Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza rock!

Well you know what? Crucify me here in GRP but I gotta admit to the appeal of the budding romance between Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, the latter a.k.a. ‘Yaya Dub’. I’m sure a lot of marketing folk will spend their entire careers studying just how the “AlDub” pair turned into a media bonanza for Eat Bulaga (EB) and the GMA Network. But to most people, me included, there is no mystery. It’s just plain kilig over something magical that could happen to anyone.

The other half of AlDub: Maine 'Yaya Dub' Mendoza (Source: Twitter)
The other half of AlDub:
Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza
(Source: Twitter)
In fact, the irony here is that while the story is about a love separated by a wide social — even physical — gulf, there is something about the old-fashioned way Den (as Alden is now called) and Maine overcome the hurdles to their simple goals of getting together. It could be because a lot of Filipinos are in long-distance relationships today — probably a lot more common now thanks to the Internet. Ironic, because the story of AlDub has hardly any dependence on technologically-enabled hookups. And, unlike many technological hookups I happen to know of, this one is, in stark contrast, very wholesome.

Those tech-brokered hookups we are more familiar with, are often anything but wholesome. We are by now familiar with stories about sex scandal videos and raunchy video chat sessions somehow escaping the confines of their owners’ devices and spreading all over the Net. It’s crazy because it seems that the appeal of AlDub is matched only by the appeal of the lewd byproducts of otherwise private social media interactions popularized by the likes of Neri Naig and Chito Miranda and even Wally Bayola himself who, as it happens, is also an EB mainstay.

So here we are, and I, smitten by the AlDub story. I think we’re all drawn to it because it reminds us of what romance really should be. At best, I’d like to believe the misadventures of Alden and Maine pull us back and out of the perverse world of social media “romance” where SMS proposals and breakups, cyberstalking and cybersex, and swipe-left-swipe-right “dating” apps rule as sad substitutes for the real thing. Indeed, whereas we seem to embrace social media for romance because the technology allows us to become someone — or something — that we are not, the story of AlDub reminds us of a time when we actually had to work at becoming an improved real version of ourselves for the sake of the ones we love.

For that matter, the real beauty in AlDub seems to be the almost genuinely accidental way the characters came together. I think the word is serendipity. Alden’s and Maine’s coming together was serendipitous. It’s a significant point, I think, because while we in the leisure classes have a bit of time to spend pursuing love and romance, the greater majority of Filipinos who are poor not just financially but poor in that even more precious resource called time are likely almost wholly dependent on serendipity to meet their lifetime partner. And maybe it is in this regard that AlDub touches ordinary Filipinos — those who do not have access to nor the time to indulge those clubs and apps on which one engages the “dating scene”.

Enjoy it while it lasts — before the wily suits of Philippine society politicize it. I mean, you know, AlDub already is commercial to begin with. But so’s the rest of the entertainment industry that provides us our escape from the wretchedness of life in Metro Manila’s oppressiveness. We can just take what works for us.


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Ano to GRP, bumabawi kayo? hahaha kanina lang, nag post itong si Grimwald gamit ang larawan ng Aldub with the title “Philippine Media And The Masses: A Cycle Of Stupidity And Madness” .. Sa kabuuan, sinasabi ni Ginoong Grimwald na bobo at walang alam ang mga tumatangkilik ng mainstream media gaya ng mga palabas ng local networks, kabilang na dyan ang Aldub.

Mabuti naman Kate Natividad at naisulat mo ito. 🙂


Let me repeat what I’ve already said for the LAST TIME…

I have nothing against AlDub because I haven’t even seen it myself. The picture on my previous article wasn’t something I chose. Benign0 is the one who calls the shots around here, not us writers.

Based on what Kate has had to say so far, this doesn’t seem like a bad show at all. I NEVER said it was a bad show, mind you. In fact, now that you say this, it might be worth a look through download if nowhere else.


Sorry, Grimwald. Maybe it’s time for the writers and admins of this page to coordinate as to what picture should be included in the article. You see, the picture summarizes the content of a particular write-up. You cannot blame the readers for interpreting what you wrote as being ‘anti-Aldub’. I’m not an Aldub fan myself but i’m not saying it’s bad either.


It is KORNI, WITH AN OBVIOUS SCRIPT, and perhaps the most STUPID SHOW IN PHILIPPINE HISTORY… It’s a show for gullible people who thinks of fairy tales and happy endings .. Guess what? The author of this post is as gullible as the stupid masses who CLING INTO THIS KIND OF SHOWS!

