Hail King Benigno S. Aquino II, Ruler of the Yellow Realm

I’ve been waiting for hundreds of thousands if not millions of people to start wearing yellow shirts and ribbons since the day an article stared floating around the internets saying King Benigno S. Aquino The Second called on his worshippers to don their kingdom’s color to show their support for his stand against the Supreme Court’s ruling against DAP.

After days of waiting, all I found was Spokesman Sonny Coloma telling people not to take his King’s word too seriously. Heck, I even think Coloma said King Noynoy was just joking.

ampatuan supports pnoyBut I wasn’t really too disappointed because, even if this one particular gesture of support seems a little dated, I think it’s still a good one. The picture on the right is Ampatuan swearing his oath to protect and defend a fellow warlord, the Yellow King of Tarlac.

And apparently, it’s also prime time for all of King Noynoy’s sycophants (alternatively spelled psycho-phants and suckophants) and really, they’ve got to start working double time to earn their keep.

Not that I have any proof at all that the likes of Jim Paredes, Cynthia Patag, and others were paid with the King’s gold to regurgitate the legal brilliance of Raissa Robles who single handedly demolished the unanimous decision rendered by 13 Supreme Court Justices against the constitutionality of DAP.

Those justices must be hanging their heads in shame for, in the words of Raissa Robles, having ERRED.

And just like that, old Jim Paredes comes chiming in:

It took a blank, clear, non-expert mind to trump the certified experts who designed the Emperor’s new clothes. Go Raissa Robles

Jim’s opinion of Raissa’s legal brilliance makes me think… All that hype about marijuana not doing serious damage to people’s brains is probably untrue and the long term effects actually become more pronounced after one hits a certain age.

Going back to Coloma’s “It’s A Joke” pronouncement on behalf of his Majesty Noynoy, here are a couple more knee slappers that people have had to contend with over the past few years…

Remember the time when King Noynoy was confronted by a man who told him that he was nearly killed by people trying to rob him in the pandemonium that erupted in the aftermath of Yolanda?

you did not die right

Better yet, remember the time when Pnoy oversaw the operations of the Quirino Grandstand hostage taking?


Oh well…

Like I said in so many Facebook posts, King Noynoy has been a joke since day one. It doesn’t help at all that his minions are too busy sucking up to him instead of compelling him to do the right things right.


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He has been a joke since day 1. Noynoy’s pre president life is typical trapo. Not good enough to compete in the private sector yet people believed he can lead a nation. No history of leadership or problem solving. Hence the need for super trolls unleashed for damage control from that verbal diarrhea a week ago. Trolls are what you need and what you use when you lack rational supporters.


I think getrealphilippines should somehow lighten their take on Ngoyngoy issues. The yellow president might snap it out reading your articles. I’m getting worried that one night, he’ll just get up from his bed and go running in streets wearing nothing but undies while holding two shotguns and screaming “Viva Dilaw!”

I’m quite surprised that many people today can relate BS with Incubus’ megalomaniac song. Have a friend that’s been playing it ever since Homer Simpson is campaigning. Guess my buddy just predicted the Philippines’ national anthem for the yellow army.

Hyden Toro
When you build your good reputation on Press Releases; without a sustaining good accomplishments. This is the result. You will become a JOKE of the country. They tried to copy the tactic of Joseff Goebbels of the Germany’s Nazi Propaganda Machine. However, they failed. They did not know that Joseff Goebbels was a holder of a true PhD degree, from a reputed German University. And , had a very high IQ. King Pnoy Aquino has also an honorary PhD degree from FordHam University; which he bought for a few millions U.S. dollars. But, it is no help to him…he did’nt… Read more »

As I heard from the local radio, even Penoy’s minions can’t stop him from doing stupid things such as his everyone wear yellow ploy. He’s a manchild sitting in the highest chair of the Philippines.

Another thing, the current theme song of current administration:

Dale Gozar
FYI on DAANG MATUWID (Straight Road) In DRIVING Most dangerous driving conditions encountered is a dry STRAIGHT ROAD. Big danger is we all think that there are no apparent dangers (over confidence). On a winding, wet mountain road all senses of driver are tuned into staying on the road. But on a dry straight road complacency creeps in, drivers are not scanning the road or is not on full alert (mind is occupied by changing music/radio station) the car might be drifting out its lane. Drivers will be tempted to overtake then miscalculate speed & distance of an approaching vehicle.… Read more »