6 lame excuses used to protect PNoy from liability for the #SAF44 massacre

President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino and his allies would like the Filipino people to move on from the January 25 massacre of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos by members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in Mamasapano. In particular, Senator Franklin Drilon doesn’t think “there is anything more to explain”. Senator Chiz Escudero for his part says he doesn’t think the President is liable for the deaths of the SAFs. It is worth mentioning that BS Aquino was the best man in Escudero’s recent nuptials to actress Heart Evangelista. Meanwhile, Drilon has been a staunch Aquino supporter dating back to the Cory days.

President BS Aquino should practice what he preaches and move on from his habit of looking back to his parents' suffering.
President BS Aquino should practice what he preaches and move on from his habit of looking back to his parents’ suffering.
It’s not surprising they would say that. There’s nothing they would rather see more than Filipinos moving on to the usual mundane issues because BS Aquino’s popularity is suffering from a barrage of criticism no matter what he does to try and redeem himself from what the public perceives as whitewashing and betrayal of public trust regarding the Mamasapano clash.

It’s actually quite hypocritical of President BS Aquino and his allies to expect the public to get over it considering Aquino ascended to power by blaming previous presidents. In fact, he takes every opportunity to bore the public with narrations of his father’s death and how his family “suffered” under the Martial Law years every chance he gets.

Calls for BS Aquino’s resignation or ouster are steadily growing. What was supposed to be a secret operation — so secret that even Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas was not aware of it — has taken on a new life. It is something that the Malacanang propaganda machine cannot control anymore. Their attempt to distract the public with the resumption of Senate hearings against Vice President Jejomar Binay’s allegedly overpriced building hasn’t worked to divert people’s attention away from the issue and neither did the arrest of Makati Mayor Junjun Binay and his forced appearance in the Senate hearings make a difference to the growing public outrage. It is worth mentioning that despite the number of months the Senate has devoted to the investigation against the Binays, the senators from the Opposition are not ready to say, “there is nothing more to explain”. But I digress…

BS Aquino and his allies have been trying to downplay what happened between the SAF and the MILF at Mamasapano since Day One. The public has heard some of the lamest excuses from not only those involved in the operation, but also from BS Aquino’s cabinet members who try to save the President from any liability during the tragic event. Here are some of them:

1. Simply a misencounter

After news broke out about the deaths of the 44 SAFs, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas quickly described what had happened as a “misencounter”. Political pundits and netizens alike were quick to look up the meaning of the word but found to their dismay that the word doesn’t exist in the English vocabulary. That set off the alarm bells to what the public thinks was the initial whitewashing. For someone who claims to not have known about the operation, Roxas didn’t have a basis for saying it was simply a “misencounter”.

Will BS Aquino's endorsement in 2016 make up for Mar's being left out of the loop?
Will BS Aquino’s endorsement in 2016 make up for Mar’s being left out of the loop?
Frankly, for someone who was kept out of the loop of a major operation, Roxas is acting strangely forgiving and seems to have moved on very quickly. Some expected him to resign from his post as a statement of indignation. Perhaps it was a matter between “friends” after all and nothing that an endorsement from BS Aquino as the Liberal Party’s candidate for the Presidential Election in 2016 cannot fix. So it seems Roxas was happy enough to treat it as water under the bridge.

2. It was merely an “advice” not an “order”.

Former PNP Chief Alan Purisima was the next one to engage in word play. Despite confirming through a text message to sacked PNP-SAF head Director Getulio Napeñas Jr that the “plan is a go on the timeline, Jan. 23 to 26”, he denies giving the order for the operation to arrest international bombmaker Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and his Filipino protégé Abdul Basit Usman insisting that what he gave was just an “advice”.

Suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima: Feeder of lies?
Suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima: Feeder of lies?
Whoever gave him the advice to use that advice defense probably thought everyone would be stupid enough to buy it. The public will have to give him credit for trying though. The operation was supposed to be his ticket to redemption after his suspension for corruption charges. Had the operation been 100 percent successful with zero casualties from the government troops, he would have been proud to say he was in charge of the operation and that he had ordered the go ahead. It is hard to take credit when things turn out bad.

3. The chain of command does not apply to the Philippine National Police.

Moving on from word play, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima tried confusing the public with jargon. Her move left some people speechless. How can any organization, whether private or public, military or civilian function without following a chain of command? If we follow De Lima’s logic, it’s a miracle lower ranking police officers haven’t conducted their own covert operation considering they do not have to answer to anyone at the top. This attempt to rescue BS Aquino from any liability for the deaths of the 44 SAF troopers is so lame. It ranks right up there with the classic “my dog ate my homework” excuse.

