The Problems with an Education in the Philippines

Well, I’ve already said quite a bit about the media, I know. However, I think it’s time we got to discuss the possible solutions to the rapidly degenerating literacy rate of the Philippines. First and foremost, just like Rizal, I think that education is indeed key to the success of any country. If we really want to lift ourselves up from being the laughing stock banana republic of Southeast Asia, then I think it’s time we tried to focus on the things that can help improve our knowledge and provide the right kind of lifestyle for the common Filipino citizen.


Unfortunately, just like the media, Philippine education seems to have its own set bizarre and unwanted issues that prevent it from being of greater help to the Filipino people:


Well, I’m sure that most of you are more than a little familiar with this one. I, for one, am not all that surprised about it either. Well, just so most of you know, it’s been stated that majority of the taxes we pay supposedly goes to the department of education. If that is indeed the case, why are there so many students in the Philippines who are forced to study without classrooms, books or a means of safe transport.

The K-12 system which is supposed to be imposed this coming 2016 may look well on paper but its implications may prove to be more difficult considering the kind of culture we have. With just about every kind of process, be it a business transaction, a religious service or a legislative action involving a backroom deal, it’s less about the greater good and more about how much the people in charge can profit from the event.

Unqualified Personnel And Materials

No offense to teachers who may read this, but I have met my share of supposed “academics” who have nothing better to do than look out for number one. For every good teacher out there who wants to provide students with correct lessons, good ideas and with a dedication to giving children a brighter future, there are those who are irresponsible about the safety of students as well as what kind of values they’re trying to espouse.

Then there are those study materials out there, books and what not that all too often prove to be inadequate in providing students with accurate information. Wrong ideas as well as wrong facts will never help students in becoming productive citizens.

The Media

Ah, here we are again. I simply can’t stop attacking the media, can’t I?

Well, the fact that the media is anti-intellectual is probably one of the biggest reasons we’re not going anywhere as a nation. With the demonization of otherwise good examples of Pinoys like Ms. Uy and promotion of the airheads in PBB, is there really any surprise that majority of Pinoys aren’t interested in learning? Does it ever occur to anyone that it is essentially the celebrity-centered media that has taught our youths that being a celebrity is far more profitable and desirable than a successful businessman, doctor or lawyer?


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I only see like 10% or less, of our youth being the most successful in delivering change, with the rest being obsessed on things that won’t truly benefit themselves and the nation. These three factors combined is the great wall of anti-progress.

If the media became intellectualist-centric, maybe there’s a chance for change, but I’m dreaming right because intellectualism shows don’t provide tv stations money, popularist-centric shows are! :p


It is good to be popular and a celebrity. You can be elected as : Congressman, Senator, or even President.

Look at Lito Lapid, Sotto, Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla, etc…Erap Estrada, even was elected as President.

Marry also a celebrity, if you want to go to politics. Dancer, actress, singer, etc…

Forget about College education, University degrees, and intelligence. If you get elected, you can bribe the Media, and control it. And you can enjoy your DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel, etc…

Dos Equis
The ducation system in the country CAN produce fine minds,educated citizens… is possible. BUT you get what you pay for, and that is if your lucky in the Philippines.Usually what you pay for gets stolen, and resold to someone else,the ole Pinoy double-sale routine. No longer reserved for just foreigners, this sale and theft and resale by the same original salesperson is off-topic but it needs to be addressed, just like everything else in the kleptocracy that is the Philippines.The entire country is a scam, and it is just too bad as it ends up dragging down the rest of… Read more »
Sorry but whenever education setbacks in the Philippines is the topic, I can’t help but turn my raised eyebrow in the country’s media too. They are not the only ones at fault here for sure. The society in general and the families of the students have their share in the blame. But I truly believe that media has the bigger share. Why? Let me count what I think are the reasons: 1) News programs Unless there are bigger stories to tell (impending disaster, war, and the like) what’s on the menu: (a) Politician X joined Political Party XX so he… Read more »
Robert Haighton
Grimwald, I really hope that one day soon, I can comment on one of your articles saying: “spot on” followed by “the perfect article”. But you always seem to find ways to fail to amaze me. Probably you are blind or dont want to see the mechanisms working in your own country. Both the government, the educational system and the church wants to keep as many people as possible dumb, naive and ignorant. Because only then they (the government & the church) will gain and benefit most from it. My former partner is (but at least WAS a teacher) and… Read more »

Real education should consist of drawing the goodness and the best out of our own students. What better books can there be than the book of humanity?

