as can be… Read more »

well first-off, this is a stupid post… ashamed a fellow lasallian wrote this….
second, the HIV outbreak is not about sex, but drug use and needly sharing.. did you even do your research?

Jericho Salazar
Hi, This article does not really answer why the government is right in scrapping, and not cutting, the budget for contraception especially in the context of: a.) a provision necessitating its establishment, referring to a budget, by law (Because you know, democracy and respect for law. We need to know why governments can get away with not complying with the very laws they establish. That’s not clear in your article if present.) b.) Sex happening regardless of any message of abstinence you may have (Cmon, we both know abstinence isn’t a new idea.) To respond to your points, they are… Read more »
William Jackson

Question, why are people not looking at percentages on this crisis? You have two provinces that have almost 50% of the population under 42 years of age with a HIV infection. Yes the number of is higher in the USA when comparing numbers, but are percentage rate is way lower than the Philippines.


Fighting makes us feel alive, until it kills us. If it doesn’t kill us, the pain of sitting alone with ourselves, quietly, under constant assault by our own thoughts and memories of war can easily be enough to make us wish we’d died in battle instead.


The writer of this article only proved that ignorance is not the sole prerogative of the uneducated masses. What a waste of time and money spent on expensive DLSU trimestral academic years when it only developed or nurtured such a banal, mediocre and dull reasoning.


We should just let them get HIV. It’s a good form of eugenics.