Justice Secretary Leila De Lima does not believe in command responsibility.
Justice Secretary Leila De Lima does not believe in command responsibility.
De Lima should resign from her post for shamelessly being ignorant of EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 226 that states:

SECTION 1. Neglect of Duty Under the Doctrine of “Command Responsibility”. Any government official or supervisor, or officer of the Philippine National Police or that of any other law enforcement agency shall be held accountable for “Neglect of Duty” under the doctrine of “command responsibility” if he has knowledge that a crime or offense shall be committed, is being committed, or has been committed by his subordinates, or by others within his area of responsibility and, despite such knowledge, he did not take preventive or corrective action either before, during, or immediately after its commission.

I would have recommended her to be sacked for deliberate cover-up but she was trying to protect the very person who could fire her.

4. It was self-defence.

That was the excuse chairman of the peace-negotiating panel of the MILF, Mohagher Iqbal used to justify the execution style killing of the SAF. 27 of the 44 fallen troopers were shot in the head at close range with one commando shot 14 times. If that is their style of “self-defence”, I am curious to know how they kill their enemies during an “official” combat. ISIS-style killing comes to mind.

Sincerity in question: Moro Islamic Liberation Front peace panel chairman Mohagher Iqbal
Sincerity in question: Moro Islamic Liberation Front peace panel chairman Mohagher Iqbal
Iqbal has done well in his efforts to humanize the animal-like behavior of the MILF rebel forces. He even attracted kudos from a bleeding heart columnist who praised him for being “a picture of wisdom, restraint, dignity and depth” during the Senate hearings. It’s quite funny to read such compliments from an academic like Randy David even when there was no assurance from Iqbal that they will surrender the killers to the Philippine government so they can face the justice system. One can’t help but question if people like David has the country’s best interest at heart.

To further fuel the speculation that the MILF is just Malaysia’s front in the latter’s quest to colonize Mindanao, Iqbal confirmed that the MILF report on the Mamasapano clash will not be given directly to the Philippine government. He said it would have to pass through Malaysia first since they are the third party facilitator in the peace negotiations. His statement is so reassuring that the Filipino people will get the unedited version after Malaysia sifts through the report. Not.

5. SAF should be held accountable.

Presidential Peace Advisor Teresita Deles: Whose side is she on?
Presidential Peace Advisor Teresita Deles: Whose side is she on?
That was the recommendation of Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Secretary Teresita Deles. According to her, the PNP-SAF should be accountable for the massacre of the 44 SAF troopers for storming the rebel lair. She was sticking by the notion that they should have coordinated the operation using the “ceasefire mechanism”. For an academic, Deles seems clueless. Either that or she is deliberately ignoring the fact that BS Aquino knew about the operation but didn’t bother to tell her. If she wants to blame it on someone just to protect the MILF from liability and save the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law, she should blame BS Aquino for authorizing the Mamasapano operation and putting a suspended PNP Chief in charge of it.

The people are getting confused over why a government official like Deles would even say government troops should not have gone into certain areas of Mindanao to conduct an official operation. In the words of Iqbal, the MILF will remain a revolutionary organization unless the BBL is implemented.

6. I was fed lies.

The ever-changing statements from BS Aquino came down to a simple “I was fed lies”. After his recent meeting with some lawmakers, the President managed to convince them that he was given inaccurate information during the Mamasapano clash and that his order to coordinate the operation to get Marwan with the military was “disregarded”. That is what you call a convenient excuse. We just have to ask: how come BS Aquino never said these things during his press conferences?

Now that Purisima has resigned, President BS Aquino is now free to call him a liar.
Now that Purisima has resigned, President BS Aquino is now free to call him a liar.
If it is true that the President was fed lies or given inaccurate information by then suspended PNP Chief Purisima, who was his first point of contact and who was overseeing the operation, and why didn’t he fire that person immediately? BS Aquino was even sad to accept Purisima’s resignation after the public uproar. No, BS Aquino’s excuse just doesn’t make any sense.

Recall the first time he addressed the nation about the Mamasapano clash, he said to a reporter, he didn’t think he was ever asked the question, “Sir, can we have the go-signal?” All the while his buddy Purisima met with him weeks prior to the operation and was updating him about the Mamasapano clash as early as 5 a.m.

Now BS Aquino would like us all to believe that had Purisima given him accurate information, he would have done everything to save the lives of the fallen SAFs. In this particular case, BS is indeed short for bullshit. The public should not move on from this issue until President BS Aquino owns up and tells the truth.

