Why Filipino voters will still choose Jejomar Binay to be the next President of the Philippines

People who are considered physically attractive can get away with a lot of things. Some of them don’t even have to work hard at landing lucrative jobs. In fact, a recent study revealed, “taller men earn more money than their shorter counterparts because they are seen as more intelligent and powerful”. Whether they are actually competent at their jobs or not is another story.

Jojo Binay: What is the source of his appeal to the masses?
Jojo Binay: What is the source of his appeal to the masses?
Because humans are visual creatures, we tend to favor someone who is more pleasing to the eyes because we equate beauty with good genes. It’s a product of evolution and part of our survival mechanism. We instinctively choose someone who we think will pass on good genes to our offspring. This is precisely the reason why people who are considered “ordinary” or less physically attractive have to work harder at getting noticed. They have to compensate for their shortfalls.

Take the case of Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay. In a society obsessed with people with fair skin (a lot of Filipinos actually spend money on skin whitening products and idolize people with Caucasian features), VP Binay who is short and has dark skin is considered by most in the Philippines as “ordinary” or run of the mill. Truth be told, many tactless Filipinos openly mock his physical appearance calling him nognog Tagalog lingo for sunog or burnt in reference to his skin. Ironic, yes considering most “pureblooded” Filipinos are short and have dark skin.

VP Binay obviously did not consider his physical appearance a handicap. Against the odds, he managed to work his way up to the Vice Presidency and is still eyeing the highest position in the land – the Presidency. Now aged 72, Binay was in powerful posts in government throughout his political career. Most notable of all is his stint as Mayor of the country’s central business district Makati City, twice from 1986 to 1998 and, again, in 2001 to 2010.

While he is financially comfortable now with a number of mansions in Makati City, among other properties – I counted ten in total according to his Statement of Assets, Liability and Net worth (SALN) in 2011, life wasn’t always a bed of roses for VP Binay. He was said to have been poor growing up. He was orphaned at a young age and lived with an uncle from when he was still in primary school. Despite this, he managed to obtain a law degree, which came in quite handy in his government posts.

Indeed, his knowledge of the law has more than likely helped him wriggle his way out of a number of complaints filed against him for graft and corruption throughout the years. It remains to be seen if his lawyer skills will save him from the incessant attacks against him during a Senate hearing investigating whether or not the construction of the Makati City Hall during his stint as Mayor was overpriced. The hearing is being dubbed as “Oplan Stop Nognog 2016”. So far, he is wise enough to avoid attending the hearings.

Binay’s move to snub the Senate hearing has made him look guiltier in the eyes of some people. But they are the same people who are unlikely to change their minds about him even if he does face his accusers in the Senate. The fact that these people still think the senate hearing is still worthy of their time despite past hearings not resulting in anything significant says a lot about their gullibility. The fact that the hearing is being conducted by a convicted mutineer and a potential rival for the 2016 Election says a lot about the agenda – that it is not for legislative purposes. No one in their right mind would go to a Senate “hearing” knowing that it would only give the senators an opportunity to grandstand. It’s not even a court hearing and Binay is not obliged to attend it.

A video of Senator Antonio Trillanes emerged recently showing him speaking at the launch of the SunChamp Agri-Tourism Park and thanking the owner, his “good friend” Tony Tiu. This is further proof that Trillanes doesn’t have any qualms about acting like a turncoat since he has lately been insisting before the media that Tiu was being used by current Vice President Jejomar ‘Jojo’ Binay as a “dummy” or “front” to conceal his “ill-gotten wealth”.

Senators like Trillanes have simply turned the Senate into a courtroom. The legislators do not legislate anymore. Instead, they devote their time conducting “hearings”, which is just another term for persecution – the persecution of their political enemies. It’s only in the Philippines where Presidential candidates engage in mudslinging instead of debating the current issues plaguing the nation, and there are a lot of them. It’s like, because there are too many problems in the country, the public servants would rather avoid discussing them.

The Binay clan: one of the Philippines' most powerful dynasties
The Binay clan: one of the Philippines’ most powerful dynasties
The more intelligent way to try and defeat Binay would be to engage him in a debate on how he intends to solve the most pressing problems facing the nation today. This includes the energy crisis, public transportation crisis, traffic congestion on the roads and the flooding problem on the roads, which is now becoming a regular occurrence even with medium amount of rainfall.

