Megan Young won despite being, not because she was, Filipino

That title above is only one of my thoughts about Megan Young being crowned the first Filipina Miss World. Perhaps it’s an obvious idea based on common sense. Of course, when you say Miss India won because she was Indian, or Miss Japan won because she was Japanese, that would sound funny. But there are still some bigots whose minds run this way.

Megan Young being crowned locally before her shot at the Miss World title (photo courtesy of Inquirer)
Megan Young being crowned locally before her shot at the Miss World title (photo courtesy of Inquirer)

Breast-beating may certainly be happening wherever there are Filipinos, happy that another Filipina championed a beauty pageant. Problem is, some Filipinos will idiotically use it as a springboard for bigotry and claim that Filipinos are superior, or that Filipina beauties are superior to everyone else’s. They’ll call anyone who might like another nationality (like Miss France, I know someone bet on this one), or at least anyone with a critical opinion, like me, a traitor.

Well, in fairness, it is a nice thing to see a Filipina win an international beauty contest. But the thing is, while it is a good thing, it’s still something that even we should not overrate. Gogs does right to question the value of it at all. We should put it in the right context.

There’s an infographic being passed around that says Filipinas finally won in all major international beauty pageants: Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Supranational (I didn’t know this existed) and now, Miss World.

But to repeat my colleague Paul Farol’s comment: so what?

Another thought that crossed my mind: so we make beautiful women who win pageants. Seems to make sense when one thinks of the other common impression of Filipinas… you guessed it… prostitutes.

Filipinas may have won beauty pageants… well and good… but that doesn’t bring people out of poverty. I argue that that it does not really uplift the country. It perhaps provides only a temporary respite and escape from our country’s problems. But it does not seem to have any lasting value for the country. It seemingly does little to inspire people to rise up from their own problems and do something about them. Let me repeat my comment on Gogs’ article to stress this point:

I think the significance of Megan Young’s win, as with any similar “Pinoy Pride” thing, is that it represents the Filipino desire to get something for nothing. That’s their impression of beauty queens – they’re just born that way, so they’re beautiful already without doing anything. And they get fame, glory and admiration because of it. Filipinos are like that, they believe they’re entitled to fame, glory and admiration without doing anything.

Also, when manifested with Pinoy Pride, some Filipinos seem to like to trample on other countries. They will immediately say, “Filipinos are superior beauties,” “we’re the best in the world” and all that arrogant baloney. These Filipinos may condemn the US and other countries for imperialism, but the attitude they show is itself imperialism. That is something I believe is called hypocrisy.

Many Filipinos want this section’s title: Glitz and Glamour. Worse, they believe they deserve it. It points to the notorious false sense of entitlement of Filipinos. No, I say Filipinos don’t deserve glitz and glamour. They deserve a verbal drubbing like this blog gives because they refuse to clean out their faults that cause to them to want glitz and glamour without doing anything.

For me, beauty pageants have lost their relevance as world-connecting bridges. They’ve become mainly commercial or celebrity activities, with sponsors, stars and all that. Yes, countries get together peacefully, but it’s all for a temporary show.

Also, I asked before, what’s so Filipino about a name like Megan Young? Isn’t she half-American? What happened to the “Brown Power” people who would complain about the Azkals being half-breeds? They seem all quiet now that Half-American, non-brown Megan Young has an international beauty title. What if someone said, she couldn’t have won if she were brown; would they get butthurt?

Oh yes, what was her answer to the Q&A portion that helped her bag the win?

“I treasure a core value of humanity and that guides people why they act the way they do. I will use this to show other people how they can understand each other… as one, we can help society.”

Oh. A motherhood statement. Kinda like, “Can’t we all get along and make love, not war.” Well, not really a bad answer, but it sounds…. cliched. Could have been better, but anyway, it bagged Megan the crown.

So Megan Young won an international beauty contest. Well and good. But for me, it’s her achievement and not the achievement of the country. It’s like Manny Pacquiao. Boxing Filipinos like him are usually in it for themselves or their group, not for the country. When he wins a fight, he – not the Filipinos – goes home with the winnings. And when he wins a fight, only he can do it. Put an ordinary Filipino in the ring, he’ll be out like a light in 1 second. But Filipinos can just look at it and pretend to be happy by free-riding on the victory. A Filipino won. Hooray (with a period, not an exclamation point).

Same with Megan Young. When she won for her beauty, it doesn’t mean all Filipinas are like her, look like her and act like her well enough to earn a crown. It means only she can do it. Congrats to her… not to the Philippines.

ADDENDUM: To put my message in plain words, a single summary, just because Megan Young is beautiful doesn’t mean all Filipinos are beautiful. This is the free rider problem: because one Filipino is a good achiever, others try to claim that they’re the same and boast their “goodness” to the world. Unfortunately, if their own example shows otherwise, they only help to bring the Filipino identity down, not up.

Megan Young is actually our latest candle in the dark. But as that idiom implies, there’s still a lot of dark to overcome. I just hope Megan’s fellow Filipinos get the right message: that they should light their own candles and not hang on to hers. Because if they do so, they won’t make it brighter, but they’ll snuff it out.


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I stick with this blog because I believe, as my cohorts do, that many things Filipino embrace as part of their culture keep their society backward. And blogging freely to show that in a truly decent society, with true freedom of speech, even nobodies have a voice.

