Vice Ganda interview of PNoy is proof of Filipinos’ obsession with celebrities

If the saying is true that the character of the leader of a nation reflects the character of the people, then the character of Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino reflects the character of the Filipino people.

President BS Aquino's much-awaited interview with Vice Ganda did not disappoint starstruck Filipinos.
President BS Aquino’s much-awaited interview with Vice Ganda did not disappoint starstruck Filipinos.
BS Aquino’s recent guest appearance in the popular television show Gandang Gabi Vice gave everyone a clue about what the President is like as a person. Although there wasn’t anything new that the host Vice Ganda, whose real name is Jose Marie Borja Viceral, got out of his one-on-one session with the most “powerful” person in the country, the whole episode confirmed what some of us have been saying all along: that BS Aquino lacks substance.

Despite this, a lot of Filipinos liked and were amused with the President’s responses and demeanor during the interview. One can be forgiven for thinking that they too lack substance. It’s quite baffling why anyone found the interview entertaining at all considering BS Aquino’s posture during the entire show was a bit uncomfortable to look at. The leader of the Philippines couldn’t even sit up straight just like how a real statesman would.

BS Aquino’s responses during the interview were lame. To be fair, the questions from Vice Ganda were equally lame. Most were actually cringe-worthy. Vice obviously had nothing to work with. I would probably look lame too if I were asked the same questions. Vice Ganda had this tendency to keep bringing back the attention to himself. At some point it looked like he was just using BS Aquino as a prop or a sidekick.

Yes, we all know the host is a comedian so it was expected that he would ask silly questions like “what is your shampoo?” But still, seeing and hearing the awful exchanges between the two made some people want to throw the remote control right at the TV set. I thought it was unbecoming of the leader of a nation of 100 million to be exchanging green jokes on national TV. I’m pretty sure his rabid supporters would object to the criticism of their idol especially since his appearance got mostly positive feedback.

PNoy enjoying Vice Ganda's easy questionsInterviewee or comedy sidekick?
PNoy enjoying Vice Ganda’s easy questions
Interviewee or comedy sidekick?
Nevertheless, some members of the media are still wondering why BS Aquino, with his busy schedule, chose to appear in a comedy show. It’s been said that there have been numerous requests from journalists for an interview with him but they were ignored. Of course he would choose someone who is guaranteed to ask easy questions. After all, it is easy enough to impress the celebrity-obsessed voters who were keen to know about the President’s love life. Too bad his response to that one was a big zero.

Those who gave a glowing review of his appearance on the show say that BS Aquino proved that “he is also human” and should be given a break. There is no doubt that he is human. Yes, it is true that to err is human. But it seems as though BS Aquino is more human than others. Sadly, his “amusing” responses that appeared to have endeared him to the viewers were not enough to mask his government’s incompetence. It doesn’t change the fact that he should still be held accountable for the indiscretions committed during his term. After all, he said the same thing when asked by CNN’s Anna Coren why he is singling out his former economic teacher and former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

The notion that BS Aquino should be given a break because like any human being, he makes mistakes is an injustice to the people who are still suffering because of his government’s ineptitude. Millions of public funds are now unaccounted for and there is no evidence that they were used in “good faith”. The funds from the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) should have been used to upgrade the Metro Rail Transit instead of distributing it to the lawmakers. Millions of commuters could have benefited from an MRT upgrade. I would have preferred it if Vice Ganda asked the President how he is going to fix the public transport mess. The commuters would have loved to hear what he had to say about the MRT fare hike.

Vice Ganda: Being friends with Kris Aquino allowed him to jump long queue of interview requests.
Vice Ganda: Being friends with Kris Aquino allowed him to jump long queue of interview requests.
The things that were discussed during the interview were irrelevant to the issues plaguing the nation. It looked like Vice Ganda who is said to be close to Presidential sister Kris Aquino, simply gave BS Aquino a platform to praise his cabinet members. In one segment, Vice Ganda showed photos of his cabinet and asked the President to say something about them. Only a fool wouldn’t see through the propaganda being played out when he praised them including Chief of Philippine National Police Alan Purisima saying he is a “good police officer”. A good police officer wouldn’t be suspended from his post pending investigation of corruption charges.

