Philippine Elections 2013: Long live, democracy

halalan_2013Same old faces, same old farces.

Same old names, same old games.

Such is the painfully hilarious nature of our national politics.

As the 2013 Philippine midterm elections quickly drew to a close, we stood witness to what our collective action has produced, to what our very own brand of democracy has to offer; a social machine constantly churning out the same old brand of politicians people have somewhat gotten used to. Politicians who “governed” our country into disarray as we see today, and will continue to do so as sanctioned by our right to suffrage. Politicians who twist elections into a grotesque game; a game of whose kin rules the longest. Politicians who are plenty of charisma yet perfectly devoid of substance. Politicians who turned civil processes into a “market” of names and faces.

We call it traditional politics. We call them traditional politicians. Trapos. Don’t we find it insulting that we as a society have reached a consensus accepting that incompetence, corruption and nepotism are part of our tradition? That such traits so unbecoming of public servants are accepted to constitute our culture and heritage?

Of course not. We are so absorbed by the antics and catchy jingles and advertisements our political candidates never fail to supply us to be even bothered by such moral scrutiny. We are so preoccupied with exercising this… democracy of choosing politicians whose names and commercials we remember to even give such trivialities a thought. We are so, so deep down in the mud we call conformity and normality that we have accepted such atrocities as a part of our daily lives. Electing the same names into office unflinchingly is the norm. Having the sons and daughters of old timers in politics lead us, to be replaced in turn by their own sons and daughters is tradition. It is our system. It is our culture. It is right.

For this system, no matter how uncomfortable it may be for some, has become commonplace. The numbing idiocy that pervades the air of our nation has intoxicated inquisitive minds into docility, and perhaps killed any possibility of their resurgence. The embrace of corrupted normality has provided the people with comfort.

We know they might as well be like their fathers or mothers, but at least we know what will happen. We already see what’s coming. We experience it all the time. There is no longer room for surprises. And that, perhaps, would be for the best.

The rampant ignorance, the seemingly endless intellectual exploitation, withering economics, deteriorating human relations; all of these, counter-intuitively, have given Juan a sense of security. Ironically, the evils that breed in our society have granted him peace.

Peace without change. Peace to watch a soap opera in the guise of politics. Peace to continue conforming and normalizing to whatever moral-social mutation our country has produced in its submersion in media and political propaganda walking hand in hand. Peace to continue admiring aristocrats starring in TV programs, showcasing their children, luxuries and private lives to the toiling masses, as if telling us to strive to be like them. Peace in enduring pain. Peace nonetheless!

Peace nonetheless, indeed! And so, to the perpetuation of peace, we once again turn on the social machine. Churn out more of those politicians we have come to accept, flaws and flaws and flaws and flaws and all. Admire their charisma. Vote them into office. And the peace prolongs. Long live democracy!

Change is too foreign, too radical. It shakes the thorny cradles we have grown so accustomed to. Change is too brutal, too heedless of our plight for normality. It does not wait for us to catch up. Change is intolerant of tradition. It is beyond the system. Unjust. Wrong. Long live democracy!

Change is overrated anyway. Besides, the ones elected today look kind. They have funny commercials, and I easily remember their names. They might not be so bad. Long live democracy!

We stand in a timeless ground. Unceasing propagation of mediocrity in our unchanging society. Blatant indifference. Minds unmindful. Hearts unfeeling. Souls unflinching. It happens over and over again; a time loop.

Perhaps, change has no place here. Perhaps, in our collective, dazed, masochism, we have embraced with open arms that which continue to chain us to the dullness of unthinking. Resisting is uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable. It is beyond the system. Unjust. Wrong.

Long live democracy.


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I'm just throwing ideas around. I also love coffee.

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Robert Haighton

Philippines: R.I.P.

Even with new voters, a younger demographic and social media, the national and local results reflect a nation in a time-warp, a population in denial, and little prospect of progress beyond the 5% comfortably ensconsed in their middle class cocoon. With strategies now being formulated for 2016 and succession paths identifiable in 2022 the die is cast for another generation. I can understand the lust for power and motivation to maintain the status quo by politicians and political clans. What i can’t understand is a psyche within a populace that bends over so meekly and takes it up the rear.… Read more »

I am so happy that all of my bets are leading in the polls. Surveys really reflect the outcome of the elections.