Post Author: ChinoF

I stick with this blog because I believe, as my cohorts do, that many things Filipino embrace as part of their culture keep their society backward. And blogging freely to show that in a truly decent society, with true freedom of speech, even nobodies have a voice.

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Simplified , I was born Filipino therefore basta Pinoy da best. We won’t even care about other nations but they should care about us.


You will be the next Divina DeDiva. Do you wanna get fired with your job as well and feel the wrath of the Filipinos?


i love you chinoF;)


Well said! all these beauty queens, singers, athletes, or world famous Filipinos work their a** off to get to where they are. It’s ok to use them as an inspiration, but that should end there, no more being proud of being a filipino, the only country with 5 or 6 whatever title, work hard, get your goals, then that maybe the right time to be proud.


Why so serious? Can’t we just be happy for Megan and for all those people who took pride in her triumph? she is our own ,our kababayan, our family 🙂 Amidst depressing stories of tragedies and corruptions we have to dealt with everyday, her winning is a breath of fresh air. Yes, beauty contest won’t change our status in the world but at least for that certain moment of triumph we smile. Kababayans stay positive and happy. Let”s continue living megan young, wild and free. Lol!

Kevin Mark

Somehow I am not a big fan of this since Megan Young is not a pure Filipino, but it is still something to consider and to be proud of, right?

Anyway this country should less prioritize on those, pageants, boxing, basketball etc. How about more on the intelligent sides? We need scientists, inventors etc who can bring glory to this country. Now that is something to be more proud of.

But really Pacquiao needs to win this upcoming fight LOL


i totally disagree…megan young chose to be called a filipino..its here wish, not being told to do so ..she may had an american blood and name but her heart is Filipino..consider some other beauty contestant they are half breeds too..dont ever forget that’s why we are called Global Filipinos


Here’s my humble two cents’ worth on this matter:
Could it be that many Filipinos chest-beat every time there’s a Filipino who wins or achieves something internationally because they’re so insecure about themselves, knowing that the world does not have a high opinion of us Filipinos? I believe that the only time we Filipinos can finally walk everywhere with our heads held high is when we’ve finally made our democracy work for our good. That’s something that anyone can definitely be proud of.

Mabuti naman kung ganun, kaya naiintindihan mo na rin siguro ang mga kakabayan natin at pati na rin ako kung paano namin ipinagmamalaki ang bawat mapanalunan ng ating kababayan. Hindi dahil nagmamayabang o nagiging insecure. Di lang naman filipino ang may ganitong reaksyon. I travelled with my husband and been expat for many years na, ang dami kong kaibigan na mga dayuhan nagmula sa ibat-ibang bansa at kapag may nananalo or tagumpay ang kanilang kababayan, tulad ng taga Brazil atEspanya,kung makita mo silang magsaya, walang sinabi ang pagdiriwang ng mga filipino!!!Kaya di natin masabing insecure dahil nagpipista kunid dahil ang… Read more »

Here’s another thing para kay ChinoF,bilang filipina, eto ang aking personal na opinyon at reaksyon! huwag-na huwag mo kaming sisimulan at tatapusin ka namin!!!! Ang mga filipinong kakilala ko sa abroad ay marunong gumalang at hindi mga probakator!!!!


Idon’t have opinion nor judge them in terms of their concern to our country. i based my conversation to you regarding our reaction towards winning or achieving something internationally. Salamat anyway and nice having interacted with you!!!! have a nice day wherever you are!!!!


she won, everyone’s happy and proud, then what?… aw yeah, we’re still here, same old situation, Philippines, grow up…

Peace Walker

People, I’m getting this commentary for separate discussion.

Check the comments, it’s as hilarious as hell. Some people believing “Crab Mentality” is why this subject was brought up.

Muy Alfonso

Well another idiot talking as if he knows everything. This Chinof should get a banger in the head. Show-up and lets do a mano-a-mano.

Hi Chinof, I respect your opinion, but when i read your article it made me really sad. It’s like you’re putting down our kababayans, you remind me of my old teacher who never seem to know how to smile. Yes I was happy when Megan won. I was ecstatic, thrilled etc. all the high emotions experienced by many kababayans. Surely that doesn’t make me lazy or “nakikiride” to Meagan’s glory. That doesn’t make me stupid either. There is a time to excercise critical thinking, i don’t think this is one of them. Just because filipinos are happy or proud for… Read more »

Oh…. a cry baby…you poor little thing…
I suggest you invite a Filipino on boxing ring
a prove what you have said..” knock out a Filipino in a second’ go…I dare you !


You are a STUPID writer, BITCH! Stop being a racist, the worse thing might be, you too are a Filipino, and if it’s yes, don’t you ever dare to step on our country, you stinking fag pig!

First of all,who are you to question whether or not winning Miss World is helpful or not in terms of uplifting poverty in the Philippines? Who are you to question the core values and charity works of Miss World? The mere title alone should clue you in. The organization helps out poor and underprivilaged people especially kids in different countries. That’s their main focus. Just because The Philippines won the title does not denote that their charity works will just evolve nor center in or around the Philippines! The current poverty state and level of the Philippines is of a… Read more »