It is a real pity that majority of Filipinos are too beholden to celebrities. Politicians know this. That is why they need to be seen hanging out with people in show business. In the Philippines, criticizing celebrities is a no-no. They are so star-struck and easily take offense. I don’t think they realize that their obsession with celebrities is what’s keeping them distracted from the thievery that is going on in Philippine government.

Most Filipinos who are obsessed with celebrities also treat their public servants like celebrities. It’s no surprise because a lot of the public servants are former celebrities or are related to a celebrity just like BS Aquino. And that is why public servants get away with stealing and hardly accomplish anything significant for the country. Filipinos do get the government they deserve.


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Tatay Juan

That Vice show is basically rubbish and poison for the masses (which they eagerly indulge on, unfortunately).

Though unpopular and even boring it may be for the masses… but nothing beats shows from the Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, The History Channel, etc. I’m glad that my kids enjoy watching from those channels rather than trite and brainless cr@p like that from ABS CBN.


“Starstruck ignoramuses” are easy to mind-control and turn into wallet-busting consumers. That’s most likely what our local media companies want.


I noticed that our local TV networks lack more educational shows. Is there a committee that evaluate the quality of the shows they produce? For example, they aired teledramas with themes being recycled from the old ones and there’s hardly no scientific shows. Most programs are of low quality except the documentaries from GMA News TV.


It sure was disappointing. I was hoping they were to going to announce their engagement. No can can argue my previous submission. Noynoy was chosen by the baduy to be baduy and he is delivering. Good job Filipino people.

Sea Bee
ABS/CBN and GMA now are airing considerably more commercial messages than programming. Few people seem to mind; often singing along with the commercial ditties. This type of television is similar to psychological drug addiction. I watch grown men fingering themselves during the tawdry displays and crying during pathetic testimonials by toothless hags on Eat Bulaga. With its constant cornball sound effects this type of television is mind-numbing, at best. Who benefits by keeping people in a state of stupidity? The corporations, the politicians, the church, the oligarchs…? Keep the population mentally and socially retarded and they will make fewer demands… Read more »
Dale Jose Gozar
The only foundation PNoy Presidency was to capitalize on emotions, heart or feelings (sympathy/gratefulness) of Fail-lipinos and their tendency to vote only popular (name recall). PNoy competence was never a factor,questioned or at least considered, because Fail-lipinos love to vote celebrities/popular candidates or decides based on sympathy (emotion) rather than an intelligent decision (reason). PNoy (even if he was sincere) really cannot solve all our problem because he incapable of critical thinking & technical knowledge, poor problem solving skills and lacks observations/imagination, bad organization skills, no vision and foresight of things. PNoy have shown indications of his incompetence @start of… Read more »

The celebrity culture in this country is not an inherent trait that we possessed. We got it from the Americans who ruled our country for 48 years.

Americans tend to elect Presidents who are war heroes and it happened several times in their history. They were elected not because of the accomplishments nor qualifications in running the gov’t but for their actions in the battlefield.

Before the Americans came, our leaders in the revolution are very intelligent people and they had the knowledge and skills to lead our country.


Absolutely disgusting. The president of the philippines granting an interview to vice ganda is like obama granting an interview to jerry springer. Whoever approved of this PR stunt should have their heads examined.

Wow. This people commenting about how rubbish this interview was so perfect. Is the President not entitled to do whatever he wants during his free time? Is it bad that he showed his not-so-president like side? You people always criticize. What good have you done for this country, pray tell me? Oh you’re a good citizen? You abide law? You do not jay walk? You do not throw small trash wherever you want? You do not flick cigarette butts along the road? You do not bribe traffic constables when you get caught for something? Please tell me how good a… Read more »

EE GAD MON, that Vice Ganda is one half a poop-butt !How is this silly half she-boy half-idiotic prostitute even considered popular? Filipino’s have their heads up dere arse’s if they think this poop-butt is anything but retarded.

Such a silly douchbucket would be hard to find outside the Fail-ippines.
The ‘Disbursement Acceleration Program’, LOL ! “Yes, well we the gov’t. decided to accelerate the pace at which we steal the people’s peso’s.You got a probem with that?”.


look at the two bottom pictures in this column and it appers as if Aquino is having Ganda give him a blumpkin and Ganda looks up at him and says “Ya like that huh?”, as he wipes the cum off his nose. YUCK !


