I have mixed feelings about impeaching President Noynoy Aquino

I hear a lot of talk about impeaching President Noynoy Aquino. Well, it’s not really surprising considering all the badness of his administration being highlighted lately. I mean, here’s a guy who promised the sky back in 2010 and all we get four years down the track is a yellow shirt and a bunch of fail marks in his report card:

Handling of the 2010 Mendoza bus massacre: FAIL
Ampatuan Massacre resolution: FAIL
Handling of the Sabah crisis: FAIL
Bangsamoro Framework Agreement: FAIL
Holding to account of erring minions: FAIL
Freedom of Information stuff: FAIL
Zamboanga Crisis: FAIL
Typhoon Haiyan disaster response and long-term recovery effort: FAIL

noynoy_aquinoYou probably get the point, though I believe this is all just the tip of the iceberg and I’m sure the commenters in this fine site will be more than happy to complete the list. One thing I can add in a bit more detail is that the whole farce that was the trumpeting of the Philippine economy as the hottest in Asia (the crown jewel in BS Aquino’s propaganda crown) has now been deflated as well. That’s what you get when you try to use a hot equities market to conclude that the economy is healthy. That is one fail that is totally inexcusable.

Going back to the talk of impeaching President BS Aquino, well, as they say, impeachment is a political act. So while I agree with legal experts that the president’s schmoozing with what were then called “senator-judges” in 2012 to convince them to convict former Chief Justice Renato Corona may not likely be an impeachable offense, thing is impeaching a politician is really up to the popularity of the initiative. BS Aquino’s best tactic at the time was to turn public opinion against Corona. And with the “cooperation” of his lapdog media outlets, the Inquirer and of course ABS-CBN, it was a cinch. The exercise was more political than legal despite all efforts (robed “judges” and all, jeez) to make it look like a lawyerly affair. Great for TV, bad for the thinking ethic we all wish the Philippines would grow someday.

As such, an initiative to impeach BS Aquino will not fly. For one thing, the calls to impeach him seem to be coming mainly from a bunch of communist groups and party lists. No thanks. I’d take BS Aquino over commies anytime. If you think about it, the Pinoy masa will probably benefit more from a communist regime than a democratic/capitalist one — because under a communist regime, everything (in theory) will be distributed evenly regardless of hard or how little one works. And under the totalitarian government communism requires, people don’t need to think. That’s a perfect environment for the average Pinoy who spends his days waiting for the proverbial guava to fall off the tree.

Instead, however, Filipinos chose capitalism and “democracy” and, yes, elected BS Aquino to be their president.

For the first two, I am thankful. Capitalism (and the democracy that entails it) suits those of us who work hard and smart really well, because in a capitalist society, the smart and hard-working are rewarded well. Perhaps the fact that there are so few rich people and so many poor people in a capitalist country like the Philippines says something about the character of its people. But that’s altogether another discussion most GRP followers will no doubt be familiar with by now.

As for BS Aquino being chosen president by Filipinos? On one hand, I’d say, he’s an epic national cringe of unprecedented proportions. But then, when I stop to think about it, he hasn’t really impacted my way of life or that of my immediate circle of family and friends. In short, he really hasn’t changed much. And for us who enjoy the fruits of the status quo, well, all I can say is tough luck to those who supposedly “yearned” for this change BS Aquino promised back in 2010. And that is why I think BS Aquino shouldn’t be impeached. Filipinos deserve two and a half more years of his presidency. They elected him after all. Deal with it.


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Johnny Derp

He might not be impeached but if he continues to make things worse for the filipino people, he might face something much worse than being impeached and that is being kicked out of malacanang.

I agree that impeachment is deserved but is neither realistic ( for now), or desirable ( for now). Far too much time is spent on ‘politicking’, power grabbing, infighting etc , and far too little on actually doing the job they were elected to do, but clearly are not able to do, or interested in doing – hence no achievements/progress. If voters learn just one lesson from the disaster of electing pnoy aquino and in future start thinking before voting then some progress will have been achieved. We will see in 2016, but i would not be over optimistic. The… Read more »
Sorry, I didn’t elect him, and I highly doubt he really won in the 2010 PCOS’ed election. But, yes, the country do deserve a moron like him to sit as president. after all, it’s been 4 years, and no one has made a move to oust him yet. yup, people rant online, and people rally (with limited gusto), but the masses won’t really rise up unless they get their 500 pesos per head, famous celbrities entertaining them on stage,and a free Jollibee lunch, like how Cory and her minions, does it. The people can’t even unanimously decide who to support… Read more »

You are correct, he hasn’t changed anything much, but the impact on us is he deprived us of a change for good. Also, no more impeachment please, enough of giving these senators reasons to play judges instead of doing actual work. Wouldn’t do any good to our economy either, Let’s just elect a better one next time.


The fundamental problem is that pnoy aquino and attack dog de lima have no respect for the rule of law or justice itself

Consequently what we now repeatedly witness is selective persecution, impunity for kkk, threats to judiciary, bribery of congress/senate, and outright hypocricy.

