The pigsty that is the Philippines

The rains that came just this weekend intensified to the extent that come Monday, August 19, the resulting floods brought traffic in the Metro to a standstill. Several parts of Metro Manila had no choice but to call off class for all levels. Government offices were forced to declare “no work” due to the hazards that the weather posed, and the roads becoming impassable. The provinces did not fare much better, either; some were flooded to the point of impassable as well.


When it rains, it pours. Just when the Filipinos already have a big problem on their hands with the current imbroglio involving the misuse of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), better known as pork barrel, the heavy rains come. How could things possibly get worse, right?

At this point, it would be tempting to join the ranting that occurred on social media against Janet Lim Napoles. Netizens blamed her and corrupt government officials for pocketing money that could have otherwise gone into flood control or flood relief programs.

On Facebook, Raia Dela Pena from Laguna narrated how her family has always been troubled by regular flooding in their area.

“I think of the floods and I remember all this talk of pork barrel funds and government corruption. You realize a lot of that money could have gone to resolving flood issues in different areas all over the country but it didn’t. It went to the pockets of corrupt individuals like the Napoles family and the politicians who benefit from this whole system of corruption,” wrote Dela Pena.

Corrupt government officials form only one part of the equation. Consider the Filipino electorate who put them there in the first place. Remember also, that Filipinos don’t really take care of their surroundings very well. A cavalier attitude towards proper waste disposal and the clogging of essential waterways have only served to aggravate the problems they have with rains and the accompanying floods.

You’ve got politicians hooked on pork (pork-liticians?), and you’ve got people who put those people in positions of authority. Add to that the cavalier attitude that Filipinos have when it comes to treating their environment, and one has more than enough reason to describe the current state of the Philippines for what it is: A pigsty.


Year in, year out, the same old problems occur as a consequence of the Filipinos’ actions both at the ballot box, and on the streets where they live.

How long do they plan to keep on clinging to their insanity?


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А вы, друзья, как ни садитесь, все в музыканты не годитесь. - But you, my friends, however you sit, not all as musicians fit.

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А вы, друзья, как ни садитесь, все в музыканты не годитесь. - But you, my friends, however you sit, not all as musicians fit.

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Well said F.A.. It is astonsighing to any foreigner who visits a populated beach in the Philippines when tables full of Filipino’s sit for hours on end at tables on the beach, under beautiful coconut trees and the bluest of skies, drinking beers and barbeque-ing foods and then…when it is time to leave? What do the Filipino’s do? They just leave the shit there as if their momma is going to come and clean the whole mess up! Of course, momma does not appear and the whole mess just flies all over the beach and makes a complete pigsty out… Read more »
Embarrassing! who would like to live in a country that stink and a pigsty? You come home for a vacation but have to be armed with lysol, ton of bottled water,and peptobismol, but pls. we can not blame all the Filipino people, blame the politicians who has no concern for the livelihood and well being of the people. They politicians are the scam of the earth and they are the pigs. Instead of leading the people with good governance, good hygiene, integrity, credibility they are the thugs, the thieves and the maggots. They should be uprooted so they don’t come… Read more »

Most Filipinos may have made unaware mistakes on their actions toward environmental conundrums; however, the government still get the bigger share on this problem: In a “democratized” country like us, yes masses vote for these forever filthy politicians but afterwards, it’s government who’s in power by legislating and enforcing laws which people should act upon.

It’s more pigsty knowing that the essence of this constitution is ironic and apathetic. It all goes down to eradicating roots– biggest problem.

How so? By first junking the PDAF.

No pork and it won’t smell pigsty.

I am a foreigner turned permanent resident and in the last 2 years of living in the Philippines I have grown up all over again. The BS that citizens put up with is disgraceful. I see ten year olds buying cigarettes for their parents because mom and dad are gambling the last 100 pesos and I see people unwrap candies and simply throw the plastic on the ground like it has been done since the beginning of time. I have seen several people living alongside the Pasig River throw garbage bags full of trash into it with no hesitation. If… Read more »

The government, through the help of its agencies, DILG and DPWH are helping to ease flooding especially in Metro Manila by means of relocating informal settlers near waterways and maintenance of drainages. The OP also promised a P6.2 for projects versus flooding.


The combination of criminality of the politicians and apathy of the people creates a perfect storm of decay and decline.
Big problems need creative solutions and courageous decisions. Ergo – expect no change.

The principles, or lack thereof, of filipinos that manifests into every single negative thing we can say about the country is so deeply ingrained that I can only think of 3 ways to effect the change we have all been hoping for 1. Elect an effective genuine pragmatic philanthropist. Goodluck! 2. Ethnic cleansing and/or genocide. But I think family annihilation of every single political dynasty is enough. 3. Invasion by a sadistic hostile foreign military force, be under occupation for 5 years then liberation by a friendly force. Basically just another 1941-45 or as Gokongwei would call it “The Great… Read more »
When there is wholesale corruption in government the fallout is 1. Professionals don’t pay their taxes – understandably – so the total available for infrastructure and services, especially after 30-40% is creamed off what is available, gets less and less as the population gets more and more. A double whammy 2. The brightest and best simply leave for pastures anew abroad, leaving behind the incompetent and the criminally inclined to f@ck up anything they try, if they even try, when they are not busy planning scams and managing their nefarious activities. Another double whammy. Result. The criminals leading the country,… Read more »

Tolentino should go out with a camera and take a few snaps.
Send the pictures to Dan Brown
Wish You Were Here


Most politicians and government officials and even employees are are pigs because they came from a society of pigs.

The new generation which everyone talks about as “future of the country” are becoming even more pigs than the older ones.

On flooding,the government wouldn’t dare to spend more money on rescue equipment and infrastructures to prevent or alleviate flooding because they are preserving the taxpayers’ money for their personal use.

The “daang matuwid” of president Aquino is pure hypocrisy! When he was confronted with the call to abolish the pork barrel his s**t scattered all over the place.


Change and The Philippines doesn’t even makes sense to be put in a sentence. The problem is already deeper than the flood that BS Aquino seems to ignore. What I’m waiting for now is another release of a photoshopped picture from MMDA/DILG like something that appeared last year from their social networking site, that was a classic example of how “authorities” handle these kinds of situations.


It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
Joseph Stalin


A man above mentioned ‘Cleansing’. AH, the prefect term for a not too pretty end for all of the SCUMBAGS who have stolen just about everything the country has in terms of monetary wealth.
Well, I’ve got my popcorn and can’t wait till the show starts! YIPPEE! Don’t stop now!

The only way the Philippines can ever make it out of the hole is for another country to pwn it and run it. Shouldve just let Spain pwn it, Japan pwn it, US pwn it. Filipinos dont have the capability to run their country due to lack of discipline. Seems like emotional Filipinos just run their mouths and cant commit to things over the long term. Filipinos play checkers and then quit halfway in the game. Need some hitters to play the game of chess. Only thing pwning Filipinos these days is TV TV TV, pop culture, trying to fit… Read more »