Filipino politicians all on edge as top Ph ‘pork barrel scam’ fugitive Janet Lim Napoles ‘surrenders to PNoy’

How exactly does one “surrender” to the President of the Philippines? Does one come knocking at Malacanang’s door with their hands in the air? What exactly does turning a fugitive over to a cabinet Secretary for “processing” mean? Regardles… now that Janet Lim Napoles has reportedly surrendered to Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III, the plot surrounding the top person-of-interest in the raging controversy around Congressional pork barrel thievery (allegedly) is now allowed to thicken.

Napoles seemingly expresses what she thinks of the P10m bounty on her capture.
Napoles seemingly expresses what she thinks of the bounty on her capture.
Interestingly, Napoles’s “surrender” came shortly after President BS Aquino announced a Php10-million “bounty” on her capture. Whatever the facts surrounding this bit of trivia may be, it need not take a rocket scientist to predict the sorts of speculation this factoid will likely induce across the Philippines’ chattering classes, some of which had already been “confirmed” by Napoles’s lawyer. And what else can the public do but speculate and broker rumours considering that Presidential Security Group (PSG) personnel have banned journalists from entering the Philippine National Police headquarters in Camp Crame where Napoles reportedly surrendered.

Aquino motored to the PNP national headquarters to accept the surrender of Napoles and turned her over to Roxas. The President also met with Napoles’ husband, Jimmy.

But the media was barred from the meeting. Unlike criminal suspects who are immediately presented to the media, the Presidential Security Group ordered the police not to allow journalists to enter the camp.

There was no explanation why Napoles was shielded from the media.

But then why turn a suspected crook over to a cabinet secretary? Isn’t crime a police matter?

One also can’t help but wonder why a Philippine President would even bother to “motor” to Camp Crame to “accept” Napoles’s “surrender”. Some observant netizens have likened this to the President making a courtesy call to the wealthy fugitive.

To be fair, perhaps Napoles may be entitled to courtesy from no less than the President of the Philippines. After all, rumours about her hefty contributions to election campaigns have persisted after “a friend” of Napoles, showbiz personality Lolit Solis, identified Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa as supposedly having solicited campaign contributions from Napoles back then.

Solis was interviewed over at radio dzBB, claiming that she heard Napoles talk on the phone with a certain “Jojo”.

“Magkasama kami ni Jenny (Janet Napoles) that time may kausap siya sa phone parang nanghihingi ng pera,” Lolit told radio hosts Arnold Clavio and Lala Roque.

Prodded by Clavio if it was Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, she said: “Jojo Ochoa.”

She said she was not sure which Jojo was on the other line, but Napoles supposedly told her it was Jojo Ochoa.

According to Solis, this all “happened during Christmas time, months before the 2013 elections.”

This was, of course, reportedly denied by Ochoa as “hearsay”. Ochoa has since “chosen not to dignify these with a response,” according to Assistant Secretary Jed M. Eva III.

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) have also reportedly denied rumours that Napoles contributed to BS Aquino’s presidential campaign in 2010.

A friend of Napoles had earlier disclosed that the latter donated to the campaign funds of Aquino, Villar, and Estrada in 2010.

But based on the Statement of Election Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE) that the three submitted to the Comelec during the May 2010 polls nothing shows she had contributions to the presidential candidates’ campaign funds.

What other juicy bits of information lie waiting to be harvested from the Philippines’ most wanted former fugitive? It is no wonder, then, that President BS Aquino is stumbling all over himself to navigate Manila’s traffic-choked streets on the ride from Malacanang to Camp Crame just to personally oversee the baffling handover of an alleged crook from the police to Secretary Mar Roxas.

Did BS Aquino make an exception this time on his promise to be one with the huddled masses’ traffic suffering and invoke his entitlement to a proper motorcade with blaring “wang-wang” sirens to ensure he gets every bit of an advantage over the average Pinoy schmoe in the drive to the PNP’s headquarters?

Who could blame him? The Napoles affair is an “important” thing, after all, right folks?

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El Presidente needs some good publicity in the Pork Barrel Scandal he’s into. As usual, another scapegoat ready for sacrifice.


The pnoy administration is in it up to their neck.
Horsetrading will be SOP.
Shredders will be working overtime
Excuses will become more preposterous
Trolls will be on overtime
Damage limitation to opposition and pre 2010 will be the name of the game

And as usual no-one will be doing any work on the country’s problems, just power plays, covering their ar$e, and legal ping-pong

Jerry Lynch

Only in The Philippines…or so the saying goes, can any kind of person accused of criminal activity ever get to talk to the President/ruler of the country???