If I have a child in the future, there is no way I’d let them be educated here (my wife agrees). Raising a child in this education system and culture, when you have the option of giving them a better chance elsewhere, is basically child abuse. There are just too many things that baffle and frustrate me about what I’ve seen of education here: – Why do they start school so late? (My niece has to take kindergarten a second year because she can’t start grade one until she’s six!) – Why are they teaching my nephew in deep, traditional… Read more »

Unqualified Personnel / Materials
A teachers job is to cure ignorance and help discover the child’s aptitude and talents. In Finland, a teacher needs to have a Masters Degree. this profession is highly respected in the country.
Finnish Education:

The Media
today media is a very powerful tool in educating not just the children but the society as well. sadly the networks in our country just wants to fatten their purse and exploit their talents instead of making informative tv shows. ABS-cbn probably has connection with the government. they’re one big family with the yellows.

Hey Grimwald, thanks for touching on this topic of education. I know you just love to hate our media, but education is equally the culprit for the general regression of the intellectual and creative capacity of the Filipino masses. Actually I think the teachers are mainly at fault – being the role models of the next generation. One teacher in my alma mater would usually say before an exam – it’s ok to cheat as long as I don’t catch you. Now what kind of value system does that inculcate into the minds of future leaders of this country? Such… Read more »
“The Media” Cable channels and the Internet (the only problem would be the slow internet connection) can provide better shows than we have locally. Accdg to the, we now have 43M internet users in the Philippines (about 5% of total internet users in the world). Based on the, we have more internet users than TV users. The problem is when people only use the internet for socializing online. More internet subscription, the company involved will be forced to give better services, and if there’s more demand for internet services, competing company will offer better deals to its subscribers.… Read more »
Biffa Bacon
Where would all the products of a better education system go after completing school ? How many times have I heard of college graduates having to take jobs at McD’s or as janitors in Manila,because there is absolutely no other opportunities….oh gee I forgot about working the graveyard shift at a call center,now thats going places….and what the hell is up with “no one over 26 yrs old need apply”.???????..providing some light at the end of the tunnel,I.E.real jobs and opportunities might go a long way towards motivating everyone involved,students,parents,faculty and leaders,lifting them from what seems a hopeless situation…..If it’s… Read more »
vagoneto rieles
Here are some reasons how those ‘turkeys’ that we call leaders have taken the country to where it is today.. this ‘sh*t creek’ we can’t seem to wade out of. 1) Most Filipinos are functional illiterates even as the country’s ‘literacy’ rate is at 95.3%. Most sales clerks have had at least a year of college; most bus and jeepney drivers have been through high school; all the Armed Forces and Police personnel are high school graduates or better. These ranks do not yet include the government and private sector operatives;nor the teachers.. all of whom have college degrees. I… Read more »
Education would be dangerous to the treasonous criminals who lord it over us all, they wouldn’t want the populous actually being aware of what’s happening – cos it’s completely obvious to anyone with even half a brain. Keep us dumb, keep us scared – easy to control, easy to feed us with any nonsense they want, cos we always end up defending the fools – just read some of the comments throughout this blog! A chronically low average IQ of 86 (bordering abnormal) is perfect for them – just ensure we’re plied with plenty of noneducational trash like Showtime and… Read more »
I am a student and i wholeheartedly agree with you, yet guess what, that is the sad reality. i think you should consider as a factor our values and cultural tradition as Filipinos is contradictory to the 21st Century (especially since the government is trying to imitate the US so why not?) for one is we the youth is force to respect our elders however i believe that respect is something given and taken but in a school especially in Public where most teachers are ‘Trapos’ and ‘oldies’, questioning them rather sharing your idea that is contradicting to what they… Read more »

I think the profession in the Philippines should be regulated whereas if caught acting unprofessionally they are obliged to submit their licenses so that Filipino workers will be forced to act knowingly and not ‘Mema’ or ‘masabing nagtratrabaho lang’ cause what they are doing is directly influencing the current generation that in the future they can do that as well. Kill me already I am a shithead for enduring this trashy system, I don’t deserve it OmO