A Culture Of Self-Importance: Another Sign Of Immaturity In The SONA

So I’ve said what I needed to say about President Aquino and how immature I think he is. I also remember telling you guys about the inherent immaturity in Pinoy culture itself. However, now that I have time to think about all of it, I come to realize that one of the worst products of Pinoy immaturity is our misguided sense of self-importance. Like immaturity, this self-important way of thinking can be found in every level and aspect of society. From the rich and famous to the downtrodden squatter, you will find this mentality as I have come to believe that this is one of the major causes of our country’s overall dysfunction.


When it was announced that President Aquino’s sixth and final SONA would be taking place, I expected more from the parties involved. I thought that, perhaps this time after so much had already happened, its participants would be more than a little rational on how they carried themselves. Unfortunately, what I came to see and hear was nothing of the sort and found myself greatly disappointed by all that took place there. Really, now that I have time to think about it, why am I even surprised? Was I expecting a sudden change of heart from these same people who have robbed my people blind and left them wallowing in poverty? How so very silly of me!


Remember this article by ChinoF? People say that the rich and powerful have a right to flaunt their wealth to people. After all, it is their money that’s being spent after all and not anyone else’s.

Unfortunately, Philippine politicians seem to take the idea of vanity to a whole new level with what they do. Take for instance how they caused traffic jams on the way to the SONA. I seriously think that politicians in more developed parts of the world will have more respect for their people. After all, the common people have lives of their own and even if the meeting their going to is of great importance, I think that many Western politicians understand that the work of the basic citizen is every bit as important in its own way.

Also note that your typical Pinoy politician doesn’t even seem to realize that the money they’re spending on lavish clothing and expensive food comes from the pocket of common Filipinos. None of them ever stop to wonder that the delicious lechon they’re eating was paid for by a starving old woman. They never seem to realize that for every part of the expensive and stylish dresses they wear, there is a young boy who has to make do with what can only be called rags for clothes.


I didn’t get to mention this in my last article about the SONA so I’m going to say it now.

No, I’ll go on to note that I’m not fond of Binay either. I honestly think that both his heart and soul is already enveloped by darkness and nothing short of a miracle can turn him towards the side of good. Unfortunately, President Aquino’s use of lame pop culture references, while certainly satisfyingly scathing, was unbecoming of a president.

Well, he’s free to use whatever statement he wishes, I suppose. However, using it in a political assembly just proves just how childish he is and how he has no real understanding of his own position.

Binay, on the other hand, seemed to react to the President’s statement in much the same way. Like a child who’s been dope-slapped by another child, he has chosen to mope and grumble instead of trying to understand the error of his ways.

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When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.


Aquino thumbs down. Binay thumbs down. There’s seems to be a severe shortage of thumbs-uppable leaders in this country. The reason is, no one knows how to think outside the Filipino box (http://senseyard.com/box/). Hypothetically speaking, if you take someone like Elon Musk or the average Silicon Valley CEO, he’ll do better managing this country than any Filipino alive ever will, for the very reason I stated


Indeed when voting in this country our best option is always the “lesser evil” which is very unfortunate. The thing about Elon is, unless he has instincts of Machiavelli in politics, he will probably be drowned out by our dirty political system before he could do anything significantly important.



Aquino was born with “silver spoon” in his mouth. The Guy is served by retinue of servants, thruout his life. He was Spoiled Rotten by his mother. As a child ,he was mentally retarded. He had to struggle to learn in school. His grades were low, in school. He has to be too dependent on people, to run the country. Aquino has low IQ and low EQ . He never matured as a man/woman. So, his immaturity is reflected in his behavior in office. History will judge him, as the worst Philippine President, we ever had. His mother, Cory Aquino… Read more »
On Binay -[I honestly think that both his heart and soul is already enveloped by darkness and nothing short of a miracle can turn him towards the side of good.] The “Dark side of Binay” eh? I was wondering about that as well. My haunch is – Underneath that choco-colored face lies a complex labyrinth of dark mysterious chambers no soul would dare wander. I think we’re up for a horror movie if Binay becomes president. Let’s hope PNoy won’t annoint him. As in just look at his face – it’s like he still even believes there’s hope at the… Read more »
Now, a growing body of netizens have apparently turned into PNoy’s side, defending him from his critics after his last State of the Nation Address. First off, let me say that I am surprised. Some people actually called it that this year’s SONA will apologetic and emotional. They predicted that not only will the Yellow Troll Army be revitalized but actually increase in number. The Filipino networks are filled with numerous articles defending the President and bashing his critics. They say that Pnoy has done enough and could not have done better, and it has turned a populace formerly disgusted… Read more »
Dan de Castro

funny you refer to pinoys as a creature with a “misguided sense of self-importance”. simply observing most pinoys strike you with their timid nature thus glaringly contradicts your description of him. you, however, seem to wear to a perfect fit that very description you are clothing us with generalization.

please spare us from your righteous views.


Shyness/being timid is a form of pride. Its an ego that is afraid to accept criticism.


PGMA’s SONA is unclear. She could have staetd clearly everything. Her statement that her term does not end until next year could mean different things to different people. It would mean that for a span of a year, she could still do something just to stay as the president of the Philippines. She could have been very clear like Pres. Cory and Pres. Ramos; unless otherwise she has something else in mind.