The Aquino Legacy Of Treachery And Tyranny: 3 Facts They Like To Hide

After my latest article about President Aquino’s rather desperate attempt to wash his hands of the Mamasapano Massacre, I was asked to further elaborate on certain points I talked about therein. I don’t know if this has already been discussed on this particular website, but I’m gonna go ahead and bring them up again anyway just in case some of you missed it. Truth be told, what’s really sad about typical Pinoys is that majority of them don’t really care that much about history or, even if they do, they probably only know the “theme park” version which is more or less just black and white/good vs. evil fare rather than the reality of it.


Well, before I begin though, let me repeat what I said in my previous article that history is indeed quite relative. For instance, while Abraham Lincoln is lauded as a hero to the American people who brought an end to slavery, the reality is actually somewhat different. Indeed, the freeing of slaves, if anything, can be best thought of as a last-minute decision on the part of President Lincoln as he simply didn’t want to lose the sympathy of his allies. Nonetheless though, as I have stated beforehand, it is ultimately the results that really matter to people today. Abraham Lincoln, whether or not it was in his heart to do so, ended slavery and made the United States the symbol of freedom and progress that it is today.

Okay, back to the Aquinos. Well, the Aquino-sponsored media probably don’t want you to know this, but the truth of the matter is that most of their so-called “achievements” are just stolen ideas or outright lies. In fact, if the Aquinos have any actual legacy, it is essentially their disloyalty to the very people they claim to serve and their tendency to cover their butts with elaborate deception when caught with their pants down.

So, without further ado, allow me to begin:

Benigno Aquino Sr. Collaborated With The Axis Powers

It’s strange you know. When President Aquino went to Japan, he actually went as far as to compare the People’s Republic of China to Nazi Germany. However, if you take a look at his family’s records, nothing screams “Nazi” more than some of the actions of his predecessors.

The truth is, Benigno Aquino Sr. openly collaborated with the Japanese during World War II. He was among those chosen by the Imperial Army of Japan to be one of the puppet leaders of the Philippines along with President Jose P. Laurel at the time. We can assume that while the infamously barbaric soldiers of Japan went about pillaging villages, slaughtering farmers and raping women, Benigno Aquino Sr. simply sat back and enjoyed the view.

Surprisingly enough though, after the war ended, Benigno Aquino Sr. was pardoned by President Ramon Magsaysay and was spared from arrest and execution as was often the case with those who chose to collaborate with the Axis Powers. To put this in perspective, in France, both Philippe Petain and Pierre Laval, two of France’s leaders in World War II were arrested for treason with Laval getting executed for his troubles with Petain only being spared because of his advanced age. Another example would of course be Wang Jingwei, the head of state in China at the time, who became the most hated man in all of China for screwing over his people to the brutal reign of Imperial Japan and, after the war, his name became synonymous to “traitor” among many Chinese.

Benigno Aquino II Was A Troublemaker At Harvard

True enough, Benigno Aquino II, President Aquino’s father did stay at Harvard.

What the media doesn’t tell us however is that he just stayed there as a kind of refugee. He never wrote a book there, he never studied there and he sure as heck wasn’t respected there. He is, for all intents and purposes, no different from the Syrian refugees fleeing their own country and seeking asylum elsewhere. It just so happens that Americans thought that he was kinda smart and decided to let him stay in one of their more prestigious institutions.

However, with little to no gratitude, he had to go and insult the kindness the Americans offered him. Instead of behaving, he went on to recruit people to the Communist cause. In short, instead of being thankful to the Americans for giving him sanctuary, he spat at their generosity.

No wonder the 1987 Constitution refuses to accept foreign teachers. Because if we did, we’d all find out just what kind of ungrateful charlatans the Aquinos really are.

Anyway, I’d like to thank Flippinflips for this tidbit of information

The Mendiola Massacre

So, people think that Cory Aquino is a saint and that Ferdinand Marcos was a tyrant…

Well, sorry to burst your little bubble but Cory Aquino was indeed involved in the Mendiola Massacre. Of course, while she probably wasn’t there personally, she was nonetheless in command of the men who did the killing. At least up to a dozen farmers were killed and about thirty-nine others were seriously wounded when the personal gunmen of the Aquino administration opened fire on protesters who only wanted to be given what was due to them.

Truth be told, the real reason Cory Aquino probably opposed the Marcos regime wasn’t because of her husband’s untimely death (which is sometimes rumored to have been orchestrated by her of family all along) but because Ferdinand Marcos wanted to distribute the lands of Hacienda Luisita to the farmers who had worked on it for so long.

In the end, when one looks back on the way things went, even if Ferdinand Marcos wasn’t a benevolent leader, Cory Aquino was really no different or probably much worse. If there’s anything she really did right, it was simply her clever manipulation of the media in covering up her mistakes and atrocities. So while Ferdinand Marcos was no angel, this does not at all imply that Cory Aquino was some sort of saint. At the end of the day, Cory Aquino was just another power-hungry politician who was all too willing to kill to get what she wanted.


