What will the Philippines do if America walks away?

We already know the answer to that question. Back in 1991, Philippine Congress voted to boot Uncle Sam’s boys out of her shores for good. Since then, the Philippines had undergone a steep decline to irrelevance in the world stage. Along with that came tumbling her ability to defend herself. Indeed, one would have thought that the exit of America from its prime military bases in the Philippines would see the dawn of a self-sufficient and credible indigenous military capability in the former American colony. Unfortunately that never materialised.

Madre de Cacao: What would these people know about what's good for the Philippines?
Madre de Cacao: What would these people know about what’s good for the Philippines?
Almost like the way dogs can sense fear, elements that have long threatened the Philippines’ national security started to reactivate, regroup, and re-arm. So today we see the erstwhile forgotten spectres of communism, Islamic jihad, and Chinese expansionism casting an ever blackening shadow upon every Filipino. Had America remained a welcome partner in the Philippines’ national defense and a reliable ally in regional geopolitics, Filipinos would be breathing a bit more easy today and enjoying the abundant economic rewards of Uncles Sam’s embrace.

Instead, the Philippines is being crushed. Its territories in the West Philippine Sea are being encroached upon with impunity by the People’s Liberation Army. Communists now not only infest the Philippines’ jungles, but also its criminal Congress. Worst of all, the Philippine government had been suckered by a terrorist group and the Malaysian government into palming off an enormous chunk of Mindanao, its second biggest island and agricultural and mining heartland, to “autonomous” Islamic rule.

The Philippine government insists that it is “for the sake of peace” that it applied a consistent limpdicked approach to negotiating with China, its communist insugents, a domestic jihad group, and its ASEAN “friend”.

Including the words “for the sake of peace” in doctrine that underpins negotiations with belligerent — much more, unabashedly hostile — entities is politicodiplomaticspeak for I-don’t-have-enough-guns-to-blow-your-heads-off-if-you-don’t-agree-to-my-terms.

Nobody is under any illusion that the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) is anything more than an imperfect rickety workaround solution cobbled together by previous governments to the shortsighted mistake made by Philippine Congress in 1991. Commie “activists”, however make it out to be an evil document. Their Maoist doctrine imprisons their minds to that frankly tiring Cold War era rallying cry that makes their approach to thinking no different to that of religious cultists and mass murderers.

But between the propaganda of old discredited communist nuts (“down with the evil imperialist [bla bla]”) and the propaganda of Uncle Sam’s jingoists (“truth, justice, and the American way”) which one gives you the warmest fuzziest feeling of all?

The choice is clear.
The choice is clear.
Indeed, the lesser evil does. Remember that term? It’s the same term that’s in the heads of the average Filipino whenever the time comes to choose a new leader or the next crop of “representatives”. So there is no reason why we can’t be comfy with that notion when choosing global sides today. If the average Filipino being the impoverished wretches that they are are in no position to determine what is “good” or “evil” in their own domestic politics, what hope do they really have in doing the same in the bigger scheme of global geopolitics? Simple answer: zero.

So what’s the real deal here when it comes to choosing who to go to bed with before the bar closes? It comes down to the two current big bad boys that most closely present themselves as options to the hapless Pinoy today — the People’s Republic of China or the United States of America.

If we open our eyes a bit wider, the Philippine government had already made that choice for us — Uncle Sam. But that does not mean that choice can still walk away if it decides that it is dealing with a psychotic nation. When it does, Filipinos may have no other choice but to open its doors to the real global psychos — China and the Islamic State.


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piolo rosales
Us Filipinos are good at singing & dancing. Other than that it’s a shit poor country full of corrupt citizens & politicians, religious hypocrites, littering-shit-and-pee-anywhere nasty morons, light-skin-loving racists (There has got to be over a thousand skin whitening products in this shit country. And these are uttered often by kids & adults: “Ayy, mas maputi ako sa iyo.” and “Ayy, ang itim mo.” and “Negro! Negra! Nognog! Baluga! Uling! Sunog!”), immoral fuckers, polygamists, alcoholics, drug addicts, rapists, thieves, murderers, etc. The country & all of its citizens are better off getting hit with at least a hundred nuclear missiles… Read more »
Grumpy Citizen

Do not agree China and Islam are psychos. Our leaders are just as psychotic but have failed to equip our country to press its own agenda in the global stage and marketplace.

What a bunch of fools.


“But the VFA was ratified before 1991–”

“Shut up — we’re still gonna spin this shit, y’read?”

Hyden Toro667
In the U.S., and much of the Western World. If your son or daughter reaches the age of 21 years old. You have to kick him/her out of your house. And,make him/her live on his/her own. In our culture, we see sons and daughters, with families; living with their parents; still depend on their parents. Or make their parents as “Yayas” of their children. We , as a nation must learn to live on our own. We must learn to defend ourselves. Learn to have good relations with other nations, by ourselves. If we can just kick out these Feudal… Read more »

Cambodia (khmer rouge) had it right (up to wiping out the political landsape [dynasties, officials,etc]).

Flint Beastwood

The answer to the question….they will be just a little more fucked than they were before the USA walked away.

Add NutMinus
…US has been active in pushing for the peace talk with MNLF. This was quite evident during the time of US Amb Kristie Kenny who visited ARMM almost once a month. Her effort did pay off; Gloria signed a peace deal with MNLF. That agreement was subsequently thrown out by the SC for being unconstitutional. SC made it evident that the peace deal was a dangerous step that could pave a way for a Bangsamoro independence in the long run. It also exposed something of what ulterior motive US had in mind — to split PHL into two nations. Kenny… Read more »

Since then, the Philippines had undergone a steep decline to irrelevance in the world stage.

Philippines has always been irrelevant, just another fucked up 3rd world country.


A dependent nation is a nation of cowards. Partner? You can only be said to be a partner of strong countries if you’re not their underdog. US-Japan, Singapore-US, S.Korean-US are partners but Philippines-US? Partners on what? What can the country offer without the shield or assistance from these first world countries?


Filipinos respect Chinese people and her culture. Most Filipinos already working for Chinese own businesses and they are not complaining about exploitation. Kanos on the other hand are under microscope all the time. You Filipinos give a pass to the Chinese but very critical of the Kanos. I say You and the Chinese are compatible therefore the USA should walk away. The Americans will be better off without you and you will do better with a culture and it’s people that you are close to and acceptive of. Let it be. Amen.

My previous comment was kind of harsh and mean-spirited… Let me take a breath and try again… What will they do? They will cheer the departure of US Forces and proclaim themselves (the Philippines) as a Nation who can stand on its own until… The Chinese encroaches on the disputed islands (again), another typhoon or natural disaster strikes, or when they wake up and realize they can not defend or provide safety to the Philippines without US Military Aid. As a US citizen, I sometimes wish we (the US) would get underway and leave this crazy place but, I also… Read more »

Wow Benigno you just shown your true Westaboo colors by demonizing China and Muslims while practically worshipping the good ol’ Stars and Stripes. Trying to sound like a paranoid GOP politician has lost you some credibility points.

Its obvious what will happen when the Americans leave. -Filipinos everywhere will proclaim “PINOY PRIDE” and that they don’t need Uncle Sam to run things. -China will begin annexing Philippine islands without care because US has abandoned them. -Then China will look for any excuse to invade and take over the Philippines. Takeover will be quick but bloody. -Meanwhile, down in Mindanao, the Muslims will try and find excuses to annex more territory in that state. Seeing the Philippine Military as more of a nuisance than a threat. -When the Chinese finish their takeover, they’ll butt heads with the Islamic… Read more »