Why It Sucks to be a Get Realist

thissucksSo this is my 35th article at Get Real Philippines (GRP). Not only do I enjoy being in the company of great minds, I love being a part of a community where critical thinking is encouraged, views are challenged, and groupthink is eschewed. Unlike some communities where articles get filtered to fit some sort of sacred belief (e.g. anything agreeable to Religion is bad, messianic political personalities can never do wrong, a certain form of government is the silver bullet to the nation’s problems, Pinoy Pride, etc.), the GRP community encourages the dissemination of any insightful ideas about issues that concern the Philippines and even the rest of the World. Many readers have expressed appreciation of the articles at GRP but there are also a few who don’t agree with what they read. The GRP has been accused of being a “hate group” that merely rants against the government and the Filipino people. In other words, we are being accused of being afflicted with oikophobia and that we suck. You know what? That’s true! It sucks to be a Get Realist!

First of all it sucks to be the one to tell that higher education should not be free to everyone. If higher education is deemed as a right and should be free, then I would probably be a leftist commie! But higher education is not free as it cost money, so yes – that sucks. It would be awesome if we can just keep on spending money to support free higher education and to merely keep printing money to pay for it. But we can’t. It is much easier to be the politician promising free things that actually cost money than to be the one telling that nothing is free. But Reality can be such a bitch and I know – it sucks.

It sucks to be the one to point out that the flip-side of freedom is personal responsibility; it sucks to be the one to point out how much our entitlement and mendicant society has actually been a bane to our country’s progress. A Get Realist realizes that GRP could probably get more readers and subscribers if we sing to the choir and heap praises on personalities promising free stuff. Take the case of free contraceptives. It sucks to be the one to emphasize how lousy it is for us to demand free stuff to support our sexual lifestyle choice, claim it as a health issue, and expect someone else to pay for it. Yes I know, I am such a killjoy and that I suck.

Now as to the peacenik kumbaya crowd who would not dare critique a religion that is so much identified with atrocities and violence in modern times for the sake of political correctness and appeasement, well it sucks to be the one to point out how insane it is to suggest that generalization is a lot worse than killing around 3,000 people in one day. It sucks to be the one to point out how much it makes sense for deluded adherents of a particular religion to be influenced by the teachings of a religion that may have been influenced by delusion. It sucks to be the one to tell how a particular religion badly needs reform. So does this make me a bigot or politically incorrect? Yes I know, I suck.

Now with regards to those who feel that anything agreeable to religion is bad, most militant atheists probably deem themselves as intellectually superior to their religious counterpart. A lot of them think that if you subscribe to religion or faith then you are automatically deemed as an intolerant, stupid, and irrational person. It sucks to be the one to burst their bubble, saying that they really won’t succeed with such an arrogant attitude. It sucks to be the one to point out the absurdity of the belief that exposing the flaws of religion would magic religion away from Earth. With regards to some beliefs they hold sacred such as Evolution and moral relativity, it sucks to be such a party poop to show that their beliefs aren’t exactly flawless either.

So there you have it. For me, these are the reasons why (at least in my case) being a Get Realist sucks. But to me, the only thing worse than being a Get Realist is to be a subscriber to cultish groupthink (e.g. Yellows, Leftist loons, Liberal peaceniks, Dopey militant atheists) who are probably also aware of the country’s real issues but don’t have the courage to face them or the brains to understand them. That really sucks!

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Post Author: Hector Gamboa

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From Prada to Nganga

Just like an Avenue Q song “It sucks to be me”?


It won’t suck as much once you realise that the alternative is to spend a lifetime surrounded by idiots. 😀


I like the subtle way you promoted your best articles. It saves me time.


Being the only one with working eyes in a sea of blind people can certainly be lonely.

Robert Haighton
Why it sucks to be a get realist? “A get realist realizes that GRP could probably get more readers and subscribers if we …” Sir Gamboa, you can have 50 million readers and subscribers but if and when everything stays the same in the Philippines then what? I rather see some action. Not violent actions but change in mind set and change in behavior. And not an ad hoc change but a permanent change. So pls dont get horny over numbers but pls look around and look outside if you can see some change. Quality in sex (making love) has… Read more »
Gagong Lipunan

Well, doing the right thing sometimes sucks. But you have to do it.


If you tell the “brutal truth”; people who are affected will surely be against you. If people praises you; they may be after something that you don’t know.

I have my own beliefs. It is nobody’s business to know them. If they agree with me. Thanks. If they do not agree with me. Thanks also.

We teach each other in the GRP. I learn from you. You learn from me. No one has the monopoly of knowledge. You can also contribute some to the discussions, in your humble way…


IF you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.Quit belly-aching & pissing and moaning.


The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.

Patricia Capaldi

The whole article makes me repeat this Stanley Parable narration: “I’m at the mercy of an entire species of invalids.” for the Realist dilema.

But anyway that is one shocking article.