Are Filipino soldiers too YELLOW to fight Islamic terrorists when given the order?

We will fight when called to fight. These are the only words we want to hear coming out of the mouths of our fighting men and women. But that’s not the way Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff General Gregorio Pio Catapang Jr sees it, however. In an interview with “social news network”, Catapang was quoted as saying the following words:

It’s easy to call for war but I hope they’re the first ones willing to be called to active duty. I hope they’re the first ones to volunteer to be on the front lines. I don’t think they even know what kind of war they’re talking about.

Never before have such chickenshit words come out of the mouth of a soldier.

Rappler has always been a sounding board for Yellow thinking; in this case, literally.
Rappler has always been a sounding board for Yellow thinking; in this case, literally.
Soldiers are not paid to philosophize about war and peace. They are paid and conditioned to kill the enemy when given orders to do battle. The armed forces serve at the command of civilian authorities. That’s the deal, as I recall. Let that debate be had amongst civilian circles where it all begins. In the mean time, the armed services’ job is to maintain a sufficient level of preparedness to fight if and when the order comes.

In most normal societies, it is usually the military that is pumped up for war and the civilian government serving as the control valve for all that testosterone. Not in the Philippines. Here, it is the other way around. Filipinos are fuming over the impunity of an arrogant Islamic terrorist group that had successfully hoodwinked an entire national government into negotiating with them as equals. War is a real solution now that 44 police officers lie dead after being savagely massacred by these terrorists thanks to the command paralysis that kept the Army’s hands tied seeing that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front were involved.

Yet, now, we are hearing the supreme military commander of the Philippines’ armed forces telling us…

Sure, let’s go to war. You go first.

To begin with, who is necessarily calling for war to begin with? The key civilian debate here is whether to continue with the fantasy of “peace” in Mindanao that is President BS Aquino’s pet project, the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). It is an idiotic logical leap concluding that war will break out if the BBL is junked. Indeed, whether or not war breaks out is really up to the enemy party here, those who illegally wield arms and who stand accused of butchering 44 Philippine police officers.

War is but an option for Filipinos. But it is an entire way of life for the enemy: Mindanao’s Islamic terrorists. So back to the fundamental question:

Who is being the war freak here?

The moronism of people like General Catapang and a whole bunch of Senators doing all the talking and philosophizing about war here can be traced to one thing: the absence of no less than the President in this “debate”.

President BS Aquino has remained tight-lipped about the truth and just as tight lipped about a roadmap out of this mess. Both are things one would normally expect a president to be a singular authority on.

Not in the Philippines.

In the Philippines and only in the Philippines, soldiers pontificate about war and peace, state negotiators defend enemy ideology, and Presidents schmooze with terrorist chieftains. Filipinos have come to see these insults to modern human civilisation as normal parts of their way of life.

How do we extricate the Filipino from the perversion of civilisation that the Philippines has become?

For starters, people like General Catapang should shut the hell up.

This is how real warriors assure non-combatants:

Pagnagka-bakbakan, stidi lang kayo dyan. Kami ang bahala.

Who put those stars on this guy anyway? He should be sent back to basic training.


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Dick S. O'Rosary

“It’s easy to call for war but I hope they’re the first ones willing to be called to active duty. I hope they’re the first ones to volunteer to be on the front lines. I don’t think they even know what kind of war they’re talking about.” – That’s really got a Yellowtard ring to it.

Its like when a yellow gets tired of hearing criticism, he’d try to shut you up saying: “puro kayo daldal ng daldal, kayo nalang kaya mag Presidente!”


what you are seeing now is a war on hacienda luisita. do we think pnoy will give that up, no way. they’re fighting for that since the marcos era.


I bet good money if hacienda luisita is threatened in any way, Noynoy would immediately send the entire army for its defense.

Here a quote of a soldier who talks negatively about war: “I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, for vengeance, for desolation. War is hell.” – William Tecumseh Sherman, US Army general William Sherman is a decorated war hero who fought against the Confederacy in the American Civil War. Soldiers like Catapang philosophize about war because he actually fought one against the NPA as a Captain. Catapangan isn’t the first soldier… Read more »
Definitely it’s not a desirable thing to do— no one is disputing that. And if you fight a war for “glory” then that’s idiotic. But he fought the confederate for the most basic reason— the ruling oligarchy of slave owners was just plain wrong, and to live under that is an even more degrading life than surviving a war to shake off that kind of sick mentality completely. Notice, he didn’t wax poetic about the necessity of war, only the uselessness of the glory portion— it was the decorations he was refusing. Not the why’s of it. On the Eastern… Read more »

Between two chickenshits, the one fighting with his mouth (or in this case, his keypad) is the obvious winner.


