Girly fits over the Philippine Tatler’s Imee Marcos cover feature

Filipinos are understandably aghast over the cover feature of chi-chi lifestyle magazine Philippine Tatler. A glam Imee Marcos is exhibited in its October 2015 edition in a “crimson” dress striking a pose showing legs even a 20-year-old would be envious of.


To be fair to those who’ve thrown an epic tantrum over this spectacle, Imee Marcos is the daughter of the late former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos who allegedly stole billions and killed and tortured thousands during his rule over the country in the 1970s. So it is quite understandable to be a a bit upset seeing one of the Marcoses all dolled up like this on a high-society magazine — as if all of what allegedly happened in the past could simply be literally glossed over.

The only problem with the sort of “indignation” over this spread flying around all over the Net is that it is the wrong kind. The real outrage here is over why — if the Marcoses were indeed guilty of all the “crimes” they are accused of — Philippine society still embraces their graces; enough of an embrace, as a matter of fact, for the most exclusive society gossip magazine in the country to feature one of them this way.

What this latest outrage fad really highlights is how Filipinos fail to build a society where justice is delivered in a consistent and transparent manner.

One wonders, for example, why two Aquino governments have failed to put any of the Marcoses in jail. That confronting fact makes any of the lip service Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III pays to the “sacrifice” of his father (whose “martyrdom” in 1983 the Marcoses allegedly perpetrated) and that of his mother (who was a “heroic” widow since then until her death in 2009) ring hollow.

How can a prominent and much-revered family such as the Aquinos who were among the direct alleged victims of the Marcos regime occupy the most powerful office in the land not once but twice and still fail to put any of the Marcoses in prison?

The irony seems to routinely fly over the heads of Aquino supporters who dish out emo tantrums over the continued presence of the Marcoses in Philippine politics and society:

Whenever Aquinoists raise girly fits over the “impunity” of the Marcoses, what they are really doing is pointing the spotlight on the complete failure of the Aquinos in delivering on their promise of “justice” to the victims of the alleged crimes of the Marcos regime.

That’s the trouble with emotive activism. It does not deliver results, only noise.


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Yeah she is a hotty even at that age. Just another distraction away from the real events, like zero industrial growth etc

Because there is really a Stockholm Syndrome at play in the subconscious of Kris and Noynoy. They grew up hating the Marcoses, but in their young mind then, there was Ninoy in jail and there was Marcos in power. Who was winning in the mind of the two young minds, think about that. So you have two spouting anti Marcos words with their mouths. But, look at how Kris acts, emulating the glamor of Imelda and Imee, except that she doesn’t have the looks and the it factor– just like a yaya trying to be glamorous — totally opposite Cory.… Read more »

Perfect write-up in more ways than one.

Vagoneto Rieles
“Losers” is the ultimate pejorative that is ascribed to us Filipinos. Here’s why. “Since Marcos was never indicted, much less, convicted, he is innocent of the crimes ascribed to him”; (never mind that the Swiss have seen fit to repatriate some six-hundred-million dollars of the loot.. he is innocent). By extension, “..since Senators Ponce-Enrile, Jinggoy and Bong.. and VP Binay, (of course) have not been hauled to trial for the crime of plunder attributed to them, they are all innocent”. We seem to be oblivious of the fact that prosecutors, judges and others in ‘law enforcement’, (can we exempt the… Read more »

Hmmm. Photoshopped for the glamour? Parang ipinatong lang ang ulo sa mas batang katawan 😉

what cory should have done when she assumed the presidency after the people power revolution in 1986 was to announce the formation of a revolutionary government. that way she could have gotten rid of all the people in the previous martial law govt and convened a constitutional assembly to draft a new constitution. what happened was that she let the crooks in government most notably in the judiciary stay in place.thats why some of them are still in power to this day. masyado siguro siyang maawain at ayaw niya magkagulo. or baka di niya naisip yon. furthermore yung ibang nakapaligid… Read more »

Aside from everything else, she is a murderer who has never been brought to justice. US courts found her responsible for murder and issued a US$4.2 million judgement against her which has never been collected because the Philippine government couldn’t figure out how to serve the papers.

If I may, here’s my own post on the subject.


The Aquinos are the plunderers.

tangina, inassume mo agad na maka Aquino ang mga, whatchacall ’em? “bakla” activists? (isa ka ding bigot, by the way) Sablay ang argumento mo because you’re only arguing AGAINST the Aquinos (that’s how fucking myopic you got in your haste to misdirect). If I can give less than zero fucks for the Aquinos, I would. So tell me again why my outrage is the “wrong kind”? Because you’re the arbiter of outrage? And The Arbiter says the real outrage should be over why Philippine SOCIETY still embraces your masters’ graces. Yan yung springboard sa lohika mong nagkawatak-watak mid-air. As if… Read more »

Sometimes your light shines so bright that it blinds people from seeing who you really are.

“One wonders, for example, why two Aquino governments have failed to put any of the Marcoses in jail.” While I try to recall the name of that case, Imelda was convicted in it until it was overturned by the Supreme Court. As (some of) you surely know, you need irrefutable proof to charge and convict someone for something. The government probably has some proof against the Marcoses, though the latter won’t be pushed around just like that. Last I checked, though, the gov’t. has pending cases against the Marcoses. (yun lang, pending…) I think Cory made the mistake of not… Read more »
ice cube

mmmm… for 60
i’d do her……..

aquinos and marcoses both are equal to blame for the shit show that is the philippines. and the people still don’t see this…how sad.


by Tony Lopez >> Imee Marcos delivers October 23, 2015 >>

The first province in the Philippines to be ISO-certified



i think we shud abide with this rule, “You can’t keep a good man down” and their innocence are the best tool to win cases.

always remember that these number of accuses are mere publicity and charging them in the court is another thing.

do people know, what was the first case they won?
guess what,
it was ninoy’s murder case if u ever recall it.
no slight of proof will indict them to his murder.

it was the first devastated case that happen to the aquinos so far… RIP to mrs. aquino.


The Marcos family exude real class, elegance and substance, therefore any of the Marcos ladies are very fitting for a publication like the Philippine Tatler.