Kung nabuhay na itong mga “troll” na ito nung panahon ni Rizal. Ano kaya ang pananaw nila sa Noli Me Tangere at El Filibusterismo?

Articles here are eye opener and written as a form of satire. Ang kontribusyon nila is to help more Filipinos to think para hindi maging uto uto.

That’s it. I think I need to go commit suicide now. If this is all there is in the future of the Filipino people, then I guess there’s nothing else left for me to do but end my own existence before it becomes even more miserable. A comedian? Really? To a western audience, Vice Ganda would be considered an offensive stereotype to the LGBT community and Noynoy an incompetent dictator similar to the one in “The Dictator”. Where’s my 9mm pistol again. I need to put it under my chin and do this quick. I don’t think I can take… Read more »

Keeping the population dumbed down is an effective strategy in controlling the masses. Education is the answer. Philippine showbiz and politics work hand in hand to keep the status quo. We must rise up as a people if we ever have any hope of ridding ourselves of this corrupt, dysfunctional system we call a government.

Dont let your child watch philippine TV anymore! Give time and play with your children to be more creative, let them play sports. This telenovelas and corny comedy shows are killing the minds of the Pinoys especially the young minds. (e.g. after work, take time to walk/jog with your kids, let them help prepare a simple dinner and talk/play any games with them right after, watching tv like anime/cartoons and informative channels is fine, BUT NO TELENOVELAS! and watching TV should be limited. In this way, you have a quality time with your family, a healthy family and you have… Read more »
I’ve seen Pres. Obama with Sach Galifiniakis doing an interview. Sach is a comedian. I don’t see nothing wrong with Noynoy having Vice Ganda for an interview. Yes, Noynoy should be made to answer for the wrongs he had done. The Filipino should strive to uplift their situation, etc. We all should help the country and do good things, etc. But can’t we not just let the vice Ganda-Noynoy interview pass and chill? There’s nothing to it people. It was a light moment during festive season that no one will remember because it was nothing. Why allow your blood pressure… Read more »
People should know when to draw the line. There’s a time to work one’s brain and a time to be entertained. Philippine TV networks’ goal is more on entertainment and not education. This being the case, it is better that the TV is turned off most of the time or connected to Cable channels showing intellectually stimulating shows. Apart from TV, there’s exploration via travel, reading, surfing the internet, experimentation, there’s research/studies to concentrate on, etc. Trouble is something is keeping the majority of Filipinos from all of these. They are like this indecisive highschool grad who don’t know what… Read more »
‘…the only alternative i can recommend for you is do a blog of your own…’ – tomas ====== What did I do? Recommend to me? Why, did I ask for a recommendation? Isn’t this a a space where we can share ideas and express ourselves? Did I call someone names? Did I insult somebody and called them hopeless or pangit or question their gender? All I know was I said something different from what others are saying about the issue. Why so pikon? I welcome opposition, question or debate. Anybody can destroy or crush my theory or opinion or prove… Read more »
Hyden Toro p0l
The SCRIPT “interview” was for the consumption of Filipinos, who are: Dumb, Dull, Stupid, Star Struck ignoramuses, among us. I have no quarrel with homosexuals…Vice Ganda is a “Bading”, who came out from the Closet. Aquino is a “Bading”, who is still hiding in the Closet. Aquino cannot take any impromtu interview. His handlers, made him a Script and Cued interview; with prepared questions and answers. Even the way they :talked, laughed, smiled, etc…were cued by an interview Director. The ABS-CBN, the propaganda machine of Aquino, edited the recorded interview, to look good to gullible star struck ignoramuses, among us.… Read more »
ABS-CBN and GMA are both business entities. Meaning to say they didn’t exist for the welfare of humanity but to gain profit for themselves. Don’t you think that those people behind the screen are smart enough to know what show or program to be aired for them to gain high ratings. They’ll just show its audience what they want not what they need. With that those shows that are educational and eye-opener to the public are placed in time slot where there are less or no viewers at all. It just serve as a filler in its program list. Hate… Read more »