Have most of us done any research about the MNLF, MILF, BIFF, Abu Sayaff and ISIS? Their differences, their Ideologies and their History? Why did their splits occured? MNLF and MILF are two organizations who advances Bangsamoro Nationalism and Independence. The difference in MNLF and MILF now is that both of them have opted for Autonomy instead of Secession. They are tired of War. Have you ever spoke to an MNLF or an MILF to hear their side? Are you not happy that they have a change of heart? They were not different from the Katipuneros during the spanish time.… Read more »
How is giving the muslims an entire autonomous region (the ARMM) alienating them? Wasn’t that what they asked for? This life, you only get a finite number of chances to prove yourself a better person. They wasted it; and splitting themselves up doesn’t help their cause. War is definitely not a joke. That they court the chance of having it wreaked on them by choosing to cut themselves off from the community and hurting that same community which supports them and supporting one from a community that sends their children off to either kill themselves or be put in danger,… Read more »
Catapang’s name must be changed to “CaDuwag”. The guy earned his stars, not by being brave or by merits; but by kissing the Ass of his fellow coward BS Aquino III. “Sioke silang dalawa, hindi sila mga lalake….” if you are a soldier, if your commander orders you to: “Jump”…you have to :”Jump”. not debate with them, and say: “how high?”…CaDuwag should be Court Martialed with: Insubordination. He is an “Armchair General; not a true Warrior. My late father, went to war at the age of 20. He was a veteran of the Battle of Bataan. One Uncle , a… Read more »

whata cward!! caTAPANG is caDUWAG!

Sea Bee

This is what happens when you live in a society that has no accountability. Soldiers, policeman, civil servants, judges, and even senators are not doing their jobs and have been getting away with it. Why should they? They get paid regardless. One can even commit plunder and the next administration will pardon you after they come to power. If they would start executing these bandits; that would go a long way towards creating a civil society that has respect for law and order.


” we don’t make policy, we are merely instruments of it.” – Viper

alfonso alag jr

the afp coordinated with milf for launching combat operation no mans land ang area of target.

Beawolf Agatte

Is that gal really a General? Nakakahiya ang kanyang katwiran. Pinag aral siya at siniswelduhan galing sa Taxpaye’r money at hindi galing sa bulsa ni Noynoy Aquino tapos ang ginagawa niya humalik sa puwit ng Panggulo tsk tsk tsk. She is free to go kung ayaw niyang makipag laban sa mga Kaaway ng Bayan. Dami talagang sinirs ang Ulo ng Kultong Dilaw na ito.

Dick S. O'Rosary
I think that one of the reasons why our soldiers are reluctant to fight is because they are generally under equipped and malnourished. They will indeed suffer as what we have seen during the siege of Zamboanga–bootless soldiers foraging for food. We also have to show them that they have our support. Us civilians may not be willing to “to volunteer to be on the front lines” but we can nevertheless help them by opening our wallets. I propose the issuance of war bonds, actively campaigned and sold. Expenditures should be transparent and the soldiers, politicians and artistas can campaign… Read more »
Marcus Dino

All of us here. “keyboard warriors for social justice and all that intellectual bullshit”. Unless any of us has served in an active combat zone and walked in the boots of these soldiers. WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. tell me Benigno, for all your troll-ish bravado and almighty knowledge, have you EVER been on the receiving end of an m-16’s 5.56mm bullets? NOPE. That’s why Catapang has the moral high ground AND WE DO NOT. CASE CLOSED. puro kayo kayabangan eh.


Why did he join the military if he is afraid to go to the warfront? Please demote this coward general.

Presidente Emilio
I think most of us here already misunderstood Catapang’s statement. I believe it is directed to the majority of our netizens who really don’t know the issue (bandwagoners, to be exact). Have you guys seen the comments in FB about the Mamasapano incident? Most of them are screaming bloody murder against not just the rebels, but the entire Moro people. They’ve been generalizing them as barbarians, for fuck’s sake! Some Muslims near my area became a bit fearful about their safety. Fortunately, nothing happened, so far. I think what Catapang wants us to do is to calm down a bit… Read more »
Unfortunately, our professional soldiers have to show that they also have a talent in being politicians by the time they reach the rank of generals (or colonels). By the time, they have reached the highest ranks in uniform they have been buffeted day-in and day-out by a corrupt government system, more specifically the pradrino system. By that time, they have been brainwashed that to advance in their careers, they have to forget what they know, but to get a knack on who they can know. So with time, whatever idealism they had after PMA is slowly negated, transforming themselves into… Read more »

I think Gen. Catapang is just being honest! Are you willing to die for this government? He surely does not! Thats why he doesnt like an all out war! Hehe… Sad but true!