Twerking On Noon-Time TV: Another Sermon

Let us all rise…

Okay, let’s get a few things straight first. No, I am not a priest, reverend nor any kind of preacher. No, I’m not an expert on the Bible or any kind of religion, for that matter. No, I do not see myself as some kind of savior of the Philippines like some of the more delusional leaders of this country. However, I’m one of those who thinks that it’s time to reevaluate some of the values we supposedly have as a people. The Bible teaches us that we must promote wisdom and goodness whenever possible and, when we fail to correct or at least warn others about their mistakes, then we are sinning along with them through neglect.

anne_curtisToday our topic of discussion is this article by Camille Laroco and what is discussed therein. Apparently, as many of us have come to notice, ABS-CBN is getting so desperate to top the Aldub phenomenon in GMA 7 that they are resorting to one of the oldest tricks in the book: “Sex Sells”.

Now before you begin ranting about me attacking the media again, let me remind you that Showtime is supposed to be a noontime show. A show that is generally aimed at people eating lunch from the office workers trying their best to tolerate one another’s presence, blue-collar personnel toiling away at putting buildings and vehicles together to children who’re enjoying a break from the monotony of life at school. In essence, Showtime is a program meant to be seen by everyone all over the country regardless of their age and social standing. Unfortunately, with their latest antics, it seems that the producers of ABS-CBN couldn’t care less about the kind of impact Showtime will have on the countless children watching it.

Look, I won’t be a hypocrite and say I don’t like what I see. I mean yes, I find Anne Curtis very attractive and then her dancing sexily is more than a little pleasant for me. However, is this the kind of thing we want everyone watching including children? I mean sure, I can admit to liking her performance, but shouldn’t they move this kind of programming to later hours when fewer kids are watching? Also, yes, I know it’s the responsibility of parents to control what their children watch but again, Showtime is a noon-time show, a program that just about everyone watches wherever they may be in the country.

And let’s not forget that Anne Curtis is a celebrity that many little girls look up to and see as a role model. Then there’s Ella Cruz who may as well be a child herself (although yeah, I know she’s at least 19) whom many girls see as a strong symbol of “girl power”. Look ladies and gentlemen, I remember saying that we shouldn’t shame our sexuality as it is part of being human, however I don’t think it’s a good idea to expose very young children (which are undoubtedly seeing this) to this kind of mature entertainment.

I can admit that I too dabble in mature or adult material. Heck, I’m actually writing a story about dragon strippers of all things! But then, I don’t forget to mark it as mature so as to prevent underage readers from accessing its content.

For the last time (though I strongly doubt it), WAKE UP MTRCB!


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Hi Grimwald, good article. Allow me to add applicable Biblical passages (since Filipinos still insists they are Christians) hoping to support your article: a) 1 Thessalonians 4:3-6 “For this is the will of God, that you should be holy and abstain from sexual immorality. Each one of you should know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not with greedy, uncontrolled sexual passion like the nations have that do not know God. No one should go beyond the proper limits and take advantage of his brother in this matter, because God exacts punishment for all these things,… Read more »
Robert Haighton
Grimwald, In the Netherlands there are strict rules for both public TV channels and commercial (private) TV channels about not airing nudity BEFORE 9PM. The only thing I dont know is where nudity starts and where it ends (on TV). Is a cleavage (on tv) too much? On the other end, as long as a country has no rules (regarding nudity or whatever comes to mind) then its up to the parents to shield their own kids from watching. You see where I am getting at? If your government doesnt install rules or laws, the responsibility shifts to parents. BTW:… Read more »

I’d missed the quality TV shows way back in the 80s & 90s both local & foreign. But now the PHilippine TV shows are a bunch of perversive way of show business. Masdaig pa kaysa sa mga porn sa internet, patay tayo dyan! (nganga!)


There are two sayings that are familiar in every form of media across the Failippines: 1) sex sells; 2) if it bleeds it leads.


‘di ko rin gustong nagsasayaw ng twerk ang mga babae. nakakabastos tingnan, e. ang masama nit e pinagsasayaw din ng ganito ‘yung mga batang babae kapag pinangpapakitang-gilas ng magulang nila. “o anak, twerk it like miley nga.”