Peace Walker

All hope is lost. The path I walk is now a shameful one.

This site rocks as it echoes ALL my sentiments. I dont know whether to laugh or cry about the state of the nation and where we are headed. whats happening to this country? Heres an example: Some guy from another city ran for councilor in my town. doesnt live here, but he says hes “putting up a house here”. Rich family. political connections. Went to all the wakes, fiestas, birthdays, baptisms and basically gave away cash like it was candy. He was just proclaimed as #1 councilor. He bested even the old timers who were real residents of the town.… Read more »

Well, if discussed quantity over quality, this year’s elections is worse than in 2010.

Comelec should put this for the faint-hearted in subsequent elections…

“ELECTION WARNING: Idiocy of the electoral majority is dangerous to your health.”



Arche, you’re back!

Politicians in the Philippines only need learn the 4P’s and be any one of theme to win:


These P’s after all, describe the electorate where they come from.


I cried after seeing the local and national results. It is the worst of its kind.


They vote for these joker politicians and then wonder why they live in mediocrity these masses are fools.

GRACE POE on top of the vote count? WTF?

Philippines gets more fucked up as usual its not even funny.


Estradas are back – in manila and senate
Jingoy estrada’s mum and daughter win
Imelda marcos continues
Arroyo re-elected, and son dato arroyo
Drug runner singson returns plus 14 singsons
Another lazy aquino elected
4 binays
Jinkee pacquaio as vice-governor!
Actors, fugitives, etc. Etc.
Not to forget 80 of the murdering ampatuans vying for posts

The flotsam and jetsam of the criminal class

This is progress – the best the country has to offer!

And people expect change – dream on


I was a fool to have hope for this country. I cringed and didn’t believe my foreign acquaintance when I heard him say, Filipinos are dumb. But after the outcome of the elections, I realized that I stand corrected. At least now, if a foreigner were to tell me that filipinos are dumb, I can honestly answer, yes most of us are…

Lord Chimera

For those who are about to give in to despair due to the results of the election please take comfort in the fact that you didn’t vote or help said unworthy candidates their ascension to said positions. That is the only thing that is left to us sane-minded folks…..


Many of the Filipinos prefer to vote based on popularity, survey results, or the amount of money they will have. And one thing I hate the most is hearing this phrase “Magaling sana siya, kaya lang hinde naman mananalo yun, sayang lang ang boto to”

What kind of mentality do they have? Is the election for some Filipinos a gamble? Where you place your bet on the one with the highest odds of winning?

Hyden Toro

It is the result of the Hocus PCOS of Aquino.
Automated cheating. Worse than Marcos…

a fan

arche you’re back, missed your writing. 😀


the stratification of the philippines

the unprincipled – 1% who put self interest above the interests of the country
thee unconcerned – 2% who rule/influence with impunity and immunity
the uninvolved – 5% who keep their heads down and live selfish/ superficial lives
the uneducated – 60% who do not have the wherewithall to comment/change
the underemployed – 25% who just try to survive
the unemployed -7% who have no future


I can already imagine an excuse being concocted by da Pnoy Defense Force in case the public would berate them about this country’s stagnation two or three years from now:

“Di kasi nanalo lahat ng Team Pnoy e. Kung nanalo lahat, e di walang kurap.”

Johnny Derp

How many noytards does it take to change a light bulb?
None since they’re too busy blaming gloria for everything!

Johnny Derp

Another one: How many noytards would fit in a lifeboat if the boat they’re on, starts sinking?
None, since they’re too busy blaming gloria to properly organize their escape plan!


Oligarchs as power-brokers, pnoy as the puppet, personalities as politicians, celebrities as props, PCOS as poll-fraud, and the populace as pawns.

A recipe for empty stomachs and empty promises, and a sham democracy.