Filipinos are squandering the biggest opportunity they’ve ever had to abolish Pork Barrel politics!

Perhaps it is time members of Congress get dragged into the streets and sat before a panel of the people they “represent” and explain why they are entitled to their pork. The “debate” around why or why they shouldn’t be entitled to a slush fund to dole out to their “constituents” has gotten crazy. Pork has long been recognised as the single biggest reason why Philippine politics is what it is today. Yet now that there is a clearer path to abolishing it as there never has been in the Philippines’ entire history, Filipinos seem set to drop the ball.

Pork apologists are stepping up their campaign to retain this detestable practice. Some say that “not all pork is bad”. This argument misses the fundamental point on all counts. A legislator’s job as I had previously pointed out is to legislate. Beyond their job of evaluating and approving the General Appropriations Act every year they have no business funding and overseeing projects at an operational level. That is the job of executives. Executives execute. Legislator’s legislate. Milk in your coffee, Coffeemate in your cereal and all that, capiche?

Another recent idiotic argument being fielded by pork apologists is that the end justifies the means, presumably because the means was undertaken “in good faith”. One moronic tweet I stumbled upon the other day took that idiotic thinking to the extreme: “Details matter little to me now. How govt does it matters less than the result.” To which I responded “Ret.Gen Jovito Palparan, meet ur new friend…”

I used to stop short of calling characters like these Yellowtards. Nowadays I feel an increasingly reduced need to restrain myself. To be fair to moi, if people can quite easily justify making idiotic remarks such as those above, that, in principle, gives me some license to justify calling people names, doesn’t it?

Nonetheless, we should be the bigger personalities here and be a bit more circumspect when it comes to calling people names. Such people, after all, have lost the plot and have declared singular allegiances to people rather than ideas. We should look no further than the sad case of Mae “Juana Change” Paner for a case-in-point that highlights this. Paner is famous for both supporting then presidential candidate Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III in 2009 and turning against her former idol in recent months. To be fair, that’s quite a nice development. Better late than never. Unfortunately for Paner, she has become a an example of how not to engage in “activism”.

True activists with real convictions apply sound principles rather than blind loyalty to people in their advocacies.

If there is any one passage in this article the reader should burn into her consciousness, the above one-liner should be it.

leah_navarro_loyal_to_pnoySo pity the former celebrity known as Leah Navarro who recently fielded a tweet categorically expressing her loyalty to President BS Aquino. “Yes I am loyal to PNoy,” Navarro asserts. That sort of thing may work now, as Paner thought back in 2009. It remains to be seen whether or not Navarro will learn any lessons in the future.

Huwag magsasalita nang patapos.

The sight of “activists” making statements of “loyalty” to specific people, normally raises alarm bells. This is because when people whose actions are motivated by such loyalties are no longer directed by deeper principles they are no longer open to debate. It’ll be like having a discussion with a religious zealot or fundamentalist. The loyalty to the person or deity will always be the conversation-ender.

But the Philippines is not a normal society by any stretch of the imagination.

Ultimately with Yellowist Taliban like Navarro and her mob running around making loyalist assertions such as what we have seen thus far, President BS Aquino is the winner. The ultra-simplified ideas of demagogues and people-loyalists (as opposed to idea-loyalists) are often the most seductive to the lazy thinkers that make up 90 percent of the electorate in the Philippines. This is why members of Congress can afford to act with impunity and remain adamant about their entitlement to pork — because the deeper principles at stake consistently escape the stunted sensibilities of the majority of Filipinos.

Time to drag Senators and Congressmen out from their airconditioned offices and onto Manila’s streets? Perhaps it’s time.

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elmer c solidon

thank you very much for people like you and your blogs. you keep me from just throwing in the towel in the people’s fight against corruption.

Jim DiGriz
“But the Philippines is not a normal society by any stretch of the imagination.” Best sentence! Even though I tend to agree with you Benign0 that we should hold the intellectual high ground, I do not agree that all conversation has to be toned down. A good example is the Republican party in the US. They get away with outrageous lies and idiotic statement because the Democrats are far too diplomatic and often refrain from calling them out and stating things in CLEAR terms, therefore they seem weak. This is a war. A war about the betterment of lives of… Read more »
Perhaps? R U KIDDING? Take half a million pissed of Filipino’s, send half of them to the Palace and half of them to the Senate, when they crooks are all inside. Once assembled outside inform the crooks that they MUST resign, immediately, or face the consequences of the mob.That is all that is necessary. it will work too. When criminals are cornered and know the ‘jig is up’, they always make a run for it! Don’t do it, and see what changes,LOL! Do you think the pathetically paid police are going to shoot their neighbors protecting the criminals? HA, they… Read more »
Hyden Toro
Pork Barrel is the end all, be all of Politicians. It is their “Pot of Gold”, at the end of the “Rainbow”. They control Huge Amount of Money (public funds), without any accountability. Projects can be overpiced. Funds can be easily stolen… Aquino, himself has his: DAP, PDAF, etc…and he can dangle this Pork Barrel, infront of these corrupt politicians ; to make them do what he wants them to do (legal or illegal). This is the reason we have: politician thieves; corrupt political system; fsmily dynasties; rabid political followers – who are killed ; willing to die; and willing… Read more »
This article missed one crucial point.It should not be allegiance of people to people,TRUE, and it should not be people to idea’s,NO it should not. It should be people having allegiance to the benefit of the entire NATION of people that make up the country of the Republic of the Philippines.and that is all. This is where the fundamental problem prospers.The politicians do not give a fiddle’s fart for the Filipino Nation.That much should be obvious.The idea that the politicians are going to change vanished with the begining of the Republic in 1948.Since that time, time and time again, it… Read more »
Sea Bee

Vlad…you heart seems to be in the right place, even if you seem to be incapable of expressing yourself clearly. For your own information; check out the concepts of-“critical thinking”, “logic” and “social contract” for starters.

Thomas Jefferson
Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that we lack effective leaders. The Philippines needs heroes and lots of them. The first EDSA revolution attained critical mass due to the urging of one Cardinal Sin. He told the Catholic faithful to protect the people at EDSA. THe rest is history. Another factor is the propaganda machinery of the yellow dictatorship! Their repeat the great lie principle is still effective. People still believe the Matuwid na Daan which is actually Bulok na Daan, Baliw na Daan and Tamad na Daan. The opposition should have effective counter-propaganda to expose the real rot… Read more »
john c. jacinto

Binay camp and the CPP-NPA-NDF should double their efforts at ousting PNoy as soon as possible. Tanda, Pogi and Sexy have been crying out loud to be released from their special treatment cells. Bilisan nyo, mga ‘pre!

Dwight the Great

LETS REVIVE THE KATAAs-tasang Kagalang galangang mga anaK ng Bayan. In short, THE LEGENDARY KKK in allegiance with all rebels, revolutionaries, and seperatists. Against the yellow dictatorship!!!!
MAbuhay ang Pilipinas!!!!! MAbuhay ang Katipunan!!!