Resign Pnoy! (Para Na Sa Daang Matuwid)

If you didn’t get the point of my last post on President BS Aquino III daring his critics to impeach him, it is this: I think the Pnoy Administration should just save us the drama of another impeachment and just resign before the year ends.

Mr. President, with all due respect, criticizing your administration’s flawed policies and obvious mistakes isn’t vilification at all. It is our duty as citizens to be ever vigilant against ineptitude as well as tyranny and oppression.

Moreover, President Pnoy should stop it with his patented paawa effect.

He has had three years to show his capability (or lack of it) to lead this country and from a bad start, it has gotten so much worse.

We’re not talking about fudging economic reports anymore or why he is still a bachelor.

We’re talking about Pnoy as well as his minions being caught red handed violating the Constitution when funds were reallocated illegally (possibly committing gross malversation of public funds) to offer incentives (possibly bribing) senator judges to render a guilty verdict on former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona.

How’s that for a cocktail of corruption?

In there you’ve got:

One. Pnoy and his minions SECRETLY shuffling PUBLIC funds around from different departments without PERMISSION from CONGRESS, essentially treating the GAA as a mere suggestion and treating the National Budget as just one gigantic PORK BARREL.  How is that for transparency?  How’s that for corrupting the entire budget system?

Two.  Pnoy and his minions OFFERED an INCENTIVE (BRIBE) for Senator Judges to render a guilty impeachment verdict on former Supreme Court Chief Justice Corona.  While the impeachment process is a political process, it does not necessarily mean that it should not follow established principles of LAW and JURISPRUDENCE.  The crux of the matter is that in order to be guilty of ILL GOTTEN WEALTH, it must be proven that a CRIME was committed and resulted in the amassing of WEALTH.  The senator judges rendered a guilty verdict without proving that a crime was committed.

Pnoy has gone and done it… He corrupted both houses of congress.

And just before I end this post with a call to action, let me answer one of Pnoy’s stupid questions (which is “Is there bribery after the fact?”)  by posting an excerpt of a commentary re-posted by fellow Get Realist Edwardo Roldan.

A bribe is generally defined as “something, such as money or a favor, offered, given or promised to a person in a position of trust to influence that person’s views or conduct.” In the Revised Penal Code, Direct Bribery is defined as an act of “any public officer who shall agree to perform an act constituting a crime, in connection with the performance of his official duties, in consideration of any offer, PROMISE, GIFT or PRESENT received by such officer xxx”.

A BRIBE DOES NOT HAVE A TIME LIMIT. That the promise of a consideration for doing a particular act (e.g. to convict a Chief Justice) is fulfilled several months after the act is immaterial. What is essential is that: (i) the public official was to perform a particular act; (ii) the offer or promise of a consideration was made; and (iii) the consideration was given. In this particular case, that the “consideration” was given several months later is quite natural because: (1) the ‘consideration’ was off-budget, meaning, an additional amount out of the public coffers; and (2) the paperwork needed to “legitimize” the release of funds. The fact remains that, with the exception of Ping Lacson, ALL SENATORS WHO VOTED TO CONVICT CJ CORONA RECEIVED AN ADDITIONAL Php50 MILLION AFTER THE TRIAL. Why??! You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Now, where does this leave us?

Well, we can try impeaching President Aquino and go through the tedious drama that will surely gets enormous airtime.  But, then again, what happens when it does reach the senate and the senator judges find him NOT GUILTY? What if it doesn’t at all prosper and is shut down from the get go?

You end up with millions of people angry and frustrated over an impeachment complaint? What if this results in another EDSA DOS? How about an EDSA TRES or EDSA KWATRO?

What if it leads to a revolution?

God help us if some gun-powder for brains high ranking officer in the military gets some Messianic notions and attempts an overthrow of the civilian government!

And I am not pulling this out of thin air.  When people were still ogling Jeane Lim Napoles, I was already hearing people in various coffee shops saying that if the whole Pork Barrel Scam unravels and all legal avenues for removing the President is impaired, we could be headed for a military junta.

Then Jojo Robles’ today yesterday gave us a hint of what could be happening:

President Noynoy Aquino didn’t plan on staying nine days in Zamboanga City originally. But it appears that he was forced to do so, because the military and his own security group decided that he was safer there until the threat of an alleged plot to remove him from office was evaluated.

The supposed plot involved two groups of soldiers belonging to a Zamboanga-bound military contingent that broke ranks with their main convoy, which was headed to Sangley Point in Cavite, the transshipment point of reinforcing troops bound for that troubled southern city. The two groups, both led by a Scorpion light tank backed up by several truckloads of soldiers each, missed going to Zamboanga, as a result, and startled civilians traversing main roads who saw them on that day.

A source in the military explained that the two tank-supported groups would later be investigated for failing to join the main contingent because of suspicions that they had been enlisted in a plot to bring down the Aquino government. In their defense, one group said it failed to join the Sangley Point deployment because it had gotten lost on the way to Cavite; the other group explained that it had encountered mechanical problems in their vehicles and decided not to join the main convoy headed for Zamboanga.

