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17 Comments on "Masbate Government Doesn’t Want You People All Up In Their Business"

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Great idea. It should be done on the national level. I’d be happy knowing where my tax money goes.

Johnny Saint

Second that. We don’t have to be outraged when things like the pork barrel scam erupts only because someone on the inside becomes a whistle-blower after a falling out with his cohorts. And wasn’t the whole premise of Penoy’s administration TRANSPARENCY?

Speaking of transparency, Rigz Estrella wouldn’t be getting the runaround if we had a proper Freedom of Information law in place. He could simply compel the Masbate government to release the information.

ds balete

great idea! it would be great if we can implement this up to the national level and include all government agencies.

Philippines should have a website accessible to all which at the start of the month starts with X money and the ending balance at the end of the month, y money. Within the month it should state that the government allocated how much for a specific city/town or municipality or other expenses which should result to the ending balance. The city/town/municipality in turn would have similar system setup which also has starting balance and ending balance add/subtract all the transactions within the month siting specific projects or any allocations. I mean it doesn’t have to be so complicated. For me… Read more »
Masbate as can be shown in statistics is one of the poorest provinces in the country. People are crawling in poverty to say the least. As observed during the several months of my stay during one of my vacations the provincial capitol seems to have not undergone even the slightest maintenance during the last forty years or more. Even some of the deserted old buildings in the Bronx, New York look far more presentable compared to it. Most of the roads around the province are never paved and potholes are so deep even for big vehicles to pass through most… Read more »

Transparency can only be achieved if the entire LGU system of Masbate Province is automated. Every LGU has a Citizen’s Charter and all LGUs for that matter – be it provincial office or municipal/city level are required to post in their Transparency Board the Current Financial standing of their LGU: Remaining Budget, Expenses, Cash on hand and liabilities , etc , not to disclose it in public is a clear violation of DILG directives.


AH, the insinuation of a threat, NICE!

But in the mean time, some creative accounting will be done. There is no FoI is there? WHY is that? There is still a bank secrecy law, isn’t there? The smoke and mirrors are being polished. The thieves are hiding what ever they still have, MAYBE even getting nervous…..BUT—

Don’t stop now. Time is of the essence in matters like these. Creative accounting being what it is.

OH and…Listen to Johnny Saint-Ghandi, he has got IDEA’s.


This is basically a watchdog group, like many already operating in the U.S. We need more of these, and this is essentially how a democracy works. You can’t expect the government to work by itself these days, you have to knock on the window to make sure they’re doing things properly.

rigz estrella
heres, the 1st monthly report i published 3 weeks ago, pls give inputs on how can Iimprove the report.. i mwriting the 2nd report right now MT MONTHLY PROGRESS TRACKING REPORT ON MASBATE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT FOR JULY2013. This report is generated to monitor the accomplisements of the Office of the Governor, Vice Governor and the Sanguniang Panalalawigan. It will also monitor the movement of Provincial Funds FINANCIAL STATUS Cash on Bank as of June 30, 2013 = P 607,210, 945 .00 Source:: Provincial Accountant Norie Agunas/ Nonita Liao .. ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR THE ,MONTH OF JULY Gov Dayan Lanete ( Salary-… Read more »