Noytards Vs. Dutertards: Could They Be One And The Same?

To all the moderate supporters of Mr. Duterte, those who have shown both civility and respect when supporting their chosen candidate, this article is not for you. Know well that you still have my respect even if I don’t exactly agree with you. Indeed, I certainly hope that you are correct about Mr. Duterte and that he will indeed bring about the necessary change to improve the Philippines. Unfortunately, some of your peers just had to go and wake the beast in me that was content to have slept through most of the had they at all bothered to be civil and respectful individuals. I am sorry guys, I really am, but I can no longer hold back the demon within…


So Mr. Duterte will supposedly change the country for the better with discipline, eh? Well, that’s nice to hear. It really is. Unfortunately, I can’t bring myself to believe that he will indeed bring about discipline when a good number of his followers can’t even discipline themselves and think like rational human beings. As I have seen so far, quite a few of his followers are really no different from the people who put remarkably inept individuals like President Aquino into power.

After a bit of thought, I have come to think that is it possible that they could be the same people who actually backed President Aquino and his campaign back in 2010? Of course, I’m not saying this without proper grounds, mind you. Here are five things that I can’t help but notice about them:

They Both Revere Their Candidates As “Messiahs”

Back in 2010, I couldn’t help but notice the thousands of people who believed that Noynoy Aquino was the “chosen one” who would lead the Philippines to peace and prosperity. There were even those who claimed that he was somehow holy, being the son of a hero and a saint. To this day, his followers jealously protect him and his image, being quick to attack (both verbally and physically) those who would question his authority. Of course, those of us who are wise enough to see through his illusions know how well that turned out.

Okay, fast forward to today. There are also many who see Mr. Duterte in a similar light. Of course, like I said, there’s a chance he might actually be the real deal. Unfortunately, there are so many who see him as the cure-all panacea for the Philippines’ ills. They seem him not as a leader who will guide them towards progress but as some kind of demigod who will miraculously solve the problem of crime in the Philippines regardless of the consequences it may entail. As powerful as he can become as president, Mr. Duterte cannot change us as only we can change ourselves for the better.

They Both React Immediately Without Really Understanding Anything

When I read some of the comments used by Aquino supporters here at GRP, I can’t help but notice how they almost always attack without ever really understanding anything. More often than not, they react like rabid dogs doused with water when anything negative (real or imagined) is thrown at their “master”. How they love to snarl and snap at us writers even though they haven’t read the full article and considered its message.

The same can be said about the fanatical supporters of Mr. Duterte. You can write an article as respectful and as informative as you can but they will only see the negative aspects of it instead of its overall message. They look at the title and the sample paragraph, take it out of context and immediately assume that it is an attack against Mr. Duterte even though it’s been clearly explained that it isn’t.

They Both Say The Same Things

“Sige na, ikaw na magaling!” (Okay, you’re a know-it-all!)

“Andami mong alam!” (You know too much!)

“Siguro binayaran ka ni Binay/Poe/Roxas!” (Maybe you were paid by Binay/Poe/Roxas!)

“Bakit ano bang nagawa mo?” (Why, what are your achievements?)

“Magkano ang article na ‘to?” (How much did this article cost?)

Really, need I say more?

They Both Use The Same Tactics

Ever heard of the term “logical fallacy”? Well, you see, it’s just another form of insane troll logic. Here, it goes like this: “If you are X, you are Y” which simply boils down to the “with us or against us” concept.

Back in 2010, many of President Aquino’s followers used this tactic to gain more supporters. It was always like: “You are for President Aquino or you’re for former President Arroyo!”, “You are for President Aquino or you’re for Manny Villar!” and “You are for President Aquino or you’re for former President Estrada!” When you sided against President Aquino, his supporters were quick to imply that you must be supporting his enemies who are allegedly more corrupt than he is.

Now, fast forward to today: “If you’re against Duterte you’re pro-crime!”, “If you’re against Duterte you’re pro-Binay!”, “If you’re against Duterte you’re pro-Poe!” and: “If you’re against Duterte you’re pro-Roxas!” They fail to realize that there are actually other options out there aside from what was just mentioned. See a similar pattern with the above?

They Both Have No Respect For Other Factions

Like rowdy children, both Aquino supporters and the more fanatical members of Mr. Duterte’s faction hold on tightly to their “with us or against us” ideas mentioned above. They have utterly no respect for other people’s opinions. They see only what they want to see and hear only what they want to hear and act like their perspective is all that really matters.

They attack the messenger for disagreeing with their “god” instead of trying to understand why there are those who disagree with them. What’s worse is that they all too often resort to personal attacks instead of making an appropriate response for an otherwise relevant question. It never occurs to even reconsider what they are saying and, even for a moment, reflect on the appropriateness of their reaction.


So there, even if Mr. Duterte is the right man to become president, if the same people never make the proper changes for themselves, we are still hopelessly DOOMED…

Now, will the real supporters of Mr. Duterte stand up and prove me wrong!