To save us from all of this (a failed impeachment and the possibility of a military junta), I think the shortest and quickest route to ending this mess is for President Aquino to just resign.

Here’s a call from Facebook page President Aquino Resign Alliance and if you agree with it, please do like the page:

Mr. President Benigno S. Aquino III,

We are your bosses and to say that we are not pleased with your performance is an understatement at this point.

We know that the only way to remove you from office is to either impeach you, call for your resignation, or oust you.

At this point, we believe that calling for your impeachment would be an exercise in futility — with the process being a numbers game and given the fact that both houses of congress have been rendered compliant to executing Malacanang’s bidding by the use of the so-called Pork Barrel Funds.

Ousting you from office through extra-constitutional means as what your mother Cory Aquino and former President Gloria Arroyo did to former President Joseph Estrada is simply out of the question for us law abiding citizens.

What is left open to us, at this point, is the only constitutional means of ridding an inept and ineffective President and that is to ask for your resignation.

We appeal to your sense of honor to do what is right and resign before the year ends.



Post Author: Paul Farol

Try not to take me too seriously.

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Already liked that, Paul. Thanks much for the suggestion! Will pray it happens…


If he resigns we still need to put him up for trial, right? I mean he’s not just going scot free, right?


he won’t resign. the people will not allow it.


come on. if aquino would resign, binay will replace him. it will be gma part 2.


Kung mag resign sya eh sino ba nag pplit ?

binay is corrupt and will be more corrupt when he sits as president. here is what he done: 1.Unexplained wealth 400 hectares Binay FARM-Rosario Batangas 2. Unexplained wealth 40 hectares Binay FARM-Bauan Batangas 3. Unexplained wealth 10 hectares Mango Orchard 4.Two condominium units Rockwell worth 30 million not on his SALN 5.Three story Mansion with Elevator in Banuyo Street,San Antonio Village and not on his SALN 6.House and lot Orbit st.Bel – Air Village and not on his SALN 7.House and Lot in Palm Village,Guadalope Viejo and not on his SALN 8.Rest House in Tali Beach,Batangas 9.Rest House in Puerto… Read more »

hi. i am not a PNoy fan and all, and I hate most of his policies too, but to call for his resignation, and have Binay replace him instead. I am kinda thinking of the consequences.

Please enlighten me if there’s another way to resolve this problem without resorting to lesser evil or more evil?


Why is Dick Gordon so unelectable? Did he punch a grandmother or something?

Jose Espiritu


I might’ve missed that article of jojo, but I saw those stalled tanks in photos. questionable ang stall sa highway, and it said they were transporting ammo from tarlac to cavite. question there was, bakit ang bala ng Mindanao nanggagaling sa tarlac.

pero one thing new from jojo today, BS = Boy sisi. although I still like to use BS as what we usually link BS to. 🙂


beg to differ.

my 12 yr old asks these questions about the president

01. who decides what’s legal and illegal
in disbursing funds?
02. why does the president need congress permission?
03. yes, i’m the boss but he’s the leader, is he?
04. the president should know better, right?
05. hey dad, i just washed the dishes, where’s my incentive?



I was under the impression Corona got impeached due to the mis-declaration of his SALN and not from amassing ill gotten wealth.


I was under the impression that Corona was impeached due to the mis-declaration of his SALN and not due to ill-gotten wealth.

BWAH HA HA HA HA HA!!! Good luck with that. After P-Noy is gone the Filipino people will have yet another lying thieving weasel in office. There is not a single one of them that is not getting rich off of the backs of the people, and it has been going on for decades! Look at the guy who was ousted in the ‘famous’ 1986 ‘people power’ revolution, HA! His money never left the country and still suns a good part of the economy. His family is seated in influential seats in the present government TODAY, and have been for… Read more »

@ Farol, the fact the President is ‘still a bachelor’ just means that he is smart enough to not get stuck with one, when he can have 20 over the course of his life-time. It is not a matter of National concern either, and is really no ones business but his own. Is the country soooo backwards as to need to have a ‘properly’ married Man as its leader? if so it is just more proof positive that the country is doomed.


Jojo Robles’s article could be true. i saw those two military trucks along EDSA (southbound). the other one indeed looked like it had a mechanical problem right before passing through Ayala underpass.

Hyden Toro

Matuwid na daan; para sa dictatorya ni Aquino, at ang Oligarchy. With the three branches of government under Aquino’s control. It is “virtual dictatorship” already. This is the reason, Aquino used government funds to his liking. There is no check and balances in the government, already. He is worse than Marcos…


and Binay to be a substitute? Nope.


Paul, have you read this piece by Harvey Keh: (“No, My Friend, Pnoy is Far from GMA”)? It’s infuriating! This Atenean Aquino apologist is closing his eyes to the real issues. I hope you can do a piece on your reactions/comments to the article.