Much too do about nothing. It would be best if all filipinos demanded better electrical service. I live in Lapu Lapu. The local electrical provider, MECO is terrible. But nothing is done about it.


I think she insisted to surrender to him so that they can have some elaborate powder, rouge, eyeliner session in the palace before they begin the other formalities. Just like old times .

Thomas Jefferson
I remember a news article in the Philippine Star. It stated that a Palace consultant was immediately fired for being close to Napoles. The consultant was connected with Executive Secretary Ochoa. Why was the consultant not subjected to investigation? Because the Ochoa connection goes straight up to BS Aquino. BS Aquino pretends to be against the pork barrel. But hey he has the biggest pork barrel of them all! Now tagged as the mother of all pork barrels at PHP 1 Trillion Pesos. Mr. Aquino is the godfather of the pork barrel. He knows Napoles because of the Ochoa consultant… Read more »
Something is not right with the Executive Secretary and whoever palace factotum. For it is hard to grant them a wider latitude of mental leniency since they could have strongly advised the President not to directly meet and handover a fugitive to the PNP head and DILG secretary, far away from media spotlight. This is not even a transaction we could appropriately say is of Presidential gravitas. Only in the Philippines, where a fugitive can surrender to the President with open arms and away from the glaring media spotlight !!!! What were the factotums thinking ? I think they were… Read more »

You must be happy that Napoles surrendered through our president. Hats off to him. He is the only one that can do it. And never compare her to GMA, because everyone saw how she attempted to escape the country and never surrendered.

Thomas Jefferson
So why would Napoles surrender to BS Aquino? Because BS “pork” Aquino is known by her. Mr. Aquino is very much a part of the pork barrel scam. Aside from this he gets free black propaganda looking like an anti-graft and corruption crusader. Still trying to fool the people about his Matuwid na Daan. You can’t fool all the people all of the time! The smell from the pork barrel scam is rotten and is the sickly sweet smell of death. The Matuwid na Daan is no more! It is now Ang Baliw na Daan tungo sa Baliw sa Kapangyarihan… Read more »

I request that siomai troll is banned, not for opposing views, but for meaningless and repetitive one-liners which contribute nothing, and only divert, and debase any discussion.


All conspiracy theories aside I really didn’t find anything wrong with the whole event other than it being a huge security risk for PNoy and the fact that it might set a precedent in the future events involving the surrender of well known criminals.

It might have gone a lot worse had the President refused to accept her surrender. A dead Napoles is a useless Napoles especially with that whole Cadavero fiasco from a while back.


Pnoy aquino is about to be shown to be corrupt and is doing everything to try and stop the truth about his involvement coming out.
He is about to get a wake up call.
The truth will out


could some reporter please ask the following pretty basic question to pnoy.
“prior to last night mr president have you previously met janet lim napoles”

Thomas Jefferson

I have a question for siomai. Duh, if Janet Napoles surrendered to Mr. BS Aquino… should Mr. Aquino receive the PHP 10 Million Pesos reward since he “arrested” her and sent her to Camp Crame? Another question is the PHP 10 Million Pesos reward sourced from the presidential pork? Oink! Oink!

Thomas Jefferson
So… I like pattern recognition and connecting the dots: 1. The Malacanang Palace consultant who was recently fired was connected to Janet Napoles. This consultant was never investigated. The fired consultant was connected with Executive Secretary Ochoa. We also now that Ochoa is close to president BS Aquino. 2. Janet Napoles surrendered to Mr. BS Aquino in Malacanang Palace. She was either brought there or was given shelter and sanctuary in Malacanang Palace. 3. Mr. BS Aquino is part of the pork barrel scam as he controls the power of the purse. He also controls the legislature in the senate… Read more »
Thomas Jefferson

More truths from the Manila Times…
Indigestion for the yellow trolls.


You want the truth? Forget it, coz you aint gonna get anything resembling it.
You want to know where you stand? Go stand in the middle of the street, and get run over by a bus, if you cant figure this out…….



Siomai, just because you work for Noynoy does not make him Superman or even Supergirl. Maybe the latter without the “Super”. And no, Lacierda is nobody’s statesman. Just a high profile person who portrays inaccuracies. Do what you do best, go back to Noynoy and strap on ’em knee pads.

Peace Walker

Siomai, you are both outnumbered and outgunned here. If not ad hominems are directed against you, there are all hard counters to your Pro-PNoy arguments here. I think it is highly counter-productive for you to debate with the GRP crew.

If anything, though, you do contribute to site traffic, at least.


Since hearing this surrender of Napoles, I couldn’t help feeling something fishy about it.