Unfortunately, Binay and his political rivals are probably avoiding a public debate because it could expose their incompetence to the voters. Frankly, the voters should demand that all Presidential candidates join a political debate. Their conduct during the debates would be a good basis for them to either vote or reject the candidate.

What is it about VP Binay that makes members of the Liberal Party act like a bunch of sociopaths? A recent poll published by the Manila Times and conducted by Laylo Reports revealed that Binay would get 62 percent of votes against President B.S. Aquino’s 36 percent. And Binay would get 69 percent if he ran against Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas who would only get 29 percent. That is quite outstanding given that the Aquino government’s resources are already being utilized to bring Binay’s popularity down.

Binay’s high popularity is perplexing, indeed. What is it about him that the masses like? It could be what I call the Nora Aunor syndrome. The veteran Filipino actress quite often played some kind of martyr in her films and she’s got a strong following. Most people always go for the underdog. Because Binay looks like the average Filipino, the average Filipino thinks Binay is just like his next-door neighbor. Members of the lower classes probably admire the way an average looking guy like Binay made it to the top against all odds. The masses love a success story like Binay. And as a matter of fact, the persecution Binay is enduring lately could endear him even more to teleserye-loving voters who view the “elites” as evil. They will always root for the regular guy who beats his matapobre enemies. The bid to impeach Binay could only strengthen his lead. Former President Erap Estrada’s comeback after serving time in jail should be proof enough of this theory.

The masses probably want to emulate Binay’s success. They are even prepared to turn a blind eye to allegations of corruption against Binay and that fact that he has created a political dynasty with his children, all currently holding lucrative posts in government. That is not surprising considering most Filipinos see nothing wrong with family members joining the family business. They even equate it to having a strong family bond. Never mind that the existence of dozens of political dynasties in the Philippines is part of the reason the country cannot progress. It will take a long time to convince the voters that political dynasties is wrong.

Public relations bomb: Mar Roxas fails at looking like anything other than a haciendero.
Public relations bomb: Mar Roxas fails at looking like anything other than a haciendero.
Those who prefer Binay naturally do not want a haciendero like Mar Roxas. For all the effort Roxas makes in trying to appear one with the masses – driving a pedicab, directing traffic, fixing a school chair, lifting a sack of onions on his shoulders – his public relations still bomb compared to Binay’s because of who he is. Roxas and his supporters don’t realize that he will never have what Binay has – dark skin and a short stature. His physical appearance make him appear maka-masa. That in itself can be considered quite an accomplishment in a society obsessed with people with fairer skin. We can credit that to Binay’s skills in compensating for his “ordinary” looks.

Let’s just hope Binay has the country’s best interest at heart when he wins.


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If that is the case, then I would be correct in assuming that most pilipinos are still ignorants and idiots when it comes to choosing the right leader ! One of the reasons why a country progresses is with foreign acceptance. Companies would invest here if they know the president and its government entities understands that “RED TAPE” processing only discourages investors. Look at the resurgence of India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico and Mexico. These countries will bypass the “lagay mentality” to get much needed money and jobs in. What happens after is another story. Problem is, people are… Read more »

Not a hope in hell. If there is a God, He would never allow this thieve of thieves to become President. Filipinis deserve, better that Binay dynasty. Jail would be a far better place for him.


Still, winnability and not platforms.



What do you mean “…when he wins”?????


I dunno about a political debate, I mean Noynoy Aquino didn’t even attend one and look where he is now. Obviously for all the intelligent discussion that took place during those debate did not particularly help the other candidates in their endeavors.

I shudder to think that every new building here in the Philippines, post 2016 will be like that Makati building if Binay wins.


I believe it is the result that matters most for the masses. They are not as naive as the believers of honest politics. They have seen politicians who claimed to be honest but left for them nothing . They saw what ordinary people have in Makati and they long for it. They believe that Binay can also do it for them without even migrating to Makati.

this is one stupid article if i may say so…this is a deliberate attempt from the writer to undermine the intelligence of the filipino readers to read between the lines of what the writer really is implying ….that we just need to accept this as the truth and we can do nothing to prevent Binay from sitting as President…Sad to read articles like this from a writer who tried so hard to show that she’s fair in her assessment… but in every paragraph will end defending Binay…It has never been about the color of your skin ms. writer…it seems that… Read more »

I agree but I want to disagree to this topic. Pinoy people/ general public doesnt really think when choosing the right leader, about the long term effects it brings and how our econimy and society is being pulled down by not choosing properly.