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From Prada to Nganga

Spit on their graves

I am not an Aquino supporter or Marcos ,,all this things you are telling us here Grimwald is all anti Aquino..and mellow on Marcos,, you are blaming one dynasties and are forgiving with the Marcos may not know it but you sounds very biased to me…you are blaming all but the Filipino people…may I ask you who voted them in office…you are right the Filipino people…so why blame one side ,,,you should blame all..for voting them to office..I just cannot understand why are you just focusing on one particular family ..there are manyyyyyy who sided and collaborator of the… Read more »

How about the Sabah claim? Is it true?

C’mon, guys; this is not about spitting on anybody’s grave. But, it is high time we have a correct perspective and see the past with a balanced proportion. Corruption after EDSA1 has doubled; and killing and disappearances have not ceased. When PNoy still insists that Aquinos are saints and continue to portrait the Marcoses as the evil, that is now not only hypocrisy but is beginning to sound like they are using the crimes they are condemning to cover the very same crimes they are committing. No question, events after EDSA1 has brought us to the gates of hell as… Read more »
Horacio B. Freires

We’ll it’s good to peep into the other side of the fence.. . we can put into our mental filing cabinets. . Can you make an article on who really is the mastermind in the murder of Ninoy?

Rommel Lee

Well, what a script! A work of fiction penned by an articulate and imaginative author. No factual and historical basis at all. Shame on you to insult the heroism of Ninoy Aquino who lay his life for the sake of Filipinos, and that includes you! I wonder if you were already born during the martial law years and if your parents told you factual things about the horror of martial law and the sacrifices made by the people who opposed it including Ninoy.

The Filipino people during martial law were hypnotized by a so called self proclaimed messiah (Ninoy). I too, during my younger days thought about the yin yang which is aquino v marcos,no need to mention who’s who. Yet history unviels the truth. Pnoy as what my eyes can see is a chip of the old block, no different from his parents who, in one way or another made this once great country what it is today, need not to say how they used the sympathy of the people to get the power they are drooling for. I am not pro… Read more »

The bottom line: ‘The Philippines is corrupt because the Filipinos are corrupt; the Filipinos are corrupt because the culture is corrupt; the culture is corrupt because the value system is corrupt.’

So it doesn’t matter who we elect as leaders of the Philippines. Historically, our leaders’ legacies have all been marred by treachery and tyranny because our country, people, culture, and value system are all corrupt. Therefore, we’re all doomed.


we must do something to put that yellow crap down………….. they’ve been abusing the innosense of our grand parents,,, it is our duty to correct the the mistakes of our elders…. this expose is real……….. so let our country men know..

Benigno Aquino, Sr. sought refuge in Tokyo, Japan; during the liberation of the Philippines by the Americans. He was brought back to the Philippines, after the surrender of Japan to the Americans. He was tried for Treason. and, was convicted of Treason. But, was pardoned , for the unity of the Filipinos. My late Uncle was a leader of a Guerilla movement, during the Japanese occupation. His Squad was assigned to assasinate, Benigno Aquino, Sr., for his crimes against the Filipino Guerillas. The Filipino Guerillas were tortured and murdered by Aquino’s KALIBAPI. Unfortunately, two Squads of Japanese Imperial Army Special… Read more »
Nick Load Ion
@ Grimwald, Your assertions of the actions that are all certifiable that happened are noted above. BUT, to say ‘He sat back and laughed’ is nothing but pure speculative BULLSHIT !!!! or that ‘he spit in the face of their generosity’, again,pure speculative BULLSHIT. and regarding the Mendiola Massacre IDK enough about it, but the difference between Ferdinand Marcos and Cory Aquino at the time of 1983-1987 was that the Filipino people wanted Corazon Aquino as their leader and they did not want Ferdinand Marcos. You make sound assertions reporting the facts of historically certifiable matters. You then proceed to… Read more »

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Is it safe to assume that this is one of his fiction?

Miguel San

Instead of pointing blame at leaders past and present, acknowledge the fact that we as a people have failed. Our culture encourages lack of personal responsibility, we are corrupt to the core. Children learn at a very early age that rules don’t apply to them when they are from a rich or influential family. As a culture we have learned that the best response for failure is making excuses or blaming others instead of overcoming the challenges ourselves.


In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the People.


this article is so dumb. Its badly written and the mostly subjective.

Orlando Gomez
Hogwash Grimwald. You can say many things about the Aquinos but I can definitely tell you that Cory and Pnoy are not land lovers. Never in my personal encounters with them both did they ever display love for land grabbing or expanding their land holding. What I know about Cory and Ninoy are what I learnt the day after Ninoy was killed — AND THAT WAS NOT A TIME WHEN THE AQUINOS CONTROLLED MEDIA. Far from it. P.S. I do NOT like the rest of the Aquinos. And I also loathe them. 1) On Collaboration – And so what? I… Read more »
john c. jacinto

“Surprisingly enough though, after the war ended, Benigno Aquino Sr. was pardoned by President Ramon Magsaysay and was spared from arrest and execution as was often the case with those who chose to collaborate with the Axis Powers.”

President Magsaysay? Where do you read your history? From your fat ass?

Santa Claus

Got any credible references to support your statements in this piece?

bong firmals

I hate you Grimwald, but this article is an eye opener to all. And I love you for this man.

The Ignorance Buster

This is really something that is hidden from the ignorant filipinos