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Eterio Herrera

these are the same old faces of edsa power take over of making the Philippines third world status country, it was a plot that was hatch 32 years ago, as was revealed in John Perkins book, the economic hitmen of Marcos destruction. the dreams of this yellow oligarchs Madpnoy family of mass media deception , a plan to downgrade the first world status to third world status Philippines.


The same term applies perfectly: starstruck ignoramuses.


It is expected. Every candidate has their own moronic fans. Nothing surprising there.

Magsasaka Sa Nayon

No different from the Makoytards Zombies.


Yes, they are all one and the same; they’re “Fliptards.”

Sadly, the majority of the supporters of the different Presidential candidates are moronic idoltards and would rather attack the person instead of presenting a decent counter argument. For the idoltards, instead of getting defensive over any criticism, present why X is the best candidate using facts, experiences, track record, and how their policies would benefit the country without forcing people to vote for your preferred candidate, after all, there is something called ‘freedom of choice’. (Convince =/= Force) I’ve seen better arguments in debates about Goku vs Superman, than those presented by idoltards. Maybe Philippines should be renamed Mos Eisley,… Read more »

Correction,di pa ako nakakita ng same ang comment ng makaduterte at aquino.lahat ng example mo ky aquino ko yan nkita.
Cguro I sound like dutertards,pro ok lng.gya din nyo makamakoy,ako din nman.
Opinion lng d2 sa dvo dami namang parang kyng sino ang mga tauhan ni duterte pro pagnalaman nya dinidisiplina naman. Opinion lng sa side ni duterte.
By the way, paano nyo ba denidepensahan c makoy?parang same lng din naman.
Yong mga noytards lumipat na ky duterte kaya cguro magkahawig mga comment nila.


Here’s the REAL reason why Dutertards is much better than Noytards. Read this website below coming from a mouth of a Davaoeno resident (w/o the BS thing):


it’s a funny thing to see crocodiles biting each other for the top position. the one who bites better, the one gets a bigger chance of winning.

He is abrasive, but he gets the job done. It was a bit of a shock when he was all tmi last sunday, but he did say “do you want me to be president? Then you should know who your president is” …i have yet to hear poe’s explanation why she lied about her birth certificate(s) or if mar ever admitted he said “bahala na kayo sa buhay ninyo” in tacloban or if binay, well, trabaho na ng lp yan. The problem with people is that they are stuck counting expletives and not really listening to duter te’s message. In… Read more »
Dick S. O'Rosary

Interesting theory but I beg to disagree. These are not the same people. They share the same characteristics: Same butthurt, same flawed logic, etc. But they aren’t the same. These may be the very people who felt disenfranchised by those Noytards back in 2010. But they are still Filipinos and thats why they act the same. Hahaha.


These People are Blind followers, mentally retarded and have no respect for the opinions of other people.

NoyTard (YellowTards) and DuterTards now slugging each other. Let them destroy each other. It will be good for the country.

Supporting your candidate to the extreme, is the vicious vice of most of Filipino people. It is like a matter of life or death. They even go to the extreme of murdering people, just for politics.

vagoneto rieles
Filipinos, as a people, seem not to thirst for knowledge. We seem to be happy with what we had learned in school.. however far we’d gone; or, from what we’d learned from family and friends.. however small and deficient that circle may be. There appears to be no hint at curiosity.. for knowing what we yet do not know. Just as perplexing is that our educators, (the guys in government as well as those in our schools), do not seem to notice.. or if they do.. do not seem to care about this glaring failure. Otherwise, our schools’ curricula might… Read more »
Presidente Emilio

There are always those radical fanatics in almost everything, not just politicians.

I say ignore those retards, let them bicker amongst each other.

nick tambolero

Kapag hindi nakulong si Pnoy magkapareho nga iyan.


Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.

Timmy Tumblespring
This article uses so many generalizations about the two camps it sets out to compare but what it fails to mention are its sources for its genralizations. Are we supposed to accept statements like “They both say the same things” or “They both revere their candidates as messiahs”, but is the writer talking about just the two or three people he personally knows or the few commenters he read on Facebook, or did he conduct an actual unbiased survey to arrive at these conclusions? Are we just supposed to accept his generalizations just because it is supposed to be written… Read more »
“Ignorance begets more confidence than does intelligence..” It’s a shame you did not experience Duterte’s leadership first hand. You guys don’t even have clean tap water to drink in the faucet, or the first ever 911 n the Philippines, here my mother have been robbed of her necklace and my aunt of her earrings, my cellphone almost stolen by a kid selling plastic bags in baclaran. I saw a man stabbed and still rides the jeepney with me, thieves slashing wallets and bags in jeepneys I saw them with my own eyes and even buses kahit babae magnanakaw. Hydrocephalus kid… Read more »
Elfren baboy

Noytards, Dutertards, Macoytards, Poetards, Binay jejearmy

All are one and the same. They promote “Blind zombie worship” towards their candidates instead of thorough research between the pros and cons of each one.


hey grim…we bunching people and calling them names now? what’s with the “tard” tag? we giving people who are mentally challenged a bad name? you know there will always be rabid blind followers and idolators so why waste your breath on them?