For most of us, Who is popular enough is good enough… The sad truth about how dumb we are in terms of having a good government. Best example: The current president of the Philippines.

Debates could be scripted. Some of the debates I’ve watched before are full of courtesy even towards rival candidates and with kaalyansa bigayan. Even in “job interviews” there’s a cheat – “Here’s what you’ll be asked prepare for it well so you won’t look dumb on air.” Debates and interviews are also subjected to time pressure and limited time viewing (yeah, make the most of it). Can you discuss a solid platform or solutions in a minute or two, 30minutes at length in face of the number of issues you have to deal with? And no interruptions please even if… Read more »

Prepare for a dark future…

achilles ecleo

..who really is the right one or suitable come 2016 ? . . . If not Binay.who ?. . . P’noys’ plan are good …But he is surrounded with leeches and crocs…A very clear example….how the gov’t deal the Yolanda…the MAguindanao massacre….even the simple drainage system in Metro Manila….The MRT….His appointees mostly I think, were useless…even the justice system.. see how they deal to the case of Laude….

Hyden Toro707

Binay may look like an ordinary Filipino; however: what are his accomplishments as Mayor of Makati, or Vice President?

He went to China to save that “drug mule”; and was not successful.

Did he help solve the present problems of the Philippines?

Where are his platforms? Too many problems in our country. A 72 years old man, will never be as strong as a younger man to confront these problems.

Track Record is very important to examine in electing the next President. Otherwise, we will end up with another Aquino Clone…

Flim-Flam MAN

That Binay kid don’t look sooo powerful to me, the li’l bitch. He get the shit punched outta him in my neighbohood where I grew up, true dat!

Dick s o'rosary

Its pretty dumb really.. All of the mAjor news outfits run stories about the Binay corruption and the campaign period hasnt started. Meanwhile no one is looking at the corruption in the present administration. Its a conspiracy i say.

NO TO BINAY!!! This piece quoted from a commenter on an article in the PDI MUST READ if you love the country!!! http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/645597/aquino-backs-de-lima-on-binay-probe-palace “THE NEXT PRESIDENT WILL HAVE TO APPOINT 1 OMBUDSMAN AND 10 SUPREME COURT JUSTICES!!!! He tried circumventing the system by asking PNoy to interfere with the Senate in his behalf. This is akin to “making gapang” or fixing his problem, illegally, back door. This is the style of areglo that he is used to. This is a sign of desperation and feeling hopeless. What kind of person, who regularly attends cabinet meetings, will wait, late in the… Read more »

Best interests? It’s HIS own best interests that he will prioritize, not the country’s.

Deep throat
The article is under the assumption that Binay would win, complete disregard of undecided voters, the voter is a making a mistake in their vote, and every politican has the same level of effort as binay as a politician, meaning going around the countyr politicizing/listening to voters needs and wants. The fact is the voter is always right. Just like the customer is always right. The challenge is really how these politicians can craft their stand or message in their platforms that will appeal to the majority of the voters. It just so happened in the meantime, Binay is just… Read more »

All this campaigning against Binay seems a bit premature, just like Villar back in 2010. All that effort the press went to go against Villar, and he ended up as an also-run against Estrada.

Everyone seems to have forgotten Marcos jr, and Estrada would give both a run for their money.

Carlo Gianni Pansensoy
Carlo Gianni Pansensoy
Lakbay Halika nga muna binibini! Sa aking mga braso’y kumapit kang maigi, maglakbay tayo sa masalimuot na realidad, nakakabingi, tuklasin natin ang hiwaga ng lansangang marumi pero’y huwag kang kukurap baka ika’y madukutan dini. Masdan mo si mang Pedro sa gilid ng estero, dati’y nakibaka rin sa People’s Power noong 1986, nagtiwala sa pangakong kaunlaran at pagbabago, hanggang ngayo’y barong-barong ang tinitirhan, maralita at lagi pa ring ginugutom. Ang masikip na eskinitang iya’y stambayan ng magandang si Milagrosa, sa kadilima’y nakikipag-digma sa hanap-buhay, nakipag-buno sa mga militar noong Edsa 2, dala ang pulang bandila ng rebolusyon, akala’y mapigilan ang kurapsyon,… Read more »
maya dewi

LMAO…EVERYTHING, COMMENT AND CONTENT OF THIS ARTICLE IS JUST PURELY RACISM… INA KAU NG INA MO!! Mga ulupong ng abnoy maya2man naturingan ang idipan ay baluktot pa sa ulo ni cado!!