Jim Paredes and Leah Navarro react to PNoy #SONA2015 snub!

An anonymous American blogger living in Biliran somehow trumped the star power of staunch Yellow supporters Leah Navarro and Jim Paredes during the closing of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III’s sixth and last State of the Nation Address (SONA).


And after all that effort.

Asked by Tweetizen @ManuGaspar about how this presidential snub came down for them, here is what they had to say:


Follow the conversation further at the original tweet here!


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In your faces, bitches!

Classic line I love to give to these twin bozos.


SAf 44 really died in vain. Covered with all these non sense. too bad media is still the way it is.

alim labixa

what are friends for if they don’t cover each other’s back. correct? aquino are friends to these two stupid idiots so it doesn’t matter the cost, they will protect each other and thank each other and will go down the drain together.

Dick s o'rosary

Funny, thats kinda what the American blogger in Biliran kinda wrote to get his special mention: “If the President were in my foxhole, I’d watch his back. That’s because I trust that he is watching mine.”


I’ll send the mail to them.

A Bunker Buster to blast and burn them all to kingdom come.