President Noynoy Aquino under increasing pressure to visit former President Gloria Arroyo

Will President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III visit his predecessor former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) where she is currently being held under house arrest? The Filipino public is watching and waiting to see what President BS Aquino does next as various noted Filipinos known to be critics of the Arroyo administration including former President now Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada and retired Lingayen Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz have visited Arroyo. Cruz who was accompanied by former Vice President Noli de Castro was reportedly inspired by Pope Francis’s Christmas message of peace. He follows his fellow religious leader and Arroyo staunch critic Eddie Villanueva head of the Jesus is Lord (JIL) Movement who paid Arroyo a visit on the 14th December and Estrada who visited Arroyo at the VMMC on the 22nd of December.

BS Aquino's mother Cory was key to the ousting of former President Joseph Estrada in 2001
BS Aquino’s mother Cory was key to the ousting of former President Joseph Estrada in 2001
Estrada was removed from office in 2001 in a popular uprising billed “Edsa Dos” and replaced by Arroyo under whose administration he was charged with plunder and convicted. He was also detained at the VMMC following his ouster. Attorney Fedinand Topacio, legal counsel of the Arroyo family pointed out the respectful manner with which the Arroyo administration treated Estrada when he was similarly incarcerated.

“When President Estrada was similarly situated during the Arroyo administration, he was always accorded by the Palace all the courtesies befitting him as a former Chief Executive who has served the country in the highest capacity, and, during his trial, as a person who was presumed innocent under the Constitution,” he said.

By contrast, the government of President BS Aquino is renowned for the shoddy treatment it accorded the former president. This treatment was characterised more by vindictiveness and malice rather than a genuine desire to uncover the truth about allegations of election cheating and high-level corruption that dotted Arroyo’s administration.

A visibly gaunt former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo during her arrest at the NAIA in 2011
A visibly gaunt former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo during her arrest at the NAIA in 2011
The circumstances of Arroyo’s arrest and detention in the hands of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima were controversial in that basic tenets of presumption of innocence were clearly violated. No less than then Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile weighed in on the matter as evidence of Malacanang’s draconian treatment of the former President while in detention surfaced. “No matter how bad they think about her, she is presumed innocent until she is really convicted,” Enrile said during an interview with DWIZ radio. Enrile went on to remind Aquino of the way former President Ferdinand Marcos allowed his father, the late Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr, to go abroad to see medical treatment despite also being under arrest at the time.

The usual weapon of choice of the Aquino administration in its vendetta versus Arroyo was the media which it wielded deftly to demonise the former president. A noted artifact that was widely circulated over social media back in 2011 was a purported “list of crimes committed by Arroyo” during her term. My colleague Ilda noted back then…

The list is a long one and is designed for maximum shock value. It should be noted that the only reason the list is long is because many of the items are repetitive. One’s initial reaction upon seeing the list, which goes up to 39 items would be to feel indignant. But some of the items just sound so ridiculous. One which says “200 plus other illegal midnight appointments” during her time in Malacanang does not really have any details or specifics of who they are and what post they got. Another item that is quite suspect says, “Denial of pork barrel funds to Malacanang’s political enemies”. To which one would be inclined to say, the onus is on the accuser to prove the accusation and once again, the list does not provide specifics.

…many of which now come across as a bit ironic considering President BS Aquino himself now stands accused of the very same transgressions — his seemingly dishonest use of various government slush funds to “encourage” Senators and House Representatives to do certain things, his insulation of friends and family in office against accountability for various cases of incompetence and fatal negligence over the last several years, and his prioritising old political grudges to the detriment of the quality of emergency services delivered (or non-delivered as the case may be) in the aftermath of super-typhoon Haiyan in November last year.

For all his talk of walking the straight path (the daang matuwid slogan that was a pillar of his campaign) President BS Aquino, it seems, consistently never failed to exhibit what is evidently the typically bratty upbringing that characterises that of most politicians’ offspring. It is unfortunate for Filipinos — and especially now to former President Gloria Arroyo — that such behaviour is causing unnecessary grief for an entire nation already reeling from decades of economic mediocrity and the pummeling suffered from a continuous stream of “natural” disasters.


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Jhay Lapinid

To paraphrase Mr. Roxas: We need to thread carefully here. He is an Aquino and she is an Arroyo. We need a formal request from Mrs. Arroyo.


In the Philippines, the process is the punishment.

Jess C

Our global ranking for corruption has improved much since Mr Aquinos took office, we have gone up the list every year since his grace took office.

Fact – the world sees Mr Aquinos as a safe pair of hands governing the country, otherwise we would be going down the list, and not up.
It’s been going up since Ms Arroyo was charged.

But GRP would never publish these “inconvenient” truths would they? It gets in their way of a good story, especially one which tries to taint the current president with the sins of the former.