I appreciate AlDub for it’s marketing growth. It’s a study how social media and the simple act of talking about it generates interest and hype. If we can only do that for the causes that matter and make a difference, Filipinos would be the most socially conscientious in the world. To the people saying it has a script, no shit sherlock. They’ll have to prolong and milk this. The way I’m seeing it they’re winging it to turn it into one of their “X years” love team. People will get saturated and bored in a couple of months. Last but… Read more »

I don’t need to have any significant reaction to AlDub. It’s commercial, it’s entertainment, no secret to its formula, what’s new. People want some entertainment as an escape from reality, can’t stop ’em. Some others, like me, just love to indulge in the cold hard truth.


I think this is just entertainment doing what Eatbulaga does best besides kwela jokes and helping filipino people they also create new talents, talents that has potential. God bless EB dabarkads


Well, I’ve heard that Aldub is wholesome. Some of my officemate, however, thinks that the Lola’s are the ones making the segment more entertaining.

Personally I’m apathetic with it (or the whole Philippine TV media in general) and I’ll rather do something entertaining and productive.

Jim DiGriz

I’m really happy with myself for not knowing who those people are. No freaking idea and NOT interested.


Kate is being TRUE to herself with no issues to hit or upheld! As others say, you have to experience it to understand it! While some commenters here are simply just PRETENTIOUS TO THE CORE!!!


I think most Filipinos just don’t have a great life (or love life) that’s why they cheer something that embodies what’s lacking in them. They may be busy or felt sad or something and ALDUB is their de-stressing medium. But if they are really productive people having in mind how to make this country or their life great, who would care about ALDUB?


Some people cannot really get it.

If you’re against Aldub then you’re with the other station. And they’ll insist that you are no matter what you say.

Fiction can show you a different world. It can take you somewhere you’ve never been. Once you’ve visited other worlds, like those who ate fairy fruit, you can never be entirely content with the world that you grew up in. Discontent is a good thing: discontented people can modify and improve their worlds, leave them better, leave them different. And while we’re on the subject, I’d like to say a few words about escapism. I hear the term bandied about as if it’s a bad thing. As if “escapist” fiction is a cheap opiate used by the muddled and the… Read more »
Dear Sir: Regarding your article “What’s wrong with the World?” I am. Yours truly, G.K.Chesterton They say that it is just a story that around 1908, the London Times asked him to write an article answering the question, “What is wrong with the world?” he replied with a brief letter that said above. There are no evidence that he said that though, but probably yes, because that was his style. 🙂
Joel Blas

Hahaha…. AlDub is pure entertainment and I want to be entertained! Ganun lang yun. Tuloy ang ikot ng mundo. Live and let live ika nga. Wag kayong masyadong magpaka-talino at baka masunog kayo. Mahirap na nga ang buhay pahihirapan mo pa. Get real people. Minsan ka lang mabuhay kaya paka-saya tayo. Ang importante maging isang law-abiding citizen hindi lang sa Pilipinas kundi sa buong mundo!


what’s an aldub?

well, truth be told, i do not need to know what it is. it has as much effect on me as the wart on the queen’s left ass. i would not care more to read more about it than the first 2 paragraphs of its wikipedia entry, because i have something better, well at least in my opinion to do.

I'm A Lea-R!

Typical Intelligent(?) Filipinos of are a great hypocritical lying comedians!

They seem to know so much about the world around them but claim to not know or too little about their own? (This isn’t called the space age for nothing! Only the stupid makes such excuses)

Always too busy to even waste their precious time but finds time to comment in topics they claim to know nothing about!

Lea Salonga, a paid ABS-CBN talent is one such comedian!^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Quite a paradox if I may say!


Naman, masyadong affected yung iba dito, kung wala namang natatapakang ibang tao sa gusto dn ng iba, hayaan na lang. Hindi din naman kailangang maging defensive kung hindi ka naman nakakasakit ng ibang tao sa gusto mo. Kung ayaw ng iba sa gusto mo, so what? Ganun lang kasimple , wag nang pahirapan pa mga sarili. PEACE

Well, I can say na nkkabilib ang birth of aldub in the world of entertainment. Haters Hindi na mawawala yan. Nakakaaliw Lang na ang loveteam na to Ay taliwas sa typical loveteam na laganap sa bansa. Yaya dub doesn’t care if pangit sya or mukha sya ewan infront of the camera. She just emits the true essence of being a human. Hindi lahat ganda Lang. Ya, so babaw nga Pero bakit nakakahumaling sya,kasi you don’t have to be so classy to be loved right. Hindi malayo sa katotohanan. Why complicate things if you can have it in simple ways. Yun… Read more »

Grabe ang AlDub lately always trending every week!

I saw this a while ago, good read din sa mga Aldub fans.