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One thing the televised hearings turned up in its search for the truth — not that neither media nor Palace has done its level best to convey it — is that, in the heat of what would turn out to be a gory one-sided battle between two unequal forces, Noynoy was fed inaccurate information by a less-than-accurately-informed Purisima. It would be natural to think that, given the circumstances as revealed then, Noynoy was not in a position to give any go-signal — simply stated, he didn’t know that those SAF troopers were in such a quandary, so how could he… Read more »

the last time i checked, this site is pro-american military… now all this bullshit happened in the first place bcoz of America’s anti-terrorism campaign… the President wants to impress the Americans at the expense of the Fallen44, this is what you get with sucking the US GetReal… the thing is, u have nothing to blame but yourself, you people in this site…

The most infuriating of these excuses is #4- “Self Defense”. Self defense totally involves walking up to a guy lying on the ground, suffering intense pain and blowing their head off. As well as taking their gear. Self defense. sure. What’s also interesting to note that they government couldn’t send any backup when they requested for help. Yet when it came to protests, mountains upon mountains of police men and soldiers were deployed. At the end of the day, these excuses serve to do nothing other than waste time while the problem simply gets worse. And if Mindanao ends up… Read more »
Porky Drilon says “there is nothing more to explain.”, but could that mean:”I really hope that you stop asking us questions because the answers will get us all hanged!”? IDK, have to prove it,huh? But seriously, does anyone see a pattern here? At the end of every Filippine President’s term, the people are screaming for ‘CHANGE’….and want the President out of office (except those who are in office playing musical chairs). The next president comes in to office and the exact same thing happens.The countries citizens remain broke as stale jokes and the same people remain in charge AND NOTHING… Read more »

BTW, has anyone group or person claimed responsibility for the deaths of the 44 soldiers?
Militia’s/insurgents and terrorists are all usually pretty quick to lay claim to their handiwork.if no one or group has, HHHMMMM………

Hyden Toro707

Everyone is pointing his/her finger to somebody else.No one wants to accept responsibility. Anyway, they have a good Escape Goat, named SAF Chief Napenas. He will be crucified for their sins.

I don’t believe that Aquino is Clueless on the SAF operation. Neither, do I believe that Roxas is Clueless…Roxas is trying to save his Presidential ambition. This dude failed in the Typhoon Yolanda crisis. He failed again in this SAF murders….Roxas is as incompetent as Aquino.

Blame Game is here to stay…it is the Game that Aquino and his cahoots play..

Hayden Toro997
Porky Drillon is a rabid defender of Aquino. So, Porky Drillon wants us to Move On? After 44 SAF soldiers/Police were killed , and our tax money was given to MILF/ISIS/Al Queda. We move on, forget everything about it? Lasengo Escudero who is also a cahoot of Aquino, stated: “There is no more to explain”… Maybe, Lasengo Escudero is still in his honeymoon hangover. Of course, there are a lot to explain. Many unanswered questions. Deles and Ferrer are not suffering from “Stockholm Sundrome”…I suspect , they are both profiting financially on the MILF negotiation…they are selling us , for… Read more »
Excuse to protect PNoy insinuates conspiracy which I don’t see in the enumeration of excuses. Or even if without conspiracy, that the events just evolved on their own still wouldn’t make sense simply for the following reason. Mar Roxas cannot protect PNoy for admitting he has no knowledge of the operation. Roxas ignorance has actually put PNoy on the spot. Roxas would be of no service to PNoy’s defense because his lack of knowldege of the operation makes him worthtless to vouch for the president’s innocence. The same with Purisima. His presence or absence in the case will not be… Read more »

i still am waiting for the answers to these questions…why were you dealing with the suspended PNP chief…why did you listen to his “advices”… since you are the master of the blame game, i am not surprised, that you are not owning up to the fact that you had knowledge before, during and after the operation and did nothing to save the lives of the SAF..if there is any decency left in you..you know what to do

We are all trying to use our logical minds, but this is one time that we might as well listen to those who think more with their emotion. Maybe, with our logicality we are not the ones that could give a good picture of what might have transpired. My driver, whom we call Onyok, said a lot of things about Mamasapano which amused me. I am trying here to recall what he has said, and you will see that emo people have better gut-feel. By way of intro, Onyok voted for P-Noy in 2010. He admired his president for not… Read more »

pnoy said, move on, move on to signing of BBL-sharia law, so hacienda luisita will be save through ancestral domain hehe, that’s what they, the aquinos, are fighting for since the era of marcos. pnoy will do everything or else their fight will be lost, and he can’t afford that it’s his parents fight to take the land from the farmers.

The ONLY person from the onset who has taken and accepted responsibility for this is SAF Chief Napenas. All the other fools are too busy blaming each other and everybody else! The very idea that P-Nut would allow a suspended PNP Officer to run this is totally beyond me! It simply lacks logic. The fact that De Lima doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground or the definition of “Command Responsibility” is of no surprise. She showed her true “color” shortly after the HK Bus Hostage fiasco. Noytards are quick to blame so-called “US involvement” to no… Read more »

Whatever negative we say about those crooks, even if we bash them endlessly, still the last laugh is on them. They have these bounty of 5million usd. Probably Aquino couldn’t accept the fact that those trustees he have took advantage of him. Well,that’s life.


The trouble with excuses, however, is that they become inevitably difficult to believe after they’ve been used a couple of times. He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.

bryan claparols

So Marcos should not have been liable for the crimes his minions executed supposedly upon his order?