SC rules DAP unconstitutional: Time for PNoy to walk down the straight path to justice!

So the highest court in the Philippines has now ruled, the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is deemed unconstitutional. It now needs to be dismantled, funds appropriated and disbursed within its framework accounted for, and its facilitators, brokers, and creators taken to task. It won’t be surprising if, out of all this, all eyes will once again be on Department of Budget Management (DBM) Secretary Florencio ‘Butch’ Abad for starters.

Abad was apparently the architect of the DAP, a budgetary notion Inquirer columnist Conrado de Quiros described as “yet again another one of those lump-sum appropriations unheard of until he pulled it out of his hat.”

Abad had seemingly pulled the DAP out of his hat to (in de Quiros’s words) “precipitate growth” by way of funding Senators’ “favorite infrastructure projects”. The DAP was supposedly used to do this to the tune of P50 million on top of the conventional pork appropriations of each Senator in 2012. One will note that Senators Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Bongbong Marcos did not receive these allegedly DAP-funded appropriations. Both had voted in favour of former Chief Justice Renato Corona during his impeachment trial that year.


Indeed, that leads us further down the motive trail to you-know-who. Abad answers to no less than Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III. As such, by command responsibility, President BS Aquino himself is not just an accessory but an even higher-level conspirator than Abad. But that fact can be regarded as just an aside. President BS Aquino’s possesses a strong motivational link to the existence of the DAP that makes the command responsibility angle to regarding his culpability to DAP thievery just a minor footnote in a case against him. He is a sworn enemy of former Chief Justice Renato Corona who, even as BS Aquino campaigned for the presidency from 2009-2010 was already in the Son-of-Heroes’ crosshairs. Corona was at the top of Aquino’s List of People to Crush When I Become President no less. And, it is now evident, he was prepared to pay handsomely to make it all happen.

It is now widely-believed that the DAP served as the Aquino administration’s war chest to fund its saturation vendetta against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her supposedly “midnight-appointed” Chief Justice as well as other officials that were legacies of her administration — a war chest of gold coins forged in the furnace of Aquino’s profound annoyance over having to be sworn into the presidency by an appointee of his sworn enemy.

So there is a smoking gun, a gun dealer, hands with powder burn marks on them, and shell casings on the floor. All the auditors need to do now is account for all the slugs; that is, funds the appropriation of which is now clearly deemed illegal according to the SC ruling, specifically…

(1) cross border transfers of the savings of the Executive to augment appropriation of other offices outside the Executive;

(2) funding of projects, activities and programs that were not covered by any appropriation in the General Appropriations Act; and

(3) withdrawal of unobligated allotment from the implementing agencies and the declaration of the withdrawn, unobligated allotments and unreleased appropriations as savings prior to the end of the fiscal year and without complying with the statutory definition of savings contained in the GAA.

…and the circle of crime will be fully-drawn.

Filipinos have many times in the past allowed big appalling crimes against the state to go unpunished. This fact is evident in the composition of their Congress and the quality of their executive leadership from the top echelons in Malacanang all the way down to the lowliest mayors and municipal councilors. The irony here is that this government was supposed to be the one that would tread the ‘straight-and-narrow path’, what President BS Aquino himself called the Daang Matuwid.

It’s time President walk the straight path now that the Supreme Court has ruled on a financial construct that was his alone to create. And he should walk with conviction — down the plank if necessary.


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Would it surprise you if he pleaded insanity? Oh I forgot he has no medical records.


Bigyan ng wheel chair!

Amir Al Bahr

Time for PNoy and co. to launch another impeachment complaint, or simply move on the next acronym, like, for example:

Pay Off Government Initiative – POGI


well… he won’t be incarcerated in Crame, Veterans, or even Bilibid. Most likely, he would be thrown in Madaluyong, for his meds will not be enough to keep him sane after this one. Pansinin nyo, mawawala na naman yan ng matagal, busy playing peek-a-boo with the palace guards.

Johnny Saint
The question we have to ask now is ‘Will the courts and Congress finally restrain President Aquino?’ One would think — hope — that an administration so chastened might reconsider its determination to subvert the normal process of government. Not bloody likely. Penoy Aquino does not care for the Constitution, nor does he bother to learn constitutional lessons. He continues to barrel along in arrogance until he meets resistance. And he hasn’t met nearly enough. Whenever he does, well, that’s the other perk of the pork barrel — a war chest to either grease the wheels or bowl over any… Read more »
Jim DiGriz

Let me quote Charles Montgomery “Monty” Burns:



Talagang patay ka ngayon at si Abad. Siguradong tutuktukan mo si Coloma para maghanap ng alibi sa ginawa mong katarantaduhan sa DAP during Corona Trial. Di ko naman sinasabing malinis si Corona pero kung may ginawa ka ding kabulastugan, dapat ka ring maimpeach. Makakaganti na ang mga taga-Tacloban sa inyo ni Mar Roxas at Dinky Soliman na hindi ninyo binigyan ng mabilisang tulong noong Yolanda.


Kung walang gagawing aksyon ang kongreso dito. Ewan ko na talaga.


Look’s like B.S. and Company already have a back up plan.


This is the only opportunity the congressmen will have to show that they are not merely dogs of BS pnoy. If they impeach pnoy, then they would partly redeem themselves. But i am willing to bet my bottom peso that these congressmen would rather be dogs of pnoy than be filipinos.

Hyden Toro

It is time to throw : Aquino, Binay, Abad, etc…in jail. They have violated the law.
Aquino can plead: insanity. However, Binay and Abad seem sane.

These crooks can rot in jail. Time to land reform Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita, also…

All Senators, who have served the Senate must be investigated , on this Pork Barrel Scam. This is the worse thievery in Philippine History. And, it is commited by Aquino and his cahoots…


PNoy won’t get impeached for this provided a human sacrifice is made. There must be a scapegoat.

Time for “Butch” Abad to perform seppuku for his master.


We haven’t heard any reaction from KriSTD maybe she preparing big bomb to divert the issue, perhaps another STD issue? or bigger than that? Abangan…Hopefully our lawmakers starts removing their heads in their asses and act quickly to file impeachment complain to this #BaldDuo and hopefully COA, DOJ including Ombudsman will do the same thing; if there’s dignity left on their persona.


Just another day in fucked up 4th world Philippines business as usual.

Thomas Jefferson

From the Daily Tribune… DAP dead but resurrected as BUB(Bottom up Budget).


It’s high time for heads to roll.

Yet, as stated above, can pigs become men in the face of this challenge? The congressmen, to me, are beyond any hope of salvation. Then again, I am hope to be wrong on this one.


[…] the controversial presidential slush fund known as the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) illegal on most counts, the reckoning has started. Several courses of action are being considered which may be undertaken […]


I suppose you are all witnessing the Yellow Zombie Army kicking up a storm in social networks and news website comments trying to cover up and justify the unconstitutional DAP.

I have even seen one say that PNoy cannot be impeached because there was no betrayal of public trust, completely ignoring the fact that “culpable violation of the constitution” by itself is an impeachable offense.

Bing Garcia

The Supreme Court acknowledged that the implementation of the DAP yielded undeniably positive results that enhanced the economic welfare of the country.