Add to that the fact that everything is being done to avoid transparency and derail freedom of speech, then the philippines represents the polar opposite of a democracy

“Two things form the bedrock of any open
society – freedom of expression and rule of
law. If you don’t have those things, you
don’t have a free country.”
Salman Rushdie

Lord Chimera

Even if an impeachment is justified its still not feasible. BSA has almost total control on the Legislative making the attempt futile. One must first emasculate BSA’s DAP to starve his “lapdogs”. Of course impeachment in not the only way to remove a head of state, yes?

John Canada

Folks. Joe America just wrote an excellent piece about Noynoy and I highly recommend you should read it. Nobody is perfect. All presidents have their quirks. Noynoy is doing the best he can to the best of his abilities.

Ein Kreuz

Granted, there are a lot of failures in his administration and some of which are not listed above (Bataan Nuke plant converted into a museum). One should not turn a blind eye to the achievements albeit mediocre like getting the goddamn RH bill passed. Also, finally cracking down on the heads of the pork barrel scams. It might not be his own achievement but his subordinates’ or luck.


Would two more years really matter? Considering that four years of mediocrity… Any political drama e.g. impeachment would only be happening for the theatrics, saving faces and yet another distraction for the nation. And we know what the results would be. I’d rather continue with the same farce than go for the bigger farce that will just anticipate another farce. People should get and experience the government they deserve.


“Instead, however, Filipinos chose capitalism and “democracy” and, yes, elected BS Aquino to be their president.”

We do not have “capitalism” we have “crony capitalism” see here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crony_capitalism
which is why 40 filipino families “own” somewhere between estimated 36% to 76% of GDP!!
see here http://www.forbes.com/sites/jessecolombo/2013/11/21/heres-why-the-philippines-economic-miracle-is-really-a-bubble-in-disguise/2/
and here
Whether “we” chose it or not is another story. None of these EDSA revolutions or people power uprising as you call them have been from ground up but rather were top down. The top obviously benefitting!

Hyden Toro
Aquino is not the Philippines; and the Philippines is not Aquino. If the crime of corrupting the : legislative, judicial branches of the government is an impeachable offense. We have to follow the law. He impeached Supreme Court CJ Corona, anyway. Is he above the law? We are not a Democracy. We are Feudal Oligarchy; with extreme oligarchy capitalism. The Oligarchs own everything ; from government to monopolized businesses. OFWs like me; provide them with capitals and profits. We provide them also with funds of their Pork Barrels, by our remittances. If the removal of this Moron, will ease the… Read more »

jologs pa rin talaga ang pilipinas hanggan andyan nepotism at mga manggaganchong politicians. hay naku akala mo na kung civilize na ang ating bansa kasi mahilig na sa technology pero barbaric pa rin karamihan. mga walang puso.. walang konsensya! umuurong lahat or as it is lahat. entertainment, media, politics, pwe walang improvement! walang usad. kainis! alis na ako sa pinas! good bye all

Even if he does get impeached, who is going to replace him? Binay? Mar? No thanks. It reminds me of the 2004 US Presidential election where we ended up saying “Anyone but Bush but we didn’t mean a dick like Kerry.” There’s always going to be someone like Noynoy in office unless a major change happens in Philippine society. I’m not holding my breath for that. The way things are, it’s a rigged game and the only winning move is not to play. What I’m saying is we should leave the country. You might love the country but it sure… Read more »
Jun Cruzada

I’m not Pro Pnoy. Im just bothered by how very ignorant you are about communism. Communism requires people not to think? HUH? Ever been a communist? Have you been to a communist country? What is your basis for saying this? The anti-communist propaganda that you heard, read and was taught to you. Do you know that the idea of 8 hours day work, minimum wage, Gender equality, Care for the sick and the elderly, social welfare anf many of the things you seek from PNoy were all “communist ideas”? Isip isip din pag may time.


I am starting to think that pnoy aquino’s laziness is his best quality.
He chalks up faux pas, mistakes, failures etc at a rate of almost 1 per day.
If he actually did some work he would do even more damage.

the man

We will NEVER get a good leader. There ARE people capable of leading our country out of the mess it’s in but the idiotic people we are, we will never listen to them. And even if somehow a good leader becomes president, some other guy will just cheat or bully their way to the top.
I don’t think impeachment or the like will do anything. Someone needs to start a revolution.


Whoa. Hold your horses.

Impeachment? Wait, what?

Failing to do his job well, while subject to our consternation and constant ululation, is hardly an impeachable offense.

Is anyone here conversant with Philippine law, especially pertaining to questions of impeachable offenses? I’m sure being incompetent while in office earns you a demerit in the historian’s Hall of Fame (if there be one, lol) — not something so drastic as an impeachment.

But perhaps you guys at GRP would like to amend the Constitution with this in mind? I don’t know myself — just a normal guy passing through.


impeeach everyone. sell this country now. so much with pinoy pride. the government and its people dont know what they are doing already! sell philippines!


There is no point in trying to remove PNoy from his post, when the next in line is arguably a lot worse.

Unless you really WANT the Binays to take over the country a few years early.


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