Amir Al Bahr

Don’t feed the yellow propaganda trolls, guys.

sir chief

I’m sorry but everyone
who visits Gloria Arroyo , I consider corrupt and dirty.

The Truth
Our president is enormously popular, and his performance is rated good by most of our country! This is excerpt from a real media source, the inquirer, the rebels here are afraid of the real news sites and the facts so they make up their own! These are rude and dishonest people! ______ With President Aquino entering the “last two minutes” of his administration, his allies believe that his “anointed” in the 2016 elections will hold the key to keeping the majority coalition intact for, and dominant in, the next national polls. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO With President Aquino entering the “last… Read more »

Anyone who believes these people, who are all members of the ruling coalition, is either a hopelessly clueless person who has been an unfortunate victim of Aquino’s propaganda machine and the mainstream media or is deceiving himself for one reason or another…. Heaven help him!!!

The Truth
More truth and facts, from the gmanetwork. Notice how many people like this article alone compared to all the likes and shares GRP has combined in all it’s posts. But of course the GRP hacks will say any media that does not agree with their views are “corrupt”, such is their blindness and bias towards out great government. ______ Opinion » Blogs Why blame President Noynoy Aquino? By Harvey S. KehSeptember 4, 2013 12:19pm 3117 479 11 6144 Tags: Bantay Kaban , Benigno Aquino III , Million People March After a good turnout during the Million People March protest against… Read more »
The Truth
And one more article from the Huffington Post. This is how the world sees our great president, if you look and the likes and tweets once ahain on these articles compared to GRP articles, you will notice the difference between a unbiased respected media organisation, instead of a homegrown amateur copycat job with little support online or offline. Without further ado.. This is what HP says about our beloved leader ~ _______ Why Is President Aquino So Popular? Effective Leadership and Enigmatic Charisma Posted: 09/26/2013 1:00 pm Read more Benigno Aquino, Emerging Economies, Joseph Nye, Charisma, Corruption, Elections, Mindanao, Mnlf,… Read more »
Amir Al Bahr
But of course. When something or someone praises one’s master, it’s absolute and must be taken as gospel. When something or someone else points out a flaw, it’s propaganda. Plus, there is something automatically wrong with that entity pointing out the flaw: it is politically motivated, it is overcompensating for a tragic flaw, it is paid by a political opponent, blah blah blah. What’s more, popularity is taken as a reliable indicator of validity. These peculiar mindsets have been present in Filipino since time immemorial. It just happens to be very pronounced in this Aquino administration because the one at… Read more »
Hyden Toro
Aquino is the most vindictive person, I have ever seen. It may be because of his upbringing, as a spoiled child of a wealthy family. Life is too short, to carry such grudges in your heart. They affect your mental well being. Remember Aquino went pandering for PhDs to be awarded to him from foreign universities. If this is not a delusion of grandeur…I don’t know what it is. To forgive and to forget are Christian and Islamic values. In the Islamic Koran…you can read in the suryas:”If God(Allah) can can forgive. Why can’t you.” The higher plane of love… Read more »

Politics aside, nobody can truly know what’s in the heart of man/woman. He/She may or may not have a forgiving heart, only God knows. Others can speculate to their heart’s content, but it is wise to keep an open mind and not pass judgement. There’s nothing more destructive than human assuming the omnipotence of the Divine.


Gloria Arroyo, as a professor at the Ateneo made the equivalent of $10K a year salary. That was less than a fast food chain employee in the US makes. That was below poverty level by western world standards. At that time also, she was the sole breadwinner in the Arroyo household with an unemployed husband and three kids trying to break into showbiz.

Those were tough times for GMA and her family. Guilty for plunder or not, I think Aquino should look at the better side of politics and pardon GMA.

LOOK, she is not even there half the time. Just like the Amputuans aren’t even in the fuckin jail cells most of the time. GMA is going to walk on all charges. The ZTE Smart-matic scam should have been enough to put the bitch away for decades. She had to give back the $35 MILLION DOLLARS (NOT PESO”S!) in person by going back to China with the suitacases that never left her sight because if she had lost the money she would have been murdered and she could not trust anyone enough to do it for her, not even her… Read more »

Eh, magnanakaw din si GMA. Why should she have my sympathy?


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So “Truth”, copy-pasting news and opinion articles from questionable media sources counts as facts now?

How low can anyone’s standards get?

Johnny Derp

A year later and it looks like the malacanang trolls are obviously running out of propaganda. They know for a fact that their boss is next to be jailed although the difference is that the cases filed against him are going to be with strong evidences and legit witnesses unlike what happened to their favorite punching bag whose cases are dropping like flies.

You guys(malacanang trolls) are going to be out of a job soon and this site is still going to do its job of educating the masses of the